2022 toyota tundra double cab tr
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD Off-Road Limited #Toyota #Tundra #Limited

2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD Off-Road Limited #Toyota #Tundra #Limited

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Quick tour of a cool build from Toyota on the 2022 Tundra. I like this Mesquite Brown with the TRD Off-road package.

Mike hamilton lithia interesting build i have behind me one i haven’t reviewed before behind me is a 2022 toyota tundra limited with the trd off-road package in the double cab i’ll be right back so i’ve not really ever been a fan of the double cab in the uh tundras but i actually like this one i like how it looks and uh like this brown and i like the length of it

And uh so i don’t really use the back seats other than for my dog and uh you know and this also looks really good against this brown with this trd off-road uh package so let’s take a look at it and you know let’s go around it and talk about it so you can already see it has the uh trd off-road wheels with the faulkner wild peak uh tires have a little bit of side bite

On them and just like the other high level uh tundras you have your quad projection high beams low beams and and also your fog light down below again this is trd so you have it says trd in the grill the black grill also full complementary suite of toyota safety senses in this one here those have this has five cameras in it so there’s a camera right here up front

You also have cameras under both side mirrors camera in the back and there’s also a fifth camera which is your digital rear view mirror but let’s go over the minron sticker real quick so again tundra 4×4 limited double cab six and a half foot bed again this is the uh 3.5 liter twin turbocharged v6 with 389 horsepower 479 foot-pounds it’s got a base msrp uh 49850

Then we have the jbl premium audio 12 speaker package a limited package upgrade and then the trd off-road package that gives you all these different things here for 3085 downhill assist control bed mat and a ball mount and owner’s portfolio so after destination we have a price of fifty six thousand ninety nine dollars all levels of the tundra give you a remote

Start even the sr most basic one does but this one gives you a toyota softex more stuff on the doors couple bottle holders and then you get the multi about eight way adjustable seats with power lumbar support on here and the bigger 14 inch infotainment this is not one that has a sunroof in it one i didn’t care anyways but you do have the uh rear differential

Locker in the terrain management here and then this rear window slider is not the full down one that’s only in the trd pros um but it does have a power slider for the little spot in the middle like most of the trucks you see today have come into the back here pretty small back seat we don’t have any cup holders we do got a couple of uh pocket holders there for

Your stuff and it does have center armrest cup holders um you got some usb ports down there and a couple more cup holders but definitely very very tiny and those seats would have to go up for someone to fit back there at all um it’s a very tiny back seat but that’s not kind of like it because it’s not that long so um and you’re still getting the standard size

Full size six and a half foot bed on this thing so i think it looks really like a class four toe and um four and seven pin plugs again another camera here and there’s two more cameras way up there um you could have a couple three ways open up your uh your tailgate you could do it from your key fob and then uh it also has the bed mat that’s an accessory add-on so

That could be done at port or you could get that done at the store if you they also do in my district you can get a a spray-on bed liner too from port so this also has what they call the elbow button i can never demonstrate elbows because i’m holding the camera but pushing that so say you got a nice chest in your hand you could open up that tailgate to get things

In make it really nice and convenient for you this does not have the upgraded technology packers i’ve seen limiteds that have power in their beds and power in their back seats does not have that um again we do it does carry power folding mirrors i don’t think they were set though oh they are there you go and then turn signal indicators blind spot monitors are all

Part of this here and again let’s go to that brown and so i forgot what they call this and stuff a lot of people like to call toyota brown’s root beer but i think it’s a good looking color so smoke mesquite yeah so that was the color that the uh used for the 1794’s in the past and i think it looks really good i like it a lot again remote start is on all levels

Vehicle you can do it from your app on a phone where you don’t have to be pointing at the car but you can also do your key fob by three clicks now it’s blinking there you go so very easy it starts very very easy so let’s take a look on the inside here so again there’s that uh full power folding mirror your power windows power mirrors power locks uh memory seats

For two uh drivers there then we have our optional stuff here or autodemon high beam um your a off a lot of people ask me what that is so federal law mandates vehicles have to shut down while they’re idling on a stop light that button overrides that from happening a lot of people don’t like their car shutting off it’s all in these gas models rear smart stop override

So if you have your tailgate down the thing we just want to lock up again you have uh same amount adjustability on your power driver seat here again the nicer newest uh steering wheel that toyota’s has and let’s go ahead and take a look at the uh startup sequence here and we’re getting some trd accents in here trd on the shifter trd on the on the button there and uh

Let’s take a look at the um startup sequences here for both the uh both the infotainment so one for the driver so then you have the startup one over here and it gives you uh um that there so that one of these things we can’t really demo this anymore because it has to be set up for the new uh for owner and stuff so it’s just gonna always give you this blank screen

To set up so that’s what we’re gonna see when i’m doing these uh demonstrations for these videos uh again this has multi-cameras so we have uh terrain management cameras and a bunch of other stuff in here so we can find the viewfinder because you have on this one trail mode cameras so let me get into that so where we can get to all the different views here um

And then uh yes you go on the four wheel though it’s going to give you some of that stuff you’ve got the tailgate and all that stuff pretty cool uh stuff it has on it let me turn that air down just a little bit here again all the drivers uh information center there it’s all at a fingertips touch along with your radio and push to talk for the toyota system apple

Carplay and android auto if i say hey toyota what can i do for you cancel so it’s already set up for that so it’s just like siri or google or alexa or whatever you use i have an iphone let’s take a look at the back there you’re getting a power rear window slider on this again um and then you got dual climate controls uh here with all your different here cancel

And anyways there’s your uh three stage ventilated seat three stage heated seats here um and then we got all your air controls here and all down here on trailering modes again the viewfinder for all the different cameras this thing has uh your rear diff locker here 10-speed automatic transmission with a with sequential shifting is on here your different four-wheel

Drive selectors and your crawl controls and terrain management tow haul it’s on there inside the uh here we have a usb c and usb a a primary port here now so there’s apple carplay android auto wireless then your fifth camera on this system here is this one here so when i flip that you see about 270 degrees across which is phenomenally further and you can see just

Through the mirror and regular regular life so it’s a lot better than that we do have uh led lights throughout inside and out vanity mirrors and led lights and then every car in toyota world has this here which is the sos button this onstar for toyota does does emergency services have ever an accident where airbags deploy the they’ll alert the call center to get

You help also does stone vehicle locator and roadside assistance for a three-year trial period so anyways there we go just taking a look around a really nice truck and it is available as of this video again mike hamilton lithia toyota just another trim package and build that toyota has in their tundra lineup think it’s pretty good looking truck and if you’re

Interested in it if it’s not several days after this video’s release reach out to me take care

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2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD Off-Road Limited #Toyota #Tundra #Limited By TOYOTA TV REVIEWS

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