2022 toyota land cruiser 2 8 d 4
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8 D-4D Active

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8 D-4D Active

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Okay where’d you go in the uk to buy a toyota land cruiser you come to acklam car center buying and selling these cars on a daily basis we love them this one’s just arrived it’s in premium silver metallic on a 2020 to 72 it’s done 100 miles delivery mileage in a brand new condition this is a seven seat active model so it’s the bigger one seven seat privacy glass

It’s lovely now if you don’t know what a land cruiser is it is probably the ultimate four-wheel drive off-road on-road it’s got a really imposing and menacing look it’s a big vehicle and it’s also great value for money for what you get as a physical four-wheel drive vehicle this one in silver i think lifts the car makes it look a little bit more classy and elegant

And and a land cruiser is a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle 2.8 diesel it’s called a d4d switchable four-wheel drives but just a great off-roader very popular london car these who seem to be selling them a lot to the london guys and girls who are using them just on the road really but it will wade through water it’ll go over rocks it’ll go over boulders it does

Everything you want it to do off-road but really on-road it’s comfortable it’s plush it’s great value for money like i say and this one in silver looks great so you’ll see from the exterior of the vehicle we’ve got alloy wheels we’ve got fixed side steps we’ve got roof rails and privacy glass this is a seven seat vehicle so at the moment i’ve had the configuration

Down the seats down in the back to show you the boot capacity but it has got seven seats that pop up the door on these we love as well so it’s a it’s a left to right opening door from here but you can also open it from the button here which lifts gives you a nice easy access into the boot through the glass section comes down left to right open up and this is

A great boot isn’t it this is a lockable rear door so you twist this and lock it so it doesn’t shut in the wind lots of boot capacity you see we’ve got the land cruiser rubber floor mat this lifts out and then under there we’ve got the seven seats which pop up lots of space for a growing family this vehicle and let’s unlock it because i’ve unlocked it i couldn’t

Shut it b-shaped led rear lights which are lovely and then lots of space these are all about drive height and comfort for me configurable in the back so much room in the back of one of these land cruisers to get the back seats down literally pop that seat falls forward how much room is there in there to get in and out the back so easy as well to do if you’ve got

Kids but into the front comfort i love the seats in need and like i say everyone that i’ve sold these cars to have spoken to one and after sales calls say how comfortable it is how easy it is to drive and it’s just a great drive a 2.8 diesel relatively good on fuel for sure nice and smooth and nice and quick through the gears it is a great driver so jumping in

The active model gives your key to start this car has done 131 miles only grab handles on the sides giving it that four wheel drive feel but really giving it easy of entry into the vehicle on the steering wheel we’ve got cruise control full multi-function steering wheel we’ve got a full touchscreen wide screen interface in here giving you the trip computer on here

I like that because it’s easy to find phone connections obviously the biggest one in these actives is you can connect your phone up to the car and use all your mobile phone apple and android carplay features through the car so use all your waze maps your google maps whatever you need through your phone which is nice because it updates nice and easily on a daily

Basis or a monthly basis whatever it may be down here you’ve got your switchable drive modes h4 l4 traction control lockable diff into reverse reversing camera easy to drive nice and big gear shifter your usb connection down here 12 volt connection here a lot of space under the armrest as well it does everything you needed to do it’s a great driving position

The ultimate four-wheel drive really and it’s brand new on the website now in silver we have a choice of these land cruisers you might not know that we’ve got about three or four in stock today we sell them on a daily basis if you’re interested in this car leave me on my number on the screen my name’s richard love to speak to you thanks for watching

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2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8 D-4D Active By Acklam Car Centre

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