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Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition Review

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition Review

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition Review (AWD-e)

Hello everyone welcome to there will be cars i’m derek if you’re not familiar with my channel i review new vehicles that manufacturers send me and i bring you my driving impressions so there will be trucks there will be suvs and of course there will be cars this week i’m in the 2022 toyota highlander hybrid bronze edition the 2022 toyota highlander hybrid bronze

Edition is based on the highlander hybrid xle model color options are windchill pearl cement and midnight black metallic total output from the hybrid powertrain with a two and a half liter four-cylinder engine is 243 horsepower the bronze edition may be based on the hybrid xle but according to toyota it has some unique standard features of its own some of those

Include a 10-way power driver’s seat with memory rain sensing wipers soft tech seats with special fabric inserts and bronze stitching this helpful digital rear view mirror 1500 watt power outlets in the second row and cargo area illuminated bronze door sills and a hands-free power liftgate as its name implies the bronze edition comes with bronze wheels like

Other 2022 highlanders the bronze edition comes standard with toyota safety sense 2.5 plus as you can see that’s a bundle of driver assistance and safety features that includes things such as pre-collision system blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert but it also comes with automatic high beams lane departure alert with steering assist full speed dynamic

Cruise control pedestrian detection and more there are a lot of storage areas in the front row so you’ve got your cup holder down there there’s this little tray up front here i found this useful because when i drive i don’t want to sit on my wallet so i just put my wallet here and it’s visible so i don’t have to worry about forgetting it there’s another tray

Up here more storage on the passenger side door down here you have an l-shaped storage area two types of usb chargers 12-volt plug-in two cup holders right here right here you have your command center so you have the various drive modes that you can pick with this paddle get your electronic parking brake your brake auto hold feature so you don’t have to keep

Your foot on the brake at stop lights traction control ev mode which uses just electricity up to a certain amount of throttle use and a certain speed in trail mode i use that as you can tell by all of the dirt and dust on the outside of the vehicle i have mixed emotions about this center storage compartment you might think by looking at it that it flips up but

There’s no release right here to uh lift this instead you pull back on this and it’s a roll top right and this is a nice feature you have a wireless phone charger but if you want to get to anything that you’re actually storing in here aside from your phone you have to lift this up so you’ve got a little moveable tray right here got my wallet and my sunglasses

Case there then you have the main compartment down here and another 12-volt charging port this is convenient because you can wirelessly charge your phone but personally i would have liked it more if they would have used some of this space for the wireless charging pad and then just left all of this open because what i’ve been doing obviously is storing some of

My stuff and occasionally charging my phone the problem is if i want to get to any of the stuff that i have down here which i found myself needing to do quite a few times i have to lift my phone up and worry about it sliding out of place i get what they were trying to do here but i think they just bundled too many things together toyota went with what it calls

A mid-century pattern for the seat inserts they sure do get a lot of attention everybody that’s gotten close to this vehicle and seen the interior has made remarks about them all right let’s take a look at the second row this is a nice feature especially here in arizona these manual side sun shades get this soft touch material right here some storage options

Captain’s chairs with arm rests manual controls so as you can tell you can slide it forward you can fold the seat back down get these tray style rubber mats rear climate controls power ports just to give you an idea of the legroom back here this is as far forward as i can push the second row seat with the front row seat adjusted to my height and i’m 510 by the

Way so now i’m gonna push it all the way back to show you how much leg room i have yeah that’s plenty right there and as you can tell there are no vents in the back of the front center console right there however there are a couple mounted in the ceiling yes the second row does have the convenience of two cup holders and a storage area here but this seems to be

Fixed in place so if you want to get into the third row you either have to step over this or you have to tilt the second row seat backs forward now the question is how much legroom will i have in the third row based on how the second row seat is positioned before i sit in the third row i’m going to have to raise the seats so you can probably tell a few things just

By looking at this layout right now you’ve got these rubber mats on the back of the rear seats so that if you’re laying them down like i have them now you can use this as a cargo area and not worry about messing up the fabric on the seat backs you also have these manual straps and i would use this one to raise this third row seat but as you can probably see there

I tilted the seat back so it’s stuck so before i lift this up i’m gonna have to tilt the second row seat forward a little okay there we go bought a little space there pull on this strap surprisingly even though there’s velcro right here they didn’t put a little keeper on the back of this mat so it just kind of hangs there i’m going to raise the rear headrest and

I’ll do the same with this seat right here and you just pop this up if you need it so i’m gonna make things easier on myself and tilt the seat forward and slide it get a little bit of space there now i’m going to bring the second row seat back but leave myself enough leg room in the third row so as you can see i have space in front of me you can use this lever

To adjust the seat back angle of the third row seat and i have it at an angle now that’s pretty comfortable but there’s a problem so as of right now i have enough leg room in the third row i have the seat back at a comfortable enough angle but i don’t know if you can tell but my head is just brushing against the headliner back here so this is not exactly a uh

Place i’d want to be for a long time i’m not sure you can tell but riding back here your knees are pushed up a little so it’s not the most natural riding position now if you want to lux things up back here you can lean the seat all the way back and free up headroom very comfortable but as you can imagine you can only do this if you don’t have any cargo behind the

Third row some highlights of the third row you have your own ceiling mounted vents on the sides a pair of cup holders there and another pair here now here’s a very important test so i have the second row seat adjusted to leave me enough leg room back here but can i sit comfortably in the second row leaving the seat like this let’s find out to leave it just the

Way it is i’m gonna go through the middle which as you can see is partially blocked by this cup holder and tray but for the sake of testing i’m just gonna get over that okay definitely not a dignified process and this is the price i paid for that leg room in the third row i am brushing up against the back of the driver’s seat adjusted to my height if i fine-tune

This a little bit i could free up a little space here of course that would eat into third row room but i think it would still be doable okay i’ve done it i adjusted the second row to leave myself just enough legroom behind the driver’s seat and just enough leg room in the third room thought i’d show you what’s under this mat flip this up you get a little bit of

Storage right there and then you got your spare tire kit right there right here is the lid for the access point to the spare tire nut so you just use the handy tire iron there and unwind this bolt and then you get access to the compact spare tire below one thing became very clear to me about the highlander bronze edition within a couple of miles of driving it i

Was moving along and i just thought to myself wow this is really comfortable i was surprised at how comfortable it was you know it doesn’t have an air suspension or anything but it was just immediately a pleasant ride and i’m not the only one who thinks that i was driving around with a couple of family members and again within two or three miles you know they

Both said oh wow this is really comfortable and i have to add that this is pretty quiet too one drawback as you might be able to hear is that when you get on the throttle the four-cylinder engine sounds rough and coarse and unrefined but all together the hybrid system offers enough power for the highlander to get out of its own way this is a good opportunity to

Point out how convenient the auto hold feature is i don’t have to keep my foot on the brake i just press the button for the auto hold feature pull up to a stop light come to a stop holds the brake when i’m ready to go just hit the gas i really wish every manufacturer would at least offer that in their cars because i have a 47 mile commute each way so every little

Bit of convenience to make that drive more pleasant is appreciated another thing that’s been helping on my long drives is the fuel economy so far i’ve done 344 miles now i won’t be filling this up to get a true mpg figure just putting that out there but so far according to this might be more might be less doing 33.3 this is my final day with the highlander bronze

Edition so when i park it before they pick it up i’ll give you a final reading from where i’m sitting right now it’s a mixed bag so i really like the fact that they have these large knobs for the volume control and they use paddles for various hvac settings like fan speed and fan split but one catch is the audio controls at least the way i have the seat set up

Which is comfortable for me you know as far as the distance from the pedals and the steering wheel the drawback is the audio controls in the touch screen are a bit of a reach they’re not immediately accessible you know it’s not like i reach out my hand and they’re instantly there i just have to reach forward a little bit and as you might be able to tell this

Sun visor really comes in handy because it’s large but it also telescopes out so it provides good coverage on the sides which i need because it’s very sunny and very hot here in arizona well everyone that’s it for my time with the 2022 toyota highlander hybrid bronze edition if you liked what you saw please go ahead and click the like button if you’re not already

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