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Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota GR86 Review – The Best, Starter Enthusiast Car On The Market Today?

2022 Toyota GR86 Review – The Best, Starter Enthusiast Car On The Market Today?

In today’s video, I review this brand new 2022 Toyota GR86. This car was a blast to drive, and although it was automatic, it still proved to me why it is such a popular choice when it comes to new enthusiast cars that are affordable and obtainable to most people.

How’s it going guys and welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be reviewing this 2022 toyota gr86 behind me but before we get into today’s review definitely be sure to leave a like subscribe comment all that stuff down below it really helps me out a lot as a smaller youtuber and also i do have to give a quick shout out to sansone toyota on route 1 north

In avondale new jersey they’ve done nothing but support the channel i’ve worked with them in the past they’re helping me today giving me this brand new gr86 for you guys so definitely go check them out and if you’re in the central or north jersey area and you’re looking for a new toyota i definitely highly suggest them now that we got that out of the way uh

Today again we have in front of us a 2022 toyota gr86 finish off in a truno blue factory color i honestly absolutely love this factory paint color and throughout this review i will be comparing this to the subaru brz for at least a few options and one of the things that i do want to touch on before we go into deeper detail about the car is the design differences

Between the gr86 and the subaru brz so the first one uh which is probably the most noticeable one is the front grille here the front grille on the gr86 is much wider and these little side vents the whole design is just a little bit more aggressive i also believe the headlights are different as well when compared to the subaru brz also the wheels are a little bit

Different with the options that you have we’re gonna get uh into that with more detail in just a minute here but also moving on to the rear we actually have a like little duckbill spoiler that doesn’t really come on those subaru brzs from factory i think it’s a nice touch to this car i know some cars look ugly with the duckbill and some look good i think this is

One of those cars that definitely look good with that duckbill spoiler in the rear also i think this like little rear balance slash diffuser is different on the subaru brz as well but i’m not quite sure it could very well be of the same or very similar to the uh new brz now moving on to the wheels i know i did just say that toyota and subaru do uh offer different

Options for these wheels but on this gr86 specifically we have a 17-inch alloy wheel and the tires are the same all the way over all the way around and the tires are actually uh 215 by 45 r17s and they are uh michelin tires i wasn’t really able to make out the uh model of the michelin tires but they do seem a pretty sticky obviously they are all seasons though now

Probably the main difference between this new gr86 and the brz comes in the suspension components now toyota advertises a mcpherson style struts in the front of this new gr86 with a double wishbone a suspension in the rear and i say that with air quotes because it’s not really like a true double wishbone suspension i’m going to leave the link on top of the video

Right here for a video where i specifically compare the two suspensions of the new brz to the new gr86 but it actually turns out that the two cars have completely different rear subframes and it has to do with a mounting point to one of the suspension components in the rear i don’t know if it’s like a sway bar if it’s one of the links i’m not quite sure but in

This gr86 it’s more of like a multi-link suspension even though toyota kind of advertises it as a double wishbone so that’s definitely something to keep in mind also anyone who has driven both of these cars say that the brz handles a lot more comfortably than the toyota however on lap times the toyota has consistently outperformed the brz coming even like a full

Second quicker than the brz on the same exact track but if you want the simplified version of you know the difference between the two and how they handle uh the subaru has tighter suspension in the front with like a looser rear whereas the toyota’s a little bit looser or has like a little bit looser springs i believe in the front and it has a tighter rear so the

Toyota is typically a little bit more oversteery and snappy when driving which i’m sure is fun if you want to hoon around do donuts with it with that uh limited slip differential that it has in the rear however the subaru brz is a little bit more tame and controlled uh you know when compared to this gr86 but now actually coming around and popping the hood on this

New gr86 we can see the 2.4 liter four-cylinder double over cam d45 boxer subaru engine now i’ve always said ever since you know the brz the 86 as well as the scion frs initially started production that these cars are essentially subaru vehicles except you know scion when they were making them and now toyota just uh toyota alone uh the other manufacturers just

Try to like add their own like little tweaks so this is basically gonna be the same exact thing as the subaru brz everything is pretty much subaru underneath this hood for the most part this boxer engine does produce a peak 228 horsepower and 184 foot-pounds of torque and it is uh still you know naturally aspirated with this new generation i know a lot of people

When this new generation first came out like last year or a couple years ago now uh everyone wanted you know a turbo variant of it uh but unfortunately i guess that it just didn’t make sense for the manufacturers and i understand where they’re going with it you know trying to keep the car like a more of like a purist driver’s car but i definitely think that you

Know if you guys own one of these and you want to sneak a little bit more power out of it reliably there’s plenty of bolt-on uh you know turbo kits that will fit right in this engine bay there’s actually a decent amount of room uh for that uh despite it being a smaller you know engine bay fitting in that box or engine now i’m also almost certain that uh this toyota

Gr86 actually does have a different trends than the subaru although i am not entirely sure unfortunately i wasn’t really able to find that out but i think someone commented on one of the uh you know older videos that i did comparing the two and they said that the trans are actually different but as we’re gonna see in a second and kind of unfortunately uh this one

Actually is an automatic so you do have the six-speed automatic transmission so today i’m going to kind of be looking at it through that lens and seeing if you know getting one of these new with an automatic is just as good if not arguably better if you’re dailying it than getting it with a manual trends but yeah now actually hopping in the interior i honestly

Really really like this interior for the most part it’s going to be exactly the same or very very similar to the brz’s interior all the center stuff right here is pretty much exactly the same and then to start it since this is you know an automatic i believe actually the manuals have the start stop button right here as well but we’re starting it and you have

This nice electronical uh display and then if you actually push this button here this is track mode and that switches it over to a different display so you just have kind of like your rpms right there you have a g-force meter to the side you can also scroll through the different options and it can give you like a lap timer on the side an oil cooler or oil temp

I guess i should say and a bunch of other things that is just really really cool and if we actually do that and kind of scroll through some of the different options yeah you also have a volt reader for your batteries that is just regular coolant temp and then yeah just a bunch of different options here you also yeah have electronical um uh psi readers so you

Know if you have flat tire or something i honestly don’t really think those are that useful but again if it’s just your you know daily kind of commuter car and you don’t really uh care that much i guess that could be kind of uh useful now with this gear selector that comes in the automatics it’s actually kind of interesting because so you don’t pull right down

To get out of park you actually go over and then back in that locks in reverse you do have your backup camera right there do the same thing locks it in neutral and then you go straight back from there to go into drive and then flip it over to use that manual mode and you can you know go up gears or down gears right here or you can use uh these paddle shifters i

Also really like the little gr badge on the steering wheel i know that’s you know nothing really significant and i’m pretty sure on the subaru one it has like a brz badge or something right there uh but also the seats are really really nice uh this pattern like on the cloth seats uh it’s kind of like ugly to look at to be honest with you but they really hold you

In like really really well it’s honestly pretty tight in here for me uh i’m six foot i’m like about 200 pounds 195 around there give or take uh i do have a decent amount of head head room i think that that might be a problem if you want to track it and you had to wear a helmet i think that could be a little bit of an issue because the seat is just like a manual

Seat so you can just kind of adjust it two ways so making the back go up and down and then sliding it on the bottom so there’s not really you know much adjustment going on here but i can sit around and kind of mess around with the interior stuff all day but i’m sure you guys don’t want to see this so now i’m going to get the hood down and start driving this gr86

And share my initial thoughts all right guys so we do still have it in track mode and in track mode traction control is off and of course we are going to be driving around in the manual mode and testing out these uh rather kind of tiny paddle shifters but yeah i could tell right off the bat that i’m going to have fun with this car today it’s brand new it has seven

Miles on the odometer again a huge shout out to sansone toyota but just doing some figure eights here you can tell that it almost like immediately wants to get yeah you can hear the tires too and i’m not i’m not even like pushing it that hard so i’m gonna get out of the dealership so i don’t scare off any of their customers uh but it almost it’s almost like this

Gr86 kind of wants to kick out it wants to get sideways it wants to drift so immediately like and even with the just naturally asperger’s four-cylinder uh boxer engine it still feels like it has a decent amount of low-end torque where it could be able to you know just kick out when it wants to now also if you are new to my channel my personal vehicle actually

Is or my daily vehicle i guess i should say actually is a 2008 v6 mustang which makes a little bit less power than this but my mustang is manual so i’m gonna be kind of comparing this car to that driving experience as well because very you know similar uh drive trains i guess you could say uh ones obviously six cylinders one’s four cylinders but this guy makes a

Little bit more power it doesn’t have as much torque as my mustang i believe however this gr86 does have the uh limited slip differential which makes a ton of a difference when going through you know corners compared to the open diff on my v6 mustang oh yeah and i love the sound of this engine or these this exhaust i should say it honestly doesn’t i mean it still

Sounds like a four cylinder uh but it doesn’t sound too raspy it has that deep growl and that nice tone that you get with you know the same boxer engines and uh you know super wrxs yeah and it still pulls very very well uh i do have to say though and you could probably have heard it from that like little uh first through third pole right there uh that when you

Do shift uh there’s a little bit of a delay but that’s like that with most you know automatic vehicles so that’s just something that you’d have to get used to if you got this in an automatic now is this as good as a manual i don’t think so that’s just my opinion as like a car enthusiast i know that term gets tossed around a lot but as a car enthusiast i think

That you know getting one of these in a manual is probably your best option that’s probably what’s going to be the most amount of fun but a perfect example is you know sanso and toyota’s lot right now as of you know today uh obviously there’s cars in and out of there all the time but as of today this is actually the only gr86 that they have available on their lot

So i would say that if you’re in the you know market for one of these and you’ve been looking at one of these for a while and your only option is to get an automatic or you know wait however several months and custom order yours from either toyota or xena and get a manual uh but if your only option is to get an automatic i definitely don’t think that it’s a deal

Breaker i think that it’s still worth it this car can still be a lot of fun you saw me in the parking lot before and i wasn’t even like i was maybe going half throttle and with the traction control off in track mode uh those tires were still a little bit a little fighting a little bit there just to stay straight so the car can be an absolute blast it’s something

That’s you know reliable that you can go back and forth from you know work or from school in but at the same time you can kind of be a weekend warrior take this thing out to a couple track days autocross days uh you know things of that nature and you won’t completely be outclassed i know a lot of people you know give the brc the 86 a lot of you know and a lot of

Hate because they don’t make that much power but at the end of the day there’s plenty of you know videos out there on youtube of these little guys you know keeping up with corvettes with mustangs with camaros on uh you know different autocross events now mind you in a straight line those cars would absolutely you know destroy this guy uh but when it comes to

Corners uh something like this there’s definitely not that much competition i can maybe think of like a you know modern day nd miata uh for i guess around the same price point but when it comes to like starter and car enthusiast vehicles uh this is probably one of the cars that will give you the best bang for your buck when talking about new cars now obviously

The car uh market is incredibly inflated nowadays and i’m sure there’s you know better options than this guy in the used car market i’m i mean you can get like a a shelby for not much more than this if you’re you know willing to go back a couple generations uh but for around thirty thousand dollars give or take i know some dealerships are marking up uh but this

Is honestly really not that bad of an option and that exhaust though just sounds so so nice uh honestly one of the better sounding four cylinders that i have uh driven at least on the channel and it’s naturally aspirated now i know i kind of mentioned this before but i try to do this sometimes when i’m you know reviewing cars but i think hypothetically if i were

To own something like this probably the first thing that i would do is throw in a turbo kit it won’t make a ridiculous undrivable amount of power but instead of you know 220 brake horsepower you could potentially be looking at potentially you know around 300 wheel horsepower and it will make the driving experience of something like this just an absolute blast to

Drive again that’s my own opinions uh if you’re you know looking for a daily car obviously you wouldn’t want to do that and if you’re getting one of these you know brand new and don’t want to avoid the warranty then completely you know disregard what i’m saying but i just think that you know especially after seeing uh the mighty car mod series that they did on

Their brz uh which was actually from the previous generation it was a couple years old uh but they threw on a turbo kit and like right now i’m at the i’m at full throttle right now and it’s just not really throwing me back in the scene it’s a very controllable car but it can be a little bit boring especially if you’re not taking corners with it and you’re just in

A straight line whereas the little bit extra power that you’re gonna get from a turbo kit is going to make a huge difference especially when driving this guy you know on a highway like where i’m at right now but anyways that’s pretty much just gonna be it for today’s video if you found this informative at all definitely be sure to leave a like you know subscribe

Click that bell little icon down there to get notified when i post and also again a huge shout out to sansa and toyota uh their website will be linked down in the description below i honestly love coming here uh over the past couple years i’ve done multiple of their vehicles out of their lot and i’ve had nothing but uh good things to say about them so again if you

Are in the north jersey or central jersey area i definitely suggest uh checking them out if you’re looking for one of these uh gr86s or a new supra or whatever the case may be but that’s pretty much just gonna be it for today’s video again thank you guys so much for all the ongoing support and i’ll see you in the next one

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2022 Toyota GR86 Review – The Best, Starter Enthusiast Car On The Market Today?! By Ant’s Car Reviews

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