2022 toyota gr86 gets new parts
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota GR86 gets New Parts and Interior Gets Stripped

2022 Toyota GR86 gets New Parts and Interior Gets Stripped

Part 2 on the 2022 Toyota GR86 Rebuild. We got a lot of the parts that we need to proceed on with the build and also a lot of the parts are on back order. While we wait we took off the locked up seat belts and the blown airbags.

Hey guys welcome back to another video it’s part two of the rebuild series on the gr86 in today’s video we got a bunch of parts uh and we actually ordered a bunch of parts from the dealership but some of them are on back order unfortunately because this is a brand new car i understand where they’re coming from but uh today’s video i’m gonna show you a bunch of parts

That we order and we’re gonna start uh taking the interior part and show y’all guys so i don’t know if we’re gonna get to the dashboard today but check it out bolt is locked up as well as the other seat belt and those two airbags right over there so in today’s video hopefully we’re gonna have a chance to take it apart but right now i’m probably going to start off

Showing you guys the new parts we got we got most of the front end components headlights hood fenders all right guys so in this uh garage right here we got a new headlights that just came out i’m not gonna lie already open them up but check these bad boys out they’re literally brand new they came off a used cars some guy was partying went out this is the only set

Of gr86 base model headlights there were on the market so we scooped them up dealership they almost wanted two grand for one we skipped up both of these for almost two grand and they came with the brackets for the bumper right here so check them out they’re wow literally almost brand new not a single scratch on dirt mint condition the guy packaged them up really

Nicely as well there’s one there’s another one in here oh yeah check this bad boy out so yeah i think we gotta steal on these headlights no one else had them except this one guy so we’re lucky of course you guys the core support for the 86 that’s the core support and then we got the front crash slash reinforcement bar so brand new parts oem so right now uh

Oh we also got this thing front grille front grilled this one our original one we had in the carl’s just scratched up on the surface uh but we decided to go with the brand new oem working on the interior on the car head back to the 86. all right guys so we’re inside the 86 and no one’s really dumbest but i’m assuming it’s the same from the old one so man if i can

Stick the camera right here okay where’s it at right here there’s a hole right there what you want to do is stick a screwdriver something flat in there and just pry on it there’s back here and uh it releases tension from one side you turn the steering wheel halfway to the other side 180 degrees and then uh probably the air back off and it should come off and

There’s okay thank you okay so there is a hole in the back but there was a cover on this side and i kind of got better access to seeing what it was so right there on the top and what you want to do is just move that little tab down right there the metal tab you move it down and uh top side of the airbag should pop off so the screwdriver right up in there

And almost got it okay airbag unclicked right there maybe take this cover off from the cruise control take it off real quick access and got a first try what the heck there’s something else holding it on the bottom maybe there’s another pin on the bottom oh wait yeah there’s got to be another pin something for sure there we go okay no that’s one way to

Do it he’s breaking the time after a long struggle we finally got to get one of these plugs off because whenever the airbag blows they like to this part likes to heat up and kind of melt around as you can see that yellow part melted inside and uh broke and then this part did too this part one of these tabs but the actual connector’s still good we just got to get

The yellow part and it should just click in and this one we’re gonna see what we can do about this if not they saw uh they sell these uh connections by themselves so you can probably figure it out but let’s try to get this one off okay i removed the actual two uh plugs the connect to the that connects to the airbag so just gotta remove that pin and uh things

Should come out but unless it’s melted on there all right now i’m gonna be uh getting the snee airbag off and uh to start off i’ll probably gotta remove this part because when it blew it kind of pops it out and uh i noticed there’s a phillips head or something like this so sure all right guys we got this this neat airbago is really simple you pop off this

Plastic piece this plastic piece on this side and what i noticed there’s a little tube right here leading from it from the old gender’s intake induction noise which literally gives you noise from the intake into the cabin which i think this is because there’s like a little sensor on there and then like a little vent so it’s probably the fake induction noise and

On this side there was literally two phillips head screws one on this side one last side it’s all on close pops off and then there’s two 10 mils that’s holding this airbag together so ready to go and uh let’s remove the seat belts while we’re at it foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign because we do got a new replacement one we decided

We’re not going to save this one because the new one was pretty affordable so we’re just gonna take it off should be nice and easy foreign actually we’re getting back the car up now yeah i think we’re in good condition we just took it off we got to take both side skirts off because whenever we get it on the frame machine the pinch rails on the side for the frame

Machine to actually hook up like that that card the older body doesn’t have side screws this one does and it covers those pinch holes so a bunch of clips that’s all it was and then inside pull-ups no screws nothing just on clips so let’s get that other one i’ll do a time lapse okay so the last stop we removed the side skirt now we got full access to these bolts

And the fender is going to be off thank you

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2022 Toyota GR86 gets New Parts and Interior Gets Stripped By Upstate Garage

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