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Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota GR 86 Track Ride Along With Ken Gushi

2022 Toyota GR 86 Track Ride Along With Ken Gushi

The 2022 Toyota GR 86 is so new, automotive writers haven’t been allowed to drive it. But how about a track ride along with drifting superstar Ken Gushi? Tom Voelk straps into the more powerful GR 86 for an awesome ride at Eagle’s Canyon Raceway in Texas.

I recently attended a press event where toyota showed auto riders its newest product at its plano texas north american headquarters which is pretty cool this is better a track day at eagle’s canyon raceway with the ability to drive all sorts of fun things on the track this got a lot of attention the new 2022 gr86 it earned a gr badge right and gr obviously stands

For gazoo racing so this is all new for us this year um leaving the 2020 behind and bringing the 2022 as the gr86 probably one of the biggest things that you’ll notice were a couple of the exterior from the active vents on the front fender to the side spoilers and then on the premium you’ve got that nice duckbill spoiler on the rear rear drive torsion limited slip

Differential and more power from a larger engine under the hood we went from a 2-liter boxer motor to a 2.4 liter taking it up to 228 horsepower and 184 foot-pounds of torque available with a six-speed automatic the gr86 is just begging for the six-speed manual right it comes with a bonus so you buy a gr86 get a nasa membership gives you a free hpde day as well

So i’d say take advantage of it and do exactly what you’re talking about get out on the track there’s only one of these at the track so i can’t drive it but there is an upside ken gucci is taking me for a ride and if you don’t know who that is you’re obviously not into drifting let’s just say this is a good opportunity for me this is the only one here correct

Yeah this is the only one we’re driving today it’s a 2022 gr86 um it’s basically the newest gr branded vehicle in our gazoo racing lineup and i couldn’t be more excited to show you guys i’m just going to shut up kill the music so you can hear and let ken do his thing have you driven a previous generation 86 yeah and i really like it yeah you’ll notice right away

A lot of small changes here and there are two big gains first thing you’ll notice is the acceleration is improved instead of 6600 rpm where we see peak torque it’s now at 3700 rpm so coming out of the corners is breeze now steering field has been improved by updating the eps system and also stiffening the bushings that connects the steering rack to the subframe

So turn it’s very precise the car is very predictable it still has the dna and soul of a pure sports car that you really have to work for but when you get it right it’s extremely rewarding brakes feel amazing the chassis actually is stiffer by 50 up front thanks to diagonal bars that connects the frame to the subframe and then the rear 60 percent stiffer thanks

To a new ring design that ties in the upper deck to the lower part of the body so do you really notice the difference between this and the outgoing car oh big time difference yeah yeah the biggest notice i take the biggest change that i notice is steering filaments huge improvement on the steering and the torque the torque that comes in early at 3 700 rpm yeah

Big difference in acceleration and corner exit speed so instead of downshifting all the time in the corner i can leave it in one gear for the most part and have that acceleration power to dig myself out of it right the car is very predictable yeah it sounds good too oh yeah it’s a lot more higher pitch exhaust mode now exhaust that is actually bigger than a

Previous generation i realized the intake the intake design is actually smoother now and they’ve lost a lot of the turbulent bad airflow inside the pipe itself so there’s a more smoother power delivery a little bit of trail breaking there as you can feel it feels very planted yeah great apex here so right here is what i’m talking about you can leave it in the

Same gear and pick it out of the corner because it comes on a lot sooner than before oh just listen to that exhaust that my friend is the 2022 gr86 i like it you know i wish more people understood how good cars like this are that you don’t need massive amounts of horsepower to have fun and obviously it has more power right some think this car needs more power

Maybe consider the super two-liter and it’s turbocharged four-cylinder if that’s how you feel but the gr86 is proof positive you can have a great time with reasonable power like a miata sometimes it can be more fun to drive a less powerful car hard hope to get one soon and drive it myself and remember subscribe there’s great car reviews for me every tuesday plus

Every once in a while extra stuff like this that’s driven i’m tom voelk

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2022 Toyota GR 86 Track Ride Along With Ken Gushi By Driven Car Reviews With Tom Voelk

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