2022 toyota corolla hatchback ni
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Nightshade Edition

2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Nightshade Edition

J.D. here at the Bill Penney Toyota lot to walk you through the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Nightshade edition.

Hey everybody this is jd hunter here at bill paying toyota today on the lot we’re going to do a walk around video of the 2022 um toyota corolla hatchback nightshade edition so let me switch this around all right here we got the white 2022 corolla nightshade edition um hatchback that’s a nice little blacked out emblems got those blacked out wheels showing you all

This boom let’s go back start with the back here of course you got your little trunk space plus there’s space for all your everyday needs a little cubby holes that way you can put your anniversary gifts because they should be small and expensive you do even have a little latch tie downs in case you need to tie some down so i like that this has this little hook

Here so you can get access to your um your spare tire and stuff back here so your tools your same height spare tire and your jacket accessories are all available right there foreign that on down this you can bring these um you take this off in case you need to store additional stuff and the seats do fold down as well bring this down bring it into the back seats

Here all right so showing you that they do have the little um the little tie downs here for your um seats off of your child seats or baby seats like i said both seats do fold down bam to provide all this additional space and you can take that off in case you need the additional height as well and it is flat shown you from the perspective down here if these do

And lay down flat we do have cup holders here they’re actually deep a cup holders over on the side here as well which are even deeper have them over there so for a fit test we get myself nice and comfortable in here all right i am five foot nine and a half and i get myself nice and comfortable like this all right so yeah this is a little spot for me i will lean

It back a little bit i like to lean back there we go now now i’m comfortable another um my leg’s not hitting anything see i’m steering wheels up at a height where i like it i can see all my instrument panels and so now i’m going to go into the back to see how much room other people other than five foot nine and a half inch me has for the back so without stopping

The video that way there’s no movie magic or anything like that we’ll pop in back here all right so the amount of space that i have here has an additional five foot nine and a half inch tall individual right here i’m able to relax and um enjoy the rest of the riding comfort showing you also you do have a little cubby hole this one puts um put your phone down

Or anything like that you do have pockets in the back pockets all right let’s go back to the front here i want to show you all the insides here you do have your button for your auto high beams these are going to have the toyota safety star assist um 2.5 on there which means it will have the pre-collision systems with pedestrian detection it will have the dynamic

Radar cruise control the lane tracing assist as well as the lane departure alert so this will give you up to a five pound tug to keep you centered in your lane you’re going to have the auto high beams which automatically pop your high beams on whenever there’s no um headlights or tail lights in front of you and it’s a dark environment that way you’re not playing a

Little flicker game when you’re trying to go through the back roads you’re going to have the roadside assist so while you’re driving and you pass by speed limit sign stop sign wrong way sign or yield sign it’ll pop up down here this does have push button start so it does it is using the smart key system you do have paddle shifters single zone climate control with

Defrosters for the side for the side mirrors as well as the back you have your 80 inch touchscreen that is also um has am fm sirius satellite radio bluetooth it is compatible with apple carplay and android auto so the second plug in your phone your gps is going to pop up here all of your um play and um car uh car play and android auto apps that are compatible um

With your phone will also pop up here as well got a nice little heavier hole back here traction control and sport mode which uh just the um the transmission and engine settings to provide the fastest acceleration for you this does have an electronic parking brake so there’s no more hand crank no there’s no third um pedal it’ll automatically disengage whenever you

Take it out of park automatically engage when you put end apart that way you’re not driving around for five miles and smelling something burning and be like oh no you also have the brake hold so while the brake hold is active whenever you buckle up here whenever you put your vehicle in drive and activate the brake hold mode you’re going to see a brake hold icon

Right here boom then whenever you come to a complete stop you’re gonna see that um hold icon so whenever you see that hold icon that means even if you take your foot off the brake here the vehicle doesn’t move until you hit the gas and then come back to a complete stop it’ll pop back on and you’re back to being stopped that’s great for traffic uh traffic jams

Um stop lights or if you’re like me and drop your phone in the furthest corner there and you have to try to reach for it you don’t have to worry about your car going out of control you do have also emergency connect which works just like onstar you press it and in case you get stranded down the side of the road or need to report an accident or just have any other

Emergency that requires um a third party intervention of course your um lights here or your interior lights here you have extenders that way you’re not blinded by the sun just trying to get through the cracks here of course you have your power um vandimir what’s up make sure you look good all right plenty of space on the passenger side huge um glove compartment

That’s your usb port for your media systems up here all right that covers everything that um that’s in this beautiful so in case you have any questions you can always contact me

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2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Nightshade Edition By J.D. the Toyota Salesman

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