2022 toyota c hr gr sport review
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota C-HR GR Sport | Review

2022 Toyota C-HR GR Sport | Review

The facelifted C-HR GR Sport, in addition to a 1.8-liter 122 hp powertrain, gets a 2.0-liter Hybrid Dynamic Force engine, which produces 184 hp.

So so so the pleasing if not eccentric appearance takes up interior space front seat riders have decent head and legroom but the rear seat chr will complain about accommodation once they enter through the tiny back door think of their space as bonus cargo space as the rear seats fold down to increase storage by over 30 cubic feet the gr in its

Name stands for gazoo racing toyota le mans and wrc’s winning performance just finished one two in the monte carlo round of the world rally back gazoo has been experimenting with the japan-only toyota supra and yaris gr which use a 268 hp three-cylinder turbo the chrgr sport has a european 1.8 liter and 2.0 liter hybrid powertrain just like the regular c hour

The exterior features a black finish on the grill and some other front ends a larger front spoiler and black door trim this car uses two-tone 19-inch alloy wheels and has a slightly stiffer suspension or 10 up front 15 at the rear the cabin comes with a choice of alcantara leather upholstery or all-fabric upholstery both with gr inspired red and gray stitching

Themes there’s also a perforated leather steering wheel red stitching accents on the wheel rim and gear lever and a unique scar plate model there’s also some new black wheel arch cladding a dark chrome radiator grille and some gr sport badges scattered around the car’s panels the exterior makeover is rounded off with eight two-tone paint options each featuring

A contrasting black roof toyota has made several adjustments including stiffer springs and dampers thicker anti-roll and a revamping system all of which according to the company will help limit body roll and make the chr more attractive to drive drive pricing for the new toyota chrgr sport starts at 31 395 pounds for the entry-level 1.8 liter variant the more

Powerful 2.0 liter model raises this figure to 33 015 pounds the revamped chr has been designed by toyota’s in-house tuning company gazoo it features a more aggressive body kit with a deeper front splitter lower diffuser and some new black concrete doors it also uses 19-inch alloy wheels with a new design as well as dark led headlights and a black spoiler

For the tailgate the chr is run by a 2 liter i-4 that produces 144 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque combined with the consistently variable transmission that propels the i4 into low-speed drones it meanwhile supports the epa’s chr prediction in fuel economy ratings of 27 mpg metropolis 31 mpg freeway and 29 mpg combined although it looks sporty the

Crossover engine lineup is obtained from a standard car the 1.8 liter petrol unit produces 120 bhp while the 2.0 liter version has 181 bhp and the second engine will send drive to the front wheels via a cvt gearbox returning a claimed fuel economy figure of over 50 mpg the facelifted chrgr sport in addition to a 1.8 liter 122 horsepower powertrain gets a 2.0

Liter hybrid dynamic force engine which produces 184 horsepower the japanese market model gets the 8ar fts 1.2 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol new to the crossover in the gr sport variant is the sport suspension thanks to a revised set of springs and dampers so so you

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2022 Toyota C-HR GR Sport | Review By MISTER OTOPRO

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