2022 toyota 4runner trd sport sp
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD SPORT spotted

2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD SPORT spotted

Hey good morning everyone sarasota tim happy saturday morning i’m right there in boynton beach see the water tower i’m at the publix picked up a little uh diet coke fountain drink to take a ride down to boca raton this morning to my granddaughter’s birthday party but spotted look at this what color is that is that the lunar rock or is that the i don’t know what

They call it but really pretty trd sport now i believe that is the 2022 newest uh forerunner so we’re gonna take a little walk around check it out and compare it to the 2021 do i see any differences in the lights uh the tail lights look identical i mean it might not even be a 2022 but i think that is the new model right the trd sport ed morse toyota the wheels

Are definitely different uh than the sr5 and much different from the um uh limited too let me back out for you guys let’s see what the front end looks like on this baby oh it’s got the hood scoop because it’s the trd sport it’s got fog lights and of course they’re led it certainly is a 2021 or two because it has the uh speed control radar cruise control there in

The front and that grille is definitely a little different it’s a color matched front part there on the grill unlike the sr5 and the color match bumper does have a little chrome bar there being a trd sport you might want to consider putting the he or she that the heritage heritage grill in the front it’s not for everybody but you know i’ll make my recommendation

But that color is interesting uh a lot of cars have come out with this color i call it paint can because it looks like primer gray uh let’s see it doesn’t have like a real luxury package maybe because it doesn’t have sunroof it doesn’t have lights and the the turn signals in the side mirrors but uh and it’s got the stock tires so this person right here what

They need to do is they need to get some ko2s a heritage front grille lose the license plate frame and the little tag down there and get some other tags to put on get them a little d-ring thing they got a lot of mine to spend here i’m going to spending other people’s money no running boards yet so they must have just gotten it and uh but it has nothing to do with

Uh you know the quality of this vehicle and it can only go up i mean all they have to do is add a few doodads on there and this can become a beautiful forerunner i’m pretty sure it’s a 2022. let me know in the comments if i’m mistaken didn’t that come out in 22 the trd sport right there so the windows are tinted on it and i don’t know if it has fabric or cloth

Inside i’m going to get a little closer and peek i think it’s fabric so kind of probably on the same level and trim level is the sr5 but doesn’t have a scoop underneath or anything it’s got a that’s different down there but definitely got the leds on it good looking forerunner we’ll walk back over here the red road runner and you can see that i got the chrome

Tail pipe tip the little d-ring there for recovery the basket rack on top and of course i’ve added some emblems and badging on mine here the trd got the ko2s the running boards got the lights in the mirrors no hood scoop i do like the heritage front end better put a license plate on the front of that baby too but it’s really the meats and the uh side uh nerf

Nerf bar running board whatever you call it that makes the the forerunner look a little better but check out these uh ko2s how they’re holding up there after 32 000 miles i washed it yesterday and put some armor on the tires looking pretty good and so one final look over here at the trd sport first one i’ve seen looks nice all it needs is a few little doodads

On it to make it just right for me i’d be real happy with that so thanks for viewing everybody i’m heading to boca raton that is a 22. look at that tailpipe on the bottom down there that little cut out and that rear rear thing i know it’s a trd and i got an sr5 but i’m sure that’s a 22. because they’re not even available they haven’t been available this one just

Came off the showroom so uh all you forerunner uh followers of mine out there hope you enjoyed that and make sure you get out there today and crush it

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2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD SPORT spotted!  By Sarasota Tim

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