2022 tesla model s honest review
Altair Club Cars 2022 Tesla Model S HONEST REVIEW. 5 Month Review.

2022 Tesla Model S HONEST REVIEW. 5 Month Review.

I’ve owned the 2022 Tesla Model S for over 5 months. I’m going to tell you what I think about the positive and negative when it comes to owning this vehicle. Watch before you buy!

It’s been five months already with my model s if you’re a first time buyer this is the video you want to watch because this is an honest video yes we love tesla but i’m not going to uh go over the top about them i’m going to be very straightforward and i’m going to tell you exactly what i think they can do better and what you can expect when you purchase this vehicle

What you’re going to love about it all that stuff and more right now five month review here we go so the first thing i’m going to talk about is the negative stuff and then we’re going to cover the positive stuff so right off the bat uh the one thing i could say is i’ve had this model s for five months and i’m not like super thrilled with the paint quality you look

At the right behind all of my tires you’re going to notice paint chips uh all over and then if you look on the side of my car there’s actually like a a little nick there and there’s a nick on the front of the hood and the front of the bumper i just feel like that stuff shouldn’t happen so quickly it’s been five months i don’t drive on gravel roads paint quality i

Don’t feel is 100 there i feel like if you’re buying a tesla for the first time wrap it as soon as you can like as soon as you get it delivered to you maybe don’t even take it home yet maybe take it straight to get it wrapped even if you have to wait two more weeks or a week to pick it up it’s worth it in the long run and you can get it clear coat wrapped if you’ve

Not heard of that you don’t have to wrap it a certain color you can just get a clear coat so it’ll stay the color that you purchase the vehicle or you can wrap it any color you want all right now for my second issue with the model s we’re going to step inside on the driver side and if you come in here you’ll notice that there is now it’s not here anymore i just was

At the tesla body repair shop yesterday in atlanta and while i was there they fixed this and they did it for free it was totally covered under warranty so i can’t even call this a negative anymore because it no longer exists but it’s one of those small imperfections right where my drive reverse neutral uh position the little icons are now they were kind of messed up

Now that has since been resolved by tesla service so i guess we got to mark this off the list so knowing that’s not on the list i really what it boils down to for me is it’s just small details i mean really overall the quality of the vehicle is really nice i just wish that certain things like the weather stripping on the inside of the doors was a little more stuck

Because it is kind of loose um but i mean that’s really it i mean if you check you’re gonna find flaws in any vehicle you buy right i think people are just so hard on teslas and it has to do with the amount of money you’re spending on a tesla so it’s fair it’s fair for you to want everything to be perfect but i don’t think you should buy a tesla and nitpick every

Little thing because you’ll never be happy with anything with your tesla uh your tesla is going to be in good shape unless it’s just bad delivery quality in which case i’ve seen those nightmares so just make sure to do it a good inspection when you first pick up your tesla all right so now let’s talk about the stuff that i really like about the tesla over the five

Month period that we’ve owned it my wife owns a model 3 performance so she’ll do her own video review on the model 3 if you want to see that later so number one i really like the software of the tesla if you’re buying a tesla because you want a very futuristic experience this is definitely the car for you and the model s gives you the most of that experience all

The other models uh the screen size is fairly similar i think it’s pretty much the exact same screen size across all the teslas but on the model s you have the big screen in the center and then you’ve also got a screen in front of you and what that allows for you to do it’s a very subtle thing but i mean it’s a it’s it’s like a big difference in terms of having

A daily driver where you can see all of your display data in front of you and sometimes you don’t even really look at that stuff because autopilot’s kind of doing everything but then you’ve got the big screen to kind of manage and do how you want however on like my wife’s model 3 performance all of that’s built into one screen so the screen actually feels smaller

But in the model s it doesn’t feel that way it feels really big real quick i do want to throw in some honorable mentions the doors automatically opening when you come up to them the trunk auto opening and auto closing from inside the car if you need to the cup holders are really nice and there’s a lot of storage in the front dash area and then of course i know

This is a hot topic but i genuinely think that yoke steering is the way to go and they should always have this available as an option for any vehicle you purchase but i also agree that my wife loves the circular round classic steering wheel so much so maybe tesla should have an option where whichever vehicle you want you pick the kind of steering that you want

Point number two getting into your tesla never gets old every time you hop in um from a driver’s perspective uh it’s just fun i know that sounds so stupid it’s like what kind of reason is it to buy a vehicle just because it’s fun but i feel like man i don’t know how to describe it every time you hop in we’ve owned a lot of different vehicles um and i would say out of

All the vehicles we’ve ever owned not just out of all the vehicles we ever owned out of all the vehicles we have now i find myself always getting in the model s always there’s not another vehicle i want to hop into it’s just like a really fun daily driver and i did a video on this so you can watch that video too after five whole months with the tesla model s i have

To say that i don’t look at this car and get bored with it i think every day i kind of wake up and when it’s time to drive i’m actually kind of excited uh to be like oh i’ll take my car how often have you said that you know i mean i’ll take my vehicle let me let me drive let me let me be the one to do it is guys i don’t know uh for everybody but in my relationship

With my wife i have to drive us everywhere um i just just how we do things so i always am the driver and it long trip short trips doesn’t matter so it’s nice being in a vehicle that i can just click autopilot and boom we’re off and on the way um so i’m really looking forward to fsd full self driving coming out soon for us regular folks who don’t have beta so that

We can have the full driving experience hopefully if you’re looking to buy this vehicle you’re really thinking about the things i talked about uh do you you know are you worried about those cosmetic appearances because if so don’t buy this vehicle unless you plan on getting a wrap other than that the vehicle itself unless you just got like a lemon um i’ve heard

Horror stories uh everything else is really good quality i know it’s only been five months so i don’t know i’ll hang in there and update you guys uh in the next five months or six months whatever when it’s been a year we’ll do another video we’ll look back and see if i hate this vehicle but right now i love it um and i highly recommend it and hopefully this video

Hasn’t been a waste for you you’ve seen some things you like some things you don’t like and you’ve learned something

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2022 Tesla Model S HONEST REVIEW. 5 Month Review. By #teslafam Fanatics

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