2022 tata tiago ev sub rs 10 lak
Altair Club Cars 2022 Tata Tiago EV : Sub Rs 10 lakh Electric Car | Walkaround | evo India

2022 Tata Tiago EV : Sub Rs 10 lakh Electric Car | Walkaround | evo India

Tata Motors has launched its first ever electric hatchback, the Tata Tiago EV . And it’s the only sub-Rs 10 lakh electric car in India, aiming to kick off mass EV adoption. In this walk around video we take you through all you need to know about Tiago EV 2022 – styling, interiors, motor and battery options, plus the two battery packs with range and charging options.

Mass electric mobility starts here say hello to the tata tiago will be the first ever electric hatchback from tata motors and it’s launched at a smashing price of 8.49 lakhs at showroom we tell you about its styling about its interiors about the motor options about the range options everything you need to know about this car so hit the like button subscribe to

The evinda channel and hit the bell icon to stay notified let’s start with the styling the thiago has always been a smart compact hatch with a blanked out black gloss grill and these blue accents in front the ev looks even more stylish tata doesn’t want to slot the tiago as a budget ev hoping everyone in cities looking for a compact ev will switch to it as early

Ev adopters and that’s why the colors the finishes the interiors the look and feel like a step up over the ice cars in the segment this car gets projector headlamps 14 inch wheels and overall the look and feel of the car is nice and upmarket foreign motors has decidedly moved up market with this car you get leathered seats with this car you get a eight speaker

Harman infotainment system that connects to android auto and apple carplay you get automatic climate control you get drive modes for this car so you get sport and regular drive modes and because this is an ev you get three modes of regeneration overall the car feels a little flusher than the regular tiago which is a good move in the ev segment foreign capacity

Options 19.2 kilowatt hours and 24 kilowatt hours 0 to 60 kmph comes in a claimed 6.2 seconds and 5.7 seconds respectively tata motors is not giving a 0-100 time that’s because probably this tiago is not going to be a very quick car the good thing is that even though it has less power and torque is going to give you decent enough range little more than the tigor

Ev that’s because you get a 45 kilowatt or 60 horsepower motor for the medium range thiago avn 74 horsepower for the long range variant there are also a host of charger options a 3.3 kilowatt charger comes standard and a 7.2 kilowatt charger is a premium option for higher spec variants the estimated charging time from a 15 ampere socket is 8.7 hours for the 24

Kilowatt hour battery with the 3.3 kilowatt charger 10 to 100 charge will be done in 6.4 hours and the same charge will be done in 3.6 hours with a 7.2 kilowatt charger dc charging is super quick 10 to 80 percent in 57 minutes but don’t do that too often or you will reduce the life of your battery so there you have it a sub 10 lakh rupee electric car with a tiago

Ev you get value for money running costs as well as a low sticker price would this be the car that makes you switch to electric mobility leave us a comment and let us know foreign

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2022 Tata Tiago EV : Sub Rs 10 lakh Electric Car | Walkaround | evo India By evo India

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