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2022 Subaru BRZ

A review of the 2022 Subaru BRZ, the Counter Culture Car

Hello car lovers driving the 2022 subaru brz this is the all-equipped with the manual transmission the automatic gets the driving aids so what to say about this vehicle first an overview brz is a 2800 pound sports car that is designed from the ground up to be fun to drive torsional rigidity which is the force required to twist the frame of a car has been increased

By 50 percent which allows the suspension to do its job more effectively brz’s center of gravity is 17.95 inches off the ground that is less than a foot and a half or half a meter the boxer engine isn’t really bigger in absolute size and it sits low and is positioned strategically to ensure good weight distribution the engine displacement has been increased to 2.4

Liters and this takes premium fuel only which sucks for budget-minded buyers it produces 224 horsepower and 184 pounds of torque fuel economy is terrible at 12 liters in the c in 8.8 liters on the highway a real turn off though the torque dip of the previous version is gone the interior has been refreshed it was sorely needed everything is a bit better and that means

A bit better seats digital dash and some of the materials have been upgraded other things on this top of the line trim 18 inch wheels with michelin pilot sport 4 summer performance tires led lights that are steering responsive suede and leather heated sport seats eight speaker premium audio and with the 6-speed automatic you do get subaru’s driving aids the manual

All-equipped costs forty one thousand fifty five dollars in quebec in alberta thirty seven thousand seven hundred and twelve dollars this car is absolutely seductive no car is as fun to drive for less than fifty thousand dollars not even an mx-5 i want one all right so i’m going to start with this exterior styling the exterior styling is incredible it’s it’s soars

Above the competition the little little competition it has the mags the proportions the color everything is there to remind you that you are in a sports car the other cars often in the category are cars which are designed to be compact commuter cars and they have been souped up after that this car is designed from the ground up to be a sports car they’re looking

At the porsche cayman they’re not looking at the honda civic so now that we know what its mission is does it fulfill its mission yes i was the owner of a scion frs which was the first generation of this vehicle and so i’m i’m in a good position to say if they made the improvements if the improvements are are what i would have wanted and i can say yes across the

Line first of all little notes you’re reminded you’re in a sports car because it feels so light on its feet it’s got a floaty front suspension like i remember it it’s got these curves at all four corners to indicate to you that you are in a sports car the noise vibration harshness i think is slightly reduced on the highway i noticed some sound insulation under the

Hood and the rear trunk so that’s good on that level the suspension i couldn’t help but watch other car reviews about this vehicle reviewers say that this suspension is slightly less harsh than the gr86 which is its sister vehicle i have to say that on the montreal trail although you feel the bumps it’s never harsh and that’s really a good thing when you consider

It has low profile sport tires so pretty good on that level so that’s the ride the suspension really direct feel you’re having fun even when driving at the speed limit you feel the sporty pretension just the position makes you feel like you’re in a sports car and i’m going to talk about this interior after how it contributes to that the transmission very choppy i’d

Say it has this this kind of like uh mechanical feel it really wants to be banged it’s less of a elegant experience than let’s say the honda civic si it’s different right uh the uh the friction point is a little bit harsher i’d say on this vehicle it’s very sports car it matches the personality of this vehicle and well that’s what i have to say about that what’s

Missing is rev matching i’d say and but that’s about it the engine well i think right now this is not the first time you see this vehicle when i drove this car there was a torque dip and uh at 4500 4 000 4500 rpm and the car would come back to life at five six five thousand five hundred rpm that has for all intensive purposes as far as i can tell disappeared it

Doesn’t screen to 7500 rpm but it maintains a steady plateau and i’m just going to take just these simple curves to get on the highway really fun and the michelin sport tires really raise the limits so now you’re getting into a vehicle that has great sensation i’m in fourth gear it’s not setting the earth on fire and that is 30 kilometers an hour pretty darn good

It got there quite fast i think it’s it suffers from the honda civic si’s problem in that it’s not quite a german turbo it’s not quite a korean turbo it’s very good this is a six second car with the manual transmission seven second car with the automatic transmission i think that’s pretty good um that’s all you’ll need 95 of the time of course when you’re going

On the highway and you’re gutting it and you want to hit that 140 fast you’re kind of yearning for a little bit more power and that is still present however not as bad as before certainly not as bad as before i should say another thing you feel is that with the addition of this engine and this refreshing of the interior and the slightly improved sound bending is

The car has become much more homogeneous these seats are pretty darn comfortable for half an hour i mean it’s comparable in terms of comfort to the average compact which is kind of amazing when you consider the bolsters i am not feeling that much light pressure though i am feeling pressure it’s not distracting um pretty good the sound system plays well enough i’d

Say it’s not really that premium i could use a bose sound system however plays pretty good up to a certain a certain volume with a full bass response which is kind of nice uh the the infotainment relatively easy to use i i just love this layout this business class layout very serious digital dash very serious just the facts right it gives you just the facts these

Dials here and these toggle switches and and these like circular ventilation hubs how has a very aeronautical feel i’d say uh i’d say everything feels pretty damn solid here and well this here this flip up here to have access to the center council storage feels a bit cheap but when you’re lying your elbow on it doesn’t feel cheap at all so that’s so in terms of

The functionality feels pretty good would i go on a four hour trip with this vehicle probably not i drove it during the winter when i had it and i have to say it was not always easy though with the traction and stability control you can get through but in a big snowstorm model will take a taxi that happens three four times a year something to be said about this

Vehicle how it for me it tells me that you know you’re not dead on the inside when i see young people driving it i see uh gophers people who go for it you would have think the last two and a half years would have crushed the youth right i certainly had a fun packed youth there were many of these cars on the road when i was younger of course i would like the young

People of today to experiencing experience that i know a lot of people my age and older are trying to like almost crush the fun out of young people it’s kind of weird with their with their with their excessive uh excessive safety-minded orientation and this vehicle is kind of like goes in the opposite direction of like today’s trend it’s really counter culture and

Uh it’s fun it looks beautiful it it invokes passion which which is something i so rarely drive everything invokes passion the driving position the way it looks the weight steers it’s it’s not convenient here the back seat is in existence so this is passion first right and brings a smile to my face and when i see people on the road driving it it brings a smile to

My face anecdote ross almost 10 years ago brought me this vehicle he was a i wasn’t a car reviewer he was and he said christopher why don’t you try it it was a sign frs well i bought it right so that’s that’s that says something about me says something about this car and says something about what it evokes and if it evokes that in you buy it you won’t regret it i

Know we’re we’re stuck up sometimes on on sound personal finance and we can’t make rash decisions sometimes we can you’re going to remember it until you die and i i don’t think i’ve met anybody who’s regretted buying this vehicle and they’ve and another thing that it says it says something about subaru and toyota they’ve listened to the customer because all the

Improvements they’ve made are what i think i would have wanted right and um so i know i’m going on i’m ranting about this but it’s a passion car it’s why we get into cars and you’re gonna feel it i love this suspension i love this driving position i like this manual transmission the only thing that’s missing once again is the rev matching i think that that would

Really go a long way to make it really perfect and those are my thoughts on the excellent subaru brz great job subaru great job toyota and that is the review by the way if you like this video like it if you don’t like it don’t like it and if you really like it well then of course of course you should subscribe and that is it

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2022 Subaru BRZ By Christopher Car Reviews

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