2022 subaru brz tomei uel header


we have finally unlocked the true Subaru rumble in the 2022 Subaru BRZ with the Tomei UEL header!

Today we are installing a tomei uel header on the 2022 super brz we are unlocking the super rumble finally we are here with mr alex as always and danny so this is danny’s uh place of work we’re using his hoist and his tools he’s gonna allow us to has been hella cold out there to work in the garages this is what comes with the coma header and i picked up a defauler

Also this is everything that comes in here we won’t be heat wrapping it but comes with a whole bunch of stuff check it out all the gaskets bolts everything so let’s lift the car up and let’s start tackling this first thing we’re going to do is tackle all the bolts from the under tray underneath here and we’re going to access the header the oem header and we’ll

Be putting on the uel header so this thing should sound absolutely awesome so this is the oem header that we’re going to be removing we will also be removing a cat so the car is definitely a lot louder i’m pretty sure if we don’t use a defauler on here we will get an engine light since there’s no tuning management yet for the car hopefully the default works

With this so what we’re doing right now is we are looking to see where the o2 sensor is and we’re going to unplug it just so that when we remove the oem header we can remove the o2 sensor easier we’ve unplugged the o2 sensor and now we’re going to tackle the bolts on the header and uh we’re going to remove this shouldn’t take too long i have a feeling this car

Is going to be so loud but it’s gonna sound so good i’m a little nervous you guys wondering why he’s wearing these serious gloves the uh the header is hot as hell did it that’s professional the bull drops right into his pocket so what we’re doing is loosening the farm pipe so that we have some clearance to remove the header and there we go and there she is

Well done boys well done danny so it’s pretty much legit the exact same thing aside from uh we removed the cat but uh and some weight savings check that out very very cool so now we are transferring over the o2 sensors and we are going to try putting this defiler on to see if this can avoid the engine light so we have three nuts up there and six nuts down

Here three nuts up there and then we have two bolts that are gonna go right here i like hanging out with danny he’s good sometimes danny you’re good vibes you gotta go hey comment down below if you guys want danny in the video more often he’s got a pretty serious sti yeah bro give me the video get him in the video i’m renting my hoist right now so keep saying

You want it back yeah so then his sci can actually run big shout out to go wrench thank you for allowing us to use the shop i really appreciate it if you guys need a mobile mechanic check them out if you’re in a pinch or you need someone your car breaks down somewhere these are the guys to call give them a call thanks so what we’re doing now is we’re lowering

The car and plugging the o2 sensors back in uh and then we’re gonna turn on the car and see if we have any uh leaks but aside from that we’re pretty much done and then we just gotta put these covers back on and that’s about it going to be lots of fun this is going to be hella hella hella loud definitely all right we’re going to get the first official cold start

Yo your neighbors are gonna kill you yo this is way too loud jesus okay that’s not too bad oh look at that okay that’s a big difference big difference hey hey i’m definitely gonna have to roll this car down the street before i start it so now we’re just checking see if we have any leaks but it sounds pretty good i don’t hear anything put the covers back on

And we’re pretty much done boys all right guys let’s turn her on warm her up and let’s go for a drive see how she sounds it’s loud but it sounds good it’s loud but it sounds good it’s not too bad we’re just chilling the tent is too fresh so we’re just gonna kind of hear from the inside of the car and uh we’ll get some pulls and drive-bys afterwards also here

We go mr alex so it’s uh the car is pretty warm so we’re okay we can we can do some stuff she sounds nice some nice turns here too it definitely sounds like a subaru but it’s not too bad like this is just like cruising it’s not too bad no i don’t think like if i’m cruising i’m gonna get in too much trouble but definitely if we’re gonna like rip her she’s gonna

She’s gonna she’s gonna scream it sounds so much better i am so happy this is a big dip jesus got a bit of a launch or what this this is this thing just kicked out like crazy buddy the actual like the traction control in this car actually does a really good job we’re gonna put the traction back on look at this guy hurry up there pal it sounds pretty good

I’m not going to lie it sounds pretty good oh these roads are the greatest still hey could you hear that from in there it’s not too too bad that that’s that’s not too bad that’s full watt it’s not like horrible it sounds good though sounds good the car definitely feels like it’s opened up a bit more feels a little quicker and it’s pretty loud on the outside

I’m wondering if like daily driving and everything won’t be too bad but uh so far it’s pretty sick the whole homemade system is sounding amazing damn it sounds good though so it’s not too bad like normal driving this damn son over there hey you know what like driving normally it’s not too bad i’ll probably get a ticket or two but jesus take it ease man

It’s loud boys it’s loud jeez hey any engine lights no it’s too soon yeah we’ll see if it happens or not but god damn there it is jeez all right we just got some love by homeboy over there he says it sounds amazing but loud he is definitely correct all right boys this is it danny thank you you’re the best alex thank you once again you’re a champion of all champs

Comment down below what you guys think it’s definitely definitely loud uh but let’s see how many tickets we get but it sounds good i’m not gonna lie sounds really really good thank you so much for watching peace out like comment subscribe do it once you’re right later some nice pops going in nice and question of the day of the day for the lobe fan page should you go

Turbo big naughty g30 coming out the foot or just a shitty hks i want to see a super nice screamer bro coming out of here a nice screamer eh straight right there yeah hold on anything right here cut the hood right here just just a dump right there that’s exactly where he’s gonna get thirty thousand subscribers right there that thirty you think you think you think thirty all right

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