2022 sting gray jeep wrangler un
Altair Club Cars 2022 Sting-Gray Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Saraha 4XE

2022 Sting-Gray Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Saraha 4XE

Hey what’s going on today youtube land my name is mark i get the page here called dodge dude and today the dodge dude is looking at a jeep dude anyway uh this one here is pretty or by e so 4 by e hybrid means you got a combustion motor underneath the hood here and then you got a giant battery underneath the back seat pretty cool a very efficient vehicle this one

Is the sahara you can see right there sahara jeep wrangler unlimited unlimited being the four doors it’s got the black wheels on it it is one bad looking vehicle it’s got the color matched three-piece freedom hard top so you can take that thing off and have the beautiful open-air freedom that the jeep provides now on the jeep they uh have legendary off-road

Performance and this one is no different from the rest so even though it’s an electric vehicle you can tell that’s electric vehicle by the blue tow hooks the blue writing on the vehicle and well you know of course you have the plug-in where you plug it in and it’s super easy to plug in you plug it in like your cell phone right there plug it in at night wake

Up in the morning and it’s ready to hit the road so being a hybrid this vehicle is going to transition between the engine and the battery automatically giving you around 40 39 combined mileage using that battery and the gasoline to propel the motor they call that mpge because it’s a combined of the electric and the gas moving the vehicle down the road and one

Thing jeeps famous for right guys is that legendary off-road performance and you can see here this one’s no different you got all the skid plates underneath got the trail rating the trail ratings done right on the rubicon trail this one’s loaded up pretty nice too so you got the proximity keyless entry that’s what that little button right there means press that

You can lock it and then you got the locking doors you can adjust your mirrors and of course you got an ac in here and hybrid electric e-save mode so this is going to make it so it runs off the engine and the battery this is going to be electric only and this is man i make it so it runs off just the engine just a combustion gasoline motor saving the battery

For when you’re on the trails or you know you want to have a really incredible 0-60 time this is pretty cool up here so that’s five indication lights each light equals 20 percent and that’s when you have that thing charged all those will be lit up uh this jeep specifically here is going to have a four wheel part time and four high here so that four part time

Is going to enable you to have this jeep in four wheel drive on hard surfaces because traditionally if you have just a regular four-wheel drive you cannot put the jeep in four-wheel drive on hard pack surfaces because it will it’ll mess up your tires let’s kind of go ahead and take a look around this thing a little bit show you the little ins and outs of the

Jeeps that really you know so the biggest difference here with the 4 by e jeep is you’re going to have obviously a battery and this is where the battery’s at it’s right here underneath your back seat and the seat is bolted solid to the ground so you can see that lifts up there and then that’s your battery there’s a little access for your mechanics to get to and

This is all fully sealed it’s all waterproof so you don’t worry about anything like that and they put it inside here the reason why they put it inside is so you can still have the clearance that you need for off-roading on the back here you got the little plug-in plug your laptop you can charge your cell phone usb usbc you got some vents in the back for rear

Passengers the headrests will fold down and then let’s check out the seats so the seats they fold down just like that so that’s a little bit of a difference they don’t lay flat because the batteries underneath there obviously but the seats will fold down for you and then here this is on your back tailgate i was telling you guys same capability that you’re used

To that’s showing uh how this thing can handle 30 inches of water which is pretty incredible you got your charging cable inside that bag there and then you got an alpine stereo system inside this jeep absolutely incredible sound system and then you can see all this is going to be color matched so you have that stingray once you take everything off and you’re

Going out there doing the off-road thing and then you have your spare tire on the back here you can see obviously it’s from the factory and you got the black wheels i look super badass got the 4 by e there showing you that’s a 4×8 and the blue tow hooks and then this one here you can see has led lighting on it so great visibility these things are really cool i

Love that color the stingray you got side steps on there as well super cool vehicles you know you can really customize jeeps uh when i first started working here my buddy told me jeep stands for just empty every pocket that’s because like harley-davidson’s these are one of the most customized vehicles out there as you can see there’s two jeeps right down there

They got a bunch of customization done to them and uh whoever owns this one can do the same thing just because it’s a four by e doesn’t mean that you can’t take it lift it and do all sorts of crazy stuff to it all right let’s go ahead and hop in here and check out all right great so now we’re in the inside of the jeep here and you can see so things look a little

Bit different inside a four by e jeep um you got your battery up here so that’s that battery underneath the back seat 95 is the battery on that then you have your gas and then you can have then you have the range so you can see here you have 25 mile range on the battery 153 miles uh range total and 128 miles on gas so this is in hybrid mode so it’s going to be

Combined using both now if i switch it over to electronic mode it’ll tell you it’s in e mode and the display stays the same it’s pretty cool there’s a lot to be learned about these vehicles so the hybrid mode adopts automatically for the most efficient driving you can see right there pretty cool then you have a driver display on here you press ok to set that driver

Display up and then you can see you’re going to have all sorts of things the top left you can change your time and then you can change the battery power you can change all sorts of things so you can see whatever whatever’s going on with the vehicle however you want to interact with it it’s pretty cool so the longer you have this thing uh the more customization

You can do the more you like it that you can see the radio you can see the radio there as well so you can see what’s playing on the radio you’ll be able to see your readouts as far as how efficient the vehicle is operating uh total ranges and everything like that it’s pretty cool stuff there’s a lot of information tons of technology in these vehicles so that one

Right there that button is going to be max region the batteries actually can be recharged from braking which is pretty cool they will recharge it doesn’t recharge a lot but it does help any little bit helps right so on this page here you have a lot of really neat features similar to some of those other vehicles i’ve shown you guys videos on you have your travel

Link gonna see fuel prices by brand by distance by price you’re gonna be able to remote start this truck from your cell phone you’re going to have a wi-fi hotspot in here it’s going to be three gigs or three months whatever comes first all sorts of cool things here let’s check out this hybrid so you can see exactly what’s happening with the power flow so you have

Power flow here you can see right now you have your battery it’s sending power to the transmission and then you can see here you have your driving schedule driving history you have your uh scheduling so you can charge scheduling on off peak hours so you can save money stuff like that you can use level 1 or level 2 charging you have your e-save mode here and really

Cool stuff guys there’s just tons of stuff on these vehicles and then even with the vehicle itself you got safety and driving assistance so you can come in there and you can turn that hill start assist off it’s going to keep you from rolling backwards and then you’re going to have the sos in here and you got your apple carplay android auto you got downhill control

Descent in this vehicle as well lots of really cool it’s a jeep and this jeep is very cool it’s a 4 by e and if you’re looking to get into a new vehicle this may be the next vehicle for you this one actually is going to get a lifetime power train warranty on the combustion parts here if you’re looking to get a new vehicle this may be the one for you i appreciate

You watching the video like comment and subscribe and you guys have a very blessed day thanks and goodbye

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2022 Sting-Gray Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Saraha 4XE By Dodge Dude

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