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Altair Club Cars 2022 Santa Cruz 5 life hacks, Dan Houle | Hyundai Victoria, BC

2022 Santa Cruz 5 life hacks, Dan Houle | Hyundai Victoria, BC

You may already know all the basic information about your 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz, but how about these 5 life hacks?💥

Hello dan here the car guy in a bow tie if you are lucky enough to be one of the proud owners of the all-new 2022 santa cruz the best canadian small pickup of the year then you might be interested to know some of the life hacks that go along with it let me show you okay i’m sure you’ve mastered remote start by now but did you know that you can actually drop the

Windows on your vehicle for air circulation before you even get to it just from the key fob watch i’m going to press the lock button there and then i press the unlock button three times holding it on the third time one two three i’m gonna wait a couple of seconds and look at that windows drop down got some ventilation no more stuffy cabin when i get in so you’ve

Probably spotted these little things here but what is it is that little picture of a truck does it serve a purpose well yes actually you can get an added accessory that is a gopro mount that will fit on the side of the truck so it’s going to give you those really cool shots down the side for your road trip you can kind of feel that california vibe okay i’m sure

You found by now the drinks holder under the truck bed however what do you do with all the ice that’s left over from keeping your beverages cool this is kind of neat look there’s a drain plug right in the bottom of here so you can drain all of that ice water out there no more sloshy journeys home in need of some extra storage no problem santa cruz can look after

That check this out the seats lift right up we’ve got a huge recess in here where you can keep anything from tools camping stuff even a few snacks for the road trip so you turned your heated seat on this morning it was chilly when you left home as you’re driving it’s warmed up a bit and you want to turn it off however you’ve got to remember how many times to press

The button and actually looking down to do that might not be the greatest idea when you’re wanting to keep your eyes focused on the on the road well check this out i’m just gonna hold down the heated seat button for three seconds and it’s automatically turn them off let’s see that one more time hold it down three seconds bing and we’ve automatically gone to the

Off position i can keep my eyes focused on the road stay safe and not overheat so there you have it after all the amazing things that you knew the 2022 santa cruz does there’s five things that you may not have known already check out more of my videos to see life hacks on other vehicles and how to make the best out of your hyundai product this is dan the car guy

In a bow tie i’m down at victoria hyundai come and see me for your next ride you

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2022 Santa Cruz 5 life hacks, Dan Houle | Hyundai Victoria, BC By Victoria Hyundai

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