2022 rivian r1t and r1s rivian d
Altair Club Cars 2022 Rivian R1T and R1S – Rivian Drops Explore Package, Updates Ocean Coast Interior

2022 Rivian R1T and R1S – Rivian Drops Explore Package, Updates Ocean Coast Interior

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UPDATE: Rivian Drops R1T, R1S Explore Package, Updates Ocean Coast Interior. Most preorder holders who agree to upgrade to the Adventure package will need to pony up $5,500, Rivian says. Rivian has announced two significant changes for R1T and R1S preorders that will likely not go down well with reservation holders. The first and most important one is that Rivian has discontinued the entry-level Explore package for the R1T electric pickup and R1S electric SUV, forcing people to upgrade to the better-equipped Adventure package if they want to keep their reservation.

Welcome to real channel automotive a place to help you understand the world of automotive mobility please subscribe our channel for more updates the r1t is part of the new rivian brand’s aim to provide adventure oriented utility vehicles with potent electric powertrains and generous range on a single charge like many electric vehicles the 2022 rivien r1t is underpinned

By a skateboard platform which places the battery under the passenger compartment to keep the center of gravity down ground clearance is generous at 14.5 inches the rivian r1t is an all-electric pickup truck it is not only the first vehicle produced by the michigan-based automaker rivien but also the first electric pickup ever to be sold as it beat ford’s f-150

Lightning and the chevrolet silverado ev to market the r1t debuted for the 2022 model year the r1t doesn’t slot into the traditional pickup sizes it’s smaller than your average 1500 series full-size crew cab truck but bigger than most crew cab trucks it also comes in just one body configuration with a 4.5 foot cargo bed that’s still a bit short compared to the

Beds of gasoline-powered mid-size trucks however the r1t has some useful storage features that you couldn’t get in a traditional truck such as a large front trunk and unique gear tunnel it is a trapezoidal enclosed cargo area located between the cargo bed and rear seats the gear tunnel might come in handy to store long and thin items such as strollers or golf bags

Rivian has announced two significant changes for r1t and r1s pre-orders that will likely not go down well with reservation holders the first and most important one is that rivien has discontinued the entry level explore package for the r1t pickup and r1s suv forcing people to upgrade to the better equipped adventure package if they want to keep their reservation

This equates to a major price hike for pre-order holders of explore models because the adventure package adds seven thousand five hundred dollars based on the rivian configurator and what it used to show just a week ago explore models are now gone from the website the rivian configurator lists the r1t adventure quad motor with the large battery pack at 87 000.

A similarly configured r1t explorer used to cost seventy nine thousand five hundred dollars the same goes for the r1s adventure quad motor with the large pack which is priced for ninety two thousand dollars whereas the equivalent explore model used to start at eighty four thousand five hundred dollars however rivian tells that most customers who reconfigure will

See a five thousand five hundred dollars price difference either way the price difference depends on each configuration and when the customer placed the reservation rivien also notes that customers have the option to do nothing but if they don’t reconfigure their reservations by september 1 their pre-orders will be removed from the production queue should they

Decide to cancel their pre-orders the company will refund their deposit as for those pre-order holders who recently converted their refundable reservation fees to binding agreements in order to qualify for the old federal tax credit rivian says they will be reimbursed as well if they want to cancel their order to this date rivian did not deliver any r1t or r1s

Vehicles with the explore package deliveries of explore models along with vehicles equipped with the max pack battery were supposed to start in 2023 the second change announced by the ev maker regards the original ocean coast ash wood trim combination which has been canceled as well rivian announced the change on twitter and posted photos of an updated ocean coast

Interior featuring dark stained ash wood the same one used in the black mountain interior instead of the light one the automaker noted that the design update meant we can begin making deliveries to customers who ordered ocean coast ceo rj scarange also tweeted about the change hosting a video in which he takes a look at the updated ocean coast interior in april

2022 rivian announced delivery delays for customers who reserve vehicles with the ocean coast interior motivating that the light wood in ocean coast is more challenging to produce customers who at the time decided to stick to their ocean coast configuration despite the delivery delay may not appreciate this change so you

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