2022 range rover velar premium l
Altair Club Cars 2022 Range Rover Velar Premium Luxury SUV

2022 Range Rover Velar Premium Luxury SUV

The 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Velar is a small but larger-than-compact midsize luxury SUV. Because of its pedigree, this is one of the few luxury vehicles with real off-road ability.

The 2022 range rover vela is land rover style focused compact suv and it also earns its place alongside its luxurious brethren with a high-class ambience it’s offered with either a turbocharged four-cylinder or a turbocharged and supercharged inline-six but the v-less chassis lacks the poise and verve we find appealing on rival suv such as the bmw x3 the genesis

Gv70 or the porsche if you’re more interested in a comfortable cruiser the vela is more likely to satisfy especially if a stylish high-tech cabin is on your priority list the range rover vela is a style conscious suv with serious off-roading credentials that commands a high price to go with its fashionable looks slotting in between the smaller voc and larger

Range rover sport it comes with all the capability you’d expect from a land rover loaded with the latest onboard technology the range rover velar has a wow factor that few suvs can match an undeniable part of its appeal and the main reason buyers in this price range pick one brand over another you can further enhance its looks with the r-dynamic styling pack

Transforming the car from smart 4×4 to glitzy bauble with a pandora’s box of additional bling available inside you’ll probably like the villa simple interior rendered largely from horizontal lines and bold rectilinear forms the materials used throughout are high quality and deployed in interesting ways take the door trim instead of using a sphere of wood or

Carbon fiber inlaid into the upper part of the door panels land rover adds the owner’s choice of wood or metal into the section of the door between the upper and lower panels every model get futuristic looking dual screen infotainment system that is surrounded by a smart minimalist dashboard with plenty of leather and soft touch plastic trims se models and above

Also receive a third screen in the form of an interactive digital dial display bluetooth phone and audio connectivity voice control eight speakers in-dash navigation apple carplay and android auto integration are all standard a better audio system with more speakers and sirius xm satellite radio requires additional options or a move up through the v-less trim

Levels every vela comes with four-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard there’s a choice of efficient 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines while there’s also the option of either self-charging and plug-in hybrid engines if you’re in the market for a hybrid suv land rover has dropped the powerful v6 from the current range but you’ll find

These on the used market while you might be tempted to search out a used range rover velar with a stonking 5.0 liter v8 engine with a towering 550ps the epa has raided the vls inline-six engine as high as 20 miles per gallon city and 26 miles per gallon highway but the turbocharged four-cylinder is slightly more efficient with ratings of 21 miles per gallon city

And 27 miles per gallon highway the range rover vela starts at 58 300 which is an above average starting price for the class the range-topping range rover velar r-dynamic hse carries a starting msrp of 78 900 thanks for watching and give your comments below you

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