2022 range rover evoque r dynami
Altair Club Cars 2022 Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic S

2022 Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic S

Beat the waiting list! Introducing a beautifully styled & specced example of the new generation Evoque with a truly sporty exterior & high tech interior. Take a look around…

I’ve done a video yesterday about land rovers and 22 edges and new products newer vork 2022 delivery miles beautiful specifications so this car’s a 200 are dynamic but it’s got full black exterior contrasting black roof upgrade 20 inch wheels panoramic sunroof it’s got unbelievable specification it’s delivery miles i think it’s done 60 miles there isn’t i think

I found one other car available which doesn’t look a patch like this so this car is going live on our website it’s the new model it’s ready to go you can come and pick it up today or tomorrow just ring me my number’s on the bottom of the screen but it’s just something that will sell instantly three years landrieu have a warranty three years lander over a system

When this car is being ordered they’ll put all the right extras on it so the our dynamic styling makes it look beautiful and aggressive big front splitter all the black sections black badging the insert the big one 20 inch wheels from factory gloss black you can see here as well you’ve got the red calipers as well from factory as an option but then you’ve got that

Contrasting black roof which just breaks up beautifully little mud flaps and then look at the back how well does it look you’ve got them new led lights here big our dynamic rear bumpers how it looks superb from the back and then the mud flap so it looks really really chunky two liter auto and with it being the new generation car when i show you inside you’ll see

That it’s got all the new features like what you’ve got on the new defender and things which i really like door handles coming out like that you’ve got black mirrors and then as we get inside there’s nothing better than the smell of a new car it’s done 40 miles delivery miles keyless start and then everything’s being changed so there’s things what i noticed which i

Can’t believe so you look at them too little buttons there this car’s got cruise controls but it’s got adaptive cruise control so that is something that they’ve started putting on the cars as a standard option which i think is is is unbelievable really automatic lights automatic wipers the big extra sliding panoramic sunroof what a feature that is especially on a

Little walk like this because it brightens the whole car up and then inside it’s all about the new technology so this has all changed the new media system in the front so if i press them so this is the your main home screen so if i press the camera you’ve got full surround cameras as opposed to just reverse if i press that again you’ve got all your new navigation

System which is the same one what’s in the new defender is going to be in the new range rover which comes out soon things like slope assist the compass reading even things like look at this energy impact driving style wheeling for this is all part of the new new settings that you get with a land rover in here for your seats you just press the button and that’s

Your seat front and rear heated screens automatic light automatic wipers beautiful inside leather steering wheel just a beautiful up-to-date car and for us so easy to sell because someone will want a brand new evoke one try and order one you might get one in 12 to 18 months we’ve got one physically here it’s in the right color it’s got the 20s it’s got the pan

Roof it’s got the black styling pack contrasting black roof it’s got the all the mats through our piano black in the in the back all the way through great boot space as well on an evoke you can drop the seats down so it’s even though it’s quite a compact little four wheel drive you’ve still got a decent boot in the moment it’s got rubber mats in but i’ll give

You these as well there you carpet mats so that is a fabulous car new generation right specification of ork our dynamic 40 miles ring me you can come and collect it it’s going live on the website thank you for watching

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2022 Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic S By Acklam Car Centre

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