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RAM 2500 LARAMIE NIGHT CREW CAB 4X4 Engine: 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine factory order only M.S.R.P ONLY Walkaround video with Mr. Hollywood

Hello everybody mr hollywood here today with a special edition of a 2022 ram 2500 laramie night edition now let’s start out with what the heck is a night edition well night edition is where you have everything blacked out all around the vehicle we’re talking the logo in the front we’ll talk we’re talking the front fascia we’re talking the side logo right there

For the ram we’re talking the logo for the heavy duty and the cummins diesel on the sides right here we’re talking blackout wheels we’re talking everything literally blacked out to make it look more aggressive more mean and make it disappear in the darkness of the night with just a beautiful led light staring you in the face right now for 2022 ram has done some

Awesome upgrades you’ll notice you have the nice bright uh high capacity lights right here that are going to shine the road perfectly and give you great great views you also have the tow hooks to pull everything out you have nice sonar sonar sensors in the front and in the back to make parking easier because yes this is a large vehicle so it is a challenge to

Park it and to get navigate into tight spaces but of course you have that another thing that i like to point out with the 2500s this is a vehicle that is capable of towing a lot and you need to see what’s behind you so you need towing mirrors now while this does have dual mirrors where you have one side smaller for for your blind spot you also have the standard

Mirror you also have a blind spot monitor triangle that will flash a light if something’s in your blinds but you can also convert this into a towing mirror simply by lifting it up like this this will give you better view you can see further back and you can also check out your trailer make sure everything’s there as far as creature comforts right you do have this

Beautiful key that allows you to open the back gate tailgate remote started unlock the car and of course you also have a hidden key in here for your glove box and any other aspects or if you ever run out of battery and you need to open it manually it does come with keyless enter and go and because we allow you as a customer to customize the vehicle to whatever

You prefer this particular client want an equipment level level b group along with this retractable steps right so it’s easier to get in because this is a vehicle that has a large ground clearance it is certainly higher so that means it’s probably harder to get in especially if you’re shorter right even for me this is a jump right and the older we get the more

Painful that step gets but what’s cool about is they’re not always in the way so you’re not scraping them up the moment you close the doors they roll themselves back up automatically right let’s let me show you the tailgate this particular client is actually sebastian’s brother-in-law so you know he helps everybody right he helps the clients he helps his family

He helps you he’s willing to help you factory order the exact specifications of a vehicle you want again highlighting at night edition you see the ram logo blacked out see the 4×4 logo blacktop you see the laramie blacked out right and now we’re gonna open the tailgate with the key by double pressing it and it will lower it down slowly it won’t slam it down so

You won’t injure anybody in the back but what’s cool about is this one actually has the fifth wheel equipment group in it so you can put the actual fifth wheel up top on there now what i always like to highlight with ram is that these are very weight resistant meaning these tailgates can actually hold your weight so when you’re stepping up you can you can have

It weight-bearing right now i’m a little bit heavy and it’s hard for me to get up there but you can easily do that so you watch this right so this is weight bearing you don’t have to worry about it you can easily step on it and get up there that way you can easily load everything back in there you’ll see the sonar sensors i talked about earlier that allow you to

Park better of course this vehicle has a lot of features on the interior but come around the side of me let me show you the fuel gauge now this is a 6.7 cummins diesel which is an optional feature on this vehicle and this means you get a lot of power for towing a lot of torque and you get better fuel efficiency for that towing but also notice that you have two

Entrance ports right one for the death and one for for your diesel and of course you don’t have screw caps anymore it’s just plug and play you push it and then it opens up let me show you the back seat because it’s cool now this is a laramie night edition which means it comes with some fancy interior features right you have very nice quality leather throughout

Perforated you have one of my favorite features which are the hidden boxes right here i call these tailgating boxes even though i’m not really entirely sure what the original purpose of them was but if you notice this this is waterproof so you can put ice in here put a nice cold beverage in here right and take it out in the once the ice melts pour it out or

Store something in there you’d like to keep safe right it’s pretty cool put anything in there you you design it additionally the back city is a convertible option you can sit three people in there they have a full wall plug in there they have two usb plugs a usb c plug right i’m going to get on the other side so that you could take a look and i’m going to show

You so check those features out right there for plugging everything in so that your passengers can enjoy creature comforts you also have a full wall plug and heated seats for the passengers so no more fighting over the front seat if you don’t have uh three passengers in the back this folds down nicely to give you an additional two cup holders on top of what

You have on the doors and this is a premium edition which means it comes with a harman kardon sound system you have a subwoofer underneath the back here right you see right here the subwoofer it will nicely give you uh extra of course sound quality now this also unfolds on both sides like this and the two little legs right here once you don’t fold these down

You have a flat uh flat floor what this allows you to do is to place things easily that way you don’t have to have a bump around or whatnot it can hold a lot of weight as well makes it easier for you to traverse and carry all the goodies because this is primarily designed to be a work workhorse vehicle right you’re supposed to use it for work of course nobody’s

Gonna stop you for using it for pleasure because it is an amazing vehicle you will also notice the suede inserts on the seats to make it even more comfortable we’re now going to hop into the driver cabinet so i can show you additional options that have been selected in this vehicle including the sunroof including the azure side headliner as well as the massive

12-inch touchscreen that’s in the center of this vehicle hello everybody welcome to the interior of the 2022 ram 2500 laramie night edition i know it’s a lot to say but guess what this vehicle has a lot to offer and this was specifically ordered for sebastian’s brother-in-law he wanted it with specifications that are in this vehicle including the larger screen

The sunroof including the equipment b group which includes ventilated seats heated seats and heated steering wheel you also have the fifth wheel in the back as i showed you earlier so it’s really awesome we’re going to do a quick overview of all that’s in here to give you an uh the sense of what options you have as a client right we have a lot of storage we have

Two glove boxes one up top and one on the bottom we have the center console storage right there which opens up giving you a lot of storage this does slide back and forth giving you two options for there’s a full wall plug in the front right here just like in the back there’s also a regular vehicle plug-in for power so you can take advantage of that and this does

Slide giving you a little wall up here that’s retractable it can divide back and front options now you can also wirelessly charge your phone now by putting it right here in these wireless chargers that are conducive of electricity and then we can of course open close this up and open the second tier box which is up top it’s a little flatter for smaller items maybe

Some documents maybe your insurance card that way you don’t have to reach over there because this vehicle is wider so it might be harder to get all your stuff from there this would be a good storage for it there’s also a usb plug in here with a spot that does that prevents crimping on your cable so you don’t have to give hand all your money over to apple for

Another 40 dollar cable right and then you have of course the hard to miss 12 inch touchscreen in the center with uconnect 5.0 now for those of you that are not familiar with uconnect 5.0 it means there’s apple carplay and android auto wirelessly now so you can be wirelessly charging your phone and be connected right it’s really cool so you can actually leave the

Wires at home if you ever forget them it’s pretty awesome what you will notice is you have the menu navigation right there home media comfort navigation phone vehicle and apps when you go to home now in this new bigger screen what you have is an option you can customize your pages you can have three different screens on here four if you want to get them really

Small two is the nice cool part because you can have a nice navigation size screen as well as your music to control you want to swap them out for something else like your phone you can do both at once without having to go in and out of the pages making it difficult you can customize you can add or you can actually zoom into one of these pages if you want to see

More details sell say you’re driving and you’re a little bit lost and you want to dig deeper into the navigation you can hit this little button here or you can hit the bot the button in the center there for the navigation pane but i’m going to go ahead and hit this one to show you i want to expand this screen it takes me directly to the full size screen that i

Can customize to my liking the map does change dark to light depending on the time of day and you will notice and customize some quick options here for view just 3d 2d north which it weighs know if i have a a lot of more options here i can also do search you can also do voice search by holding the button for voice recognition on the steering wheel i have many

Different ways of telling the vehicle where i want to go and i can of course switch back to home where i can just go to a different pane such as comfort the reason i picked comfort this one does have equipment b group i want to show you heated ventilated seats and heated steering wheel you can also customize each you can also customize customize each side of the

Vehicle to your preferred temperature meaning one person can have heat one person can have ac so it is your preference that way people don’t fight over the temperature in the vehicle you can have heated seats on one side ventilates on the other 60 degrees 90 degrees right whatever person prefers however what’s cool about this is because ram and and stellantis

Understand that you might have different preferences you don’t always have to go back to comfort to change your navigation you can do it through the analog buttons on the side each side has their own set of up and down temperature controls so you don’t have to do it for your passengers and you also have other controls such as how fast the fan blows whether you’re

Hitting the front and rear windows and whether the ac is on and circulation you have two you have two knobs one for volume one for tuning the radio and phone connectivity is super easy all you got to do is add device you can actually connect up to two phones that are active at once giving your family the option if you have two drivers in the family that use the

Car and share their truck they can actually use that you have your vehicle paid vehicle options which you can customize your experience there’s your display mode your theme your phone bluetooth voice stuff like that and you also have apps which you can select from a slew of features to add onto this this vehicle does have the harmon and carton as selected by the by

The new owner of it because this is already sold this is ready to be delivered it took three months to come from the factory in the exact specifications but you can add those kind of things and that makes it uniquely yours you also see that the new owner of this vehicle wanted to have a sunroof and they do have it here which is lockable that way if the sun is too

Bright and you want to close it out of you can do that you also have additional controls right here controls for the sunroof but also controls for the back tailgate light and assistant and sos why are they here well even if you end up flipping the vehicle or something like that you have those buttons here so they’re easy to reach for almost anyone and you have

Your garage door controls set built into here so you can connect them to your your home and have it nice and easy you have your volume controls on the back of the steering wheel like standard and ram vehicles you have some controls for the screen in front of you that enables you to customize your experience you can customize miles to kilometers or just a click

Of a button you can see some updates on your vehicle such as coolant temperature you can see your oil life level it’s really cool because you can get live updates on what’s going on with the vehicle without having to pause and check everything out it will let you know it is intelligent you also have handles on both sides that way if you’re really hitting those

Big potholes you’re going off-road on those those big those big construction sites and everything’s bumpy you can hold on and your passenger can hold on too you have your trailer brake right here as well some additional controls for parking sensors and tow hauling controls as well as your two wheel drive or fall or four wheel drive controls there is additionally

Automatic because this is automatic power mirrors you can fold them you can also use the uh the thing to fold them back in everything is nicely customized so you can pick which mirror works and what you use you can also move the blind spot mirrors that you have built in to give you a broader experience what else is really really cool is the backup camera you can

Actually zoom in on it when you back up you’ll see it’s high quality high definition crisp view if you have more cameras when you build yours you can toggle the different cameras because you can get surround cameras in these vehicles if you prefer you can also zoom in and see closer to something so that way you can see better say for example this view is is better

For you because you want to see what’s on the ground if you’re going over something or if you want to get really close to say a barrier or a fence this will allow you to get closer because you know exactly where the bumper line is from the top right so that’s pretty much it for the interior remember you can build the vehicle to your exact specifications you will

See that the owner of this vehicle who is actually uh sebastian sebastian’s brother-in-law has picked out a lot of the features that you will see here he has picked out that he wanted the specific leather interior he wanted a night group edition he wanted the fifth wheel he wanted the harman kardon he wanted the ventilated and heated seats so you can get all these

Options in the vehicle that you want and you can have it delivered to your home or to to us and we can order it for you all you have to do is call sebastian go through the process no bs no games you don’t have to deal with trying to find a vehicle that has some features and making any compromises you can literally imagine the vehicle that you want and they will

Get it for you it’s as simple as making that one phone call and just being a little bit of patience having a little bit of patience of two to three months wait times for the vehicle to arrive in the color you want with the features you want what does that get you you’re not overpaying for features that you you’re not paying for features that you didn’t necessarily

Want and you’re not going home sad wondering whether you should have gotten that feature or not but with that being said hit that like button hit that subscribe button follow us on facebook instagram twitter all the social medias and i’ll see you guys next time mr hollywood out

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