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Altair Club Cars 2022 Ram 3500 Laramie Dually: Does It Feel More Powerful With The Power Increase?

2022 Ram 3500 Laramie Dually: Does It Feel More Powerful With The Power Increase?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Ram 3500 Laramie Dually!

Torky hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’ll be going over a 2022 ram 3500 laramie dually first and foremost so a huge shout out thank you to the lyric miller dodge ram here in provo for giving me some time with this 3500 dually check out the intron link below let’s get right into the video so under the hood we have these 6.7 liter cummins

It’s an inline six diesel it goes through a six-speed automatic known as the eisen and now for the 2022 model year it produces 420 horsepower and then 1075 pound-feet of torque now going over the front end of the laramie first off you guys will notice that we’ve got the 3500 heavy duty badge right there on the side and then we’ve got the cab lights there at the

Top we’ve got these full led lights by the way they don’t flicker in person this just because the frame rate of the camera and you can see the led reflector lights for the headlights and then since this is the laramie package we got the full chrome grille and you can see the massive ram logo there in the center parking sensors are integrated here into the bottom

Alongside some tow hooks and then notice more parking sensors off to the side with the fog lights and then this one has the body painted bumpers and aside from that that is the front end coming on the side here we’ve got two 35-millimeter tires wrapped around 17-inch wheels in the front and over in the rear and aside from that we have the normal dually hub caps

In the front and then also on the back but here is the suspension there in the front we’ve got the fender flares that are part of the laramie package you got our cummins badge we’ve got the ram logo the chrome mirrors which match everything else unless we got the chrome there inside the door handle or on the door handle rather but there is your full side view

Here on the dually and then notice you’ve got that marker light there on the side and then we’ll quickly look at the suspension here in the back and you guys will see the leaf springs are super super heavy duty which i mean is expected because it’s a heavy duty truck and then also we got another marker light now here’s our key fob we’ve got our unlocked lock and

Then we’ve got the drop down for the tailgate and then the remote start which we will press that button and she will pop right down now popping to the back here we’ve got a payload capacity of 5260 pounds notice we have an outlet here in the bed and then we also have the led lights you’ve got the cargo light there that’s also an led that has a camera eight foot

Bed and aside from tell that it’s pretty easy to pop into place now you guys are probably wondering towing capacity on the dually with the ice and all that fun stuff is over way over 30 000 pounds crazy crazy stuff happening got your laramie logo and then notice here with the lights full leds parking sensors along the bottom again body painted bumpers right here

And then you guys can see the exhaust tip just down below but that’s all for the back here’s the door panel in the rear notice we’ve got the leather here on the door panel and down below with the suede and then we’ve got the wood trim just up above and then here are the seats so again you’ve got the leather with the suede that goes throughout the seats and the

Perforations in the center and then you’ve got the ice bucket just down below and then you can see underneath the seat of the storage and then you’ve got those that pop out and then we’ve got the outlet down here some usbs vents all that fun stuff and also same cab as we had before with the crew cab they haven’t changed anything since 2019. so now here’s the

Door panel at the front so again we’ve got all the leather trim with the wood and then the suede again all the window controls the mirror adjustments the memory seat function and then those are the trailer mirrors that you can flip up and then here are the seats at the fronts again we’ve got the leather with the nice piping laramie logo and then you guys can see

The bolstering and the piping on the side of the seats and then more of that suede notice you’ve got the adjustments on the side of the seat ram logo and the pedals down below and then that is for the outlet there in the back light controls the fog lights cargo light pedal adjustment the steering wheel is manually adjustable and there’s we’re looking for you pop

In here’s the steering wheel we’ve got nice leather all around it darker stitching you’ve got your gear limiter with the cruise control controls for the center voice command controls phone controls radio controls on the back got your turn signal windshield wiper stock and that’s all for the steering wheel got the good old column shifter as well and now that’s

All so here’s the center gauge cluster nothing has changed with this uh stuff all the same vehicle information is before the off-road pages that were new for 2021. fire if memory serves me right and also i love with the tires because it’s adolesce extra tires obviously so it’s just cool to see that on this side um but yeah that’s all for that now here’s the center

Infotainment system first off we’re gonna pop it into reverse so you guys can see here in reverse sorry about the lighting right there there’s your backup camera with trajectory lines they turn with the steering wheel and then again we’ve got that cargo camera as well that you can switch into and aside from that we’ve got the newer version of the infotainment system

Now this is the 8.4 inch i’ve reviewed the 12-inch a couple times now but response time is still really good with the infotainment system still have the shortcut buttons here at the bottom it’s easy to use actually um pretty self-explanatory as well like it’s it seems like it’s a little bit more user-friendly than the last version of the infotainment system and

Well that’s all for that down below we’ve got the analog radio controls and then we have our heated cooled seats which we’re going to turn on the cooled seat today and then we’ve got our analog controls for the climate it has dual zone climate and then we’ve got our parking sensors here tow haul mode the diesel exhaust brake that is for the rear air because if

You have an alternate trailer height like it says you can adjust all of that fun stuff and then notice that we’ve got the trailer brakes here drive line select with the two wheel drive for the high four low and then the true neutral got the usbs down there and then this one has a bench seat so you have the extra storage here in the front compartment that doesn’t

Want to shut and then you guys can see here with the center console slash bench seat that picks up hasn’t changed at all and then we’ve got the glove box and i noticed we got the nice leather there on the dash and more wood trim 12 volt this one has the traditional mirror and we do have a power sliding rear window um and then no center for anything like that

On this particular one now there’s a ton of glare so you guys can’t really see the window sticker but anyways with all the options this particular julie has including the 50 gallon fuel tank again the high output diesel and the rear air suspension all that fun stuff 76 685 dollars and wait for it it’s a big boy let’s take it out and see how it drives let’s talk

About visibility before we set off here on this julie there’s your visibility of the hood both of the mirrors then throughout the rest of the rear and well actually i’ve got to adjust the mirror so i’ll show you guys the little adjustments that we’re doing oh i didn’t click the button enough there we go perfect let’s set off so we are setting off here in the

3500 dually with the new high output icin it’s gonna kind of initially get into it 1075 pound-feet of torque what a world we live in right it’s pretty pretty crazy i should have flipped up the mirrors in normal dodge fashion even when you’re not towing a trailer you still need the mirrors flipped up because that’s how it is right but aside from that braking is

Also solid really solid actually um something about the dooley is it’s not intimidating to drive whatsoever this is definitely bigger than what i normally drive right i’ve got a trx which is a big truck but it’s not dually big by any means and i actually haven’t been driving at all this week because i’ve got a couple press cars and so i’m literally going from

Like a little sports car into this and i feel perfectly fine perfectly comfortable driving it so that’s kind of a testament to dodge with like the maneuverability on this truck and everything aside from that just like every other 3500 with the leaf springs right it’s a little bit rougher than what you can get with the half ton or 2500 but they’ve come a long way

Like the old trucks were just on any road whereas this it’s actually you know you feel you get a little bit of up and down motion that is for sure when you don’t have it loaded up like what this truck is right now because it’s empty you do get that a little bit but it’s it’s not that bad it’s not super uncomfortable then when you go over bumps right the back end

Does bounce a little bit but again it’s not crazy uncomfortable it’s kind of expected but once you load this up with some stuff from the bed or you have a trailer it you know hunkers down and everything smooths out quite a bit get into summing things up here with this 3500 dually but before we do that i want to get a full-blown acceleration because the truck is

Now all warmed up and i want to see if this feels quick or if it feels slow torquay wow that’s crazy for a dually tons of torque man i can imagine with the trailer behind this it would just be hauling literally but let’s get into selling things up here with this dually so first off exterior wise they haven’t really changed anything since 2019 it’s pretty much

All the same um so it’s still a really good looking truck uh this is like you know out of all of the duallys i think this is my favorite looking because i like how it’s smooth on the oversized fenders there in the back to fit the second set of wheels so yeah i’m a fan of the styling uh interior-wise the laramie’s really nice for you know the entry-level luxury

Truck for ram and then obviously the capability is crazy huge payload uh and towing capacity i mean just crazy and we’re getting to the point where this is pretty much towing as much as you know like a semi truck it’s craziness um but aside from that we have to give this a score so for a 3500 series dolly truck because this looks the best in my opinion exterior

Wise has really nice interior tons of features super capable towing we know that this cummins is super reliable and the new icin has been proven at this point to be really reliable transmission i’m going to give this one a 10 out of 10 for this segment this is the truck to get it’s not as quick as the ford or the chevy right with that duramax and with the power

Struct those things will break the tires loose and they’re fun and fast but towing is all about torque and this thing is a torque monster and you guys can see it just so it just punches like crazy so yeah you don’t get the fast fun acceleration you get with the chevy and with the ford but you get you know guaranteed reliability at this point really nice truck

Looks great and so yeah this one is the segment leader right now now let’s get something’s up for our video on this 2022 ram 3500 laramie dually again a huge shout out thank you to the large miller dodge ram here in provo for giving me some time with this dooley check out their intern link below i’ll see all of you in the next video

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2022 Ram 3500 Laramie Dually: Does It Feel More Powerful With The Power Increase? By Ben Hardy

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