2022 ram 1500 classic express re
Altair Club Cars 2022 RAM 1500 CLASSIC EXPRESS REGULAR CAB *Full Review* | Should You Even Buy This?

2022 RAM 1500 CLASSIC EXPRESS REGULAR CAB *Full Review* | Should You Even Buy This?

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What’s going on everybody jason here and today i’ve got this 2022 ram 1500 classic express in the regular cab right before we jump into this ram 1500 express if you guys are enjoying these types of videos please be sure to hit the subscribe button and hit the like button as it does help out the channel and it also helps with the youtube algorithm with that being said

Let’s jump right into this 2022 ram 1500 classic express in the regular cab and see what it’s all about when it comes to the regular cab classics there’s three different trims that you can get when it comes to this you can either get the tradesman express which you’re looking at right now or the slt each of those own trims will have their unique standard features

And when it comes to the standard safety features if you just get the regular tradesman you’re not gonna get any standard safety features but if you do end up going for the express this is gonna give you your park sense rear park assist system starting in the front of this express now like i was mentioning if you just go with the regular tradesman which this is

Actually option off of then you’re gonna end up getting just your black front and rear bumpers but if you end up picking the express package then obviously your truck will look like this where you’re gonna get your body color front and rear bumpers you’re also gonna get fog lights in the front as well and as for your grill you are gonna have a body color grill

With this honeycomb insert as for the headlights these are standard whether you get the express or not and they’re just your quad lens halogen headlamps now coming over to the side of the express this truck does have quite a few upgraded options starting off with the side mirrors because this truck has the available power and remote entry group your side mirrors

Will be power side mirrors and they’re also be heated like the group name mentioned you’re also gonna get your remote keyless entry and then you’ve got your typical badging on the side in chrome as for the wheels these are the upgraded wheels because let’s say you don’t get the express package then you’re only going to get the 17-inch steel wheels and with the

Express package those will become your 17-inch aluminum wheels but because this truck has the available wheel and sound group option these will become your 20-inch aluminum wheels this truck also has your upgraded rear axle ratio of 3.92 because standard with these trucks is just the 3.21 another available option that this truck has is the anti-spin differential

Rear axle and you’ll notice on the bed this truck also has the available ram box system so as you see once you open it up you’ve got a ton of room in here and it’s very useful especially if you have tools and whatnot coming over to the rear of the express like i was mentioning in the front you have your rear body color bumper and then you have your sensors built

In as well you’ve also got your dual chrome exhaust tips and then in the center you do have your available option that this truck has which is your hitch right above that you’ve got your wiring plugs and whatnot for your trailer needs and on the tailgate itself it’s actually pretty clean you’ve just got your ram logo and your 4×4 logo in chrome as for your rear

Taillights and these are just your standard non-led tail lights opening up the tailgate you’ll notice that this truck has the spray and bed liner now typically it will not come with this standard but you can get it as an available option and some other features and that you’ll get back here with the ram box system is this bed cargo divider you’ve also got your led

Bed lighting and your four adjustable tie down hooks as for the rear window typically this will just be one big fixed piece but you can get the available rear sliding window coming to the interior of the express because this truck is a regular cab this door will be massive as you see and you’ve got a ton more room over at the bottom you have your typical room that

You would have on any other truck you’ve got your speaker at the corner there this truck does have your standard six speaker system and some space in the center of the door you’ve also got an extra area of storage over on the left side of the door and then up top you’ve got your typical window controls these will also be part of your power and remote entry group

Because typically they are not power windows and the same thing goes for your power locks and your side mirror controls you also notice a lot of aluminum trim pieces in the interior by your door handle you also have some vinyl trim as well now this is considered your premium vinyl door trim because it is a part of your power and remote entry group typically with

The regular cab standard you’ll just get your hd vinyl trim seats but this truck does have the wheel and sound group which is going to give you your cloth seats so if you’re looking for just a basic work truck then i wouldn’t even get this option also with these seats you can get them in two different variations for the claw seating either the black on black or

The black with diesel gray but if you stick with just the standard hd vinyl seats then you can only get the one option which is your black with diesel gray and as for the center seat you can obviously have it up if you have the extra person in the front or you can use it as a hand rest and fold it down you also have your three cup holders up top which will be with

Your wheel and sound group plus you’ve got a little bit more storage area on top of the center seat so if you go ahead and open it up you have a decent amount of room to put small little items and whatnot plus you’ve also got usb ports inside with this being a regular cab behind your front seats you do have some extra room and some code hooks and whatnot plus you

Have this nice plastic storage area at the bottom so you can even have additional storage at the back underneath nothing too crazy just your foot pedals you’ve got your parking brake as well and the parking brake release and in the center you have your hood latch release above all that you’ve got your typical lighting controls and then your dimmer as well as for

The steering wheel this is a manual adjustable steering wheel and once you go ahead and enter into the express your whole dashboard is covered in plastic and as for the center gauge cluster it’s a pretty basic setup you do have a small little screen in the center which you can kind of have other options in front of you and that’s pretty much it as for the steering

Wheel you’ve got it covered in vinyl and on the left side of the steering wheel you’ve got your typical controls for your center gauge cluster which you can go through different options like i’ve shown you and you’ve also got your bluetooth buttons over on the right side you’ve got your typical cruise control settings and your gear limit selector behind the steering

Wheel on the left side you have your standard controls for your windshield wiper high beams and your indicators and typically where you would have your center console you have this open area with some storage inside and you also have a 12-volt adapter and a usb port on the other side you’ve also got your typical rotary shifter along with your four-wheel drive lock

Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive low above your empty area you’ve only got just three buttons here you’ve got your traction control button tow haul mode and the button to turn off your rear sensors above that just your typical heating and cooling controls and then you’ve got your standard five inch screen now it’s a pretty basic screen here because you’ve only

Got your radio section media phone your compass settings and that’s pretty much it you can however upgrade this to the available 8.4 inch touchscreen which will be through your electronics convenience group above your screen you just got a small little storage area and further up you’ve got your typical rear view mirror while above that you’ve only got your interior

Dome lighting coming over to the passenger side in your glove department this is kind of the standard size that you get with the trucks so you do have some sort of space in there but if that does get full you do have a open storage area right above that as for the key fob very very standard the only thing you’ve got is your panic button unlock and your lock button

And behind that you’ve just got the ram lettering when it comes to what powers this truck this one has the 5.7 liter hemi v8 engine with fuel saver mds you can also get the v6 as well in this and this will pump out 395 horsepower with 410 foot pound of torque and in terms of toying with your regular cab this will all depend on how you spec out the truck the rear

Axle ratio and etc however this particular one because it has the upgraded 3.92 axle ratio and it has the v8 engine so you’ll be able to tow about 9000 pounds and have a maximum payload of about 1400 pounds and here is the window sticker for the 2022 ram 1500 classic express with the regular cab you’ve got your typical information about the truck followed by your

Standard equipment and then you have your optional equipment and as you can see like i mentioned this has a lot of optional equipment you’ve then got your pricing at the bottom this is in canadian dollars and minus any dealer discounts or manufacturing discounts if they’re being offered well that does it for this 2022 ram 1500 classic express with the regular cab

Let me know in the comments down below what you think of this do you love it or do you hate it

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2022 RAM 1500 CLASSIC EXPRESS REGULAR CAB! *Full Review* | Should You Even Buy This?! By Everything Car Reviews

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