2022 porsche taycan 4s cross tur
Altair Club Cars 2022 Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo

2022 Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo

The Taycan Cross Turismo boasts an enlarged rear luggage compartment and even more spacious interior with instantly recognisable design. A perfect blend of performance with everyday usability. Proudly introducing one of the best styled/specced example available…

We’re all talking about electric cars at the moment for me in my opinion this is the most up-to-date available sought after electric car on the market this is the porsche tycoon 4s cross turismo 4-wheel drive all-electric crossover vehicle it is incredible finished in jet black it’s got beautiful upgraded black leather inside and look at it it looks sensational

It’s got the glass roof and what i love about it the tie can for me is a little bit small inside where i just think with this being the cross turismo it gives you that more space more practicality and i just think this one just looks absolutely incredible it’s got the off-road design pack so that gives you all that extra styling the big splitters at the front

And that front splitter there which has been painted in jet black as well it’s done 300 miles what a car for a business owner if you want to put it through your business um as an all-electric car you get no benefit in kind if you want to put it through it’s got 21-inch new generation cross turismo wheels they’re finished in gloss black as well which just add to

The look to the chunkiness about the car and trust me you know we talk about other cars the tesla model x this is a porsche so it drives like a porsche the battery is is located so the car handles correctly it performs like a porsche but it’s all electric them wheels i love the wheels like i said 21 inch they’ve got little grooves little segments cut out of

Them you’ve then got the center cap with a porsche emblem there red calipers you’ve got them big sections which around the arches the big skirts privacy glass contrasting black roof rails and the back of it i just think with that beautiful led strip light this big look at the size of this rear diffuser with that under rear diffuser finished in black let me

Open the electric tailgate just to show you look at that so you’ve got great boot space the seats drop so if you need better access and that’s what makes the car more desirable as well in my opinion now the car is a five-seater so it’s got two in the front and it’s got the two plus one in the back and you’ve got that ambient lighting running through all the way

From the front all the way to the back as you would expect the cars are 22 it’s got three years posh warranty three years porsche assist performance i haven’t even spoke about that this car’s 507 brake horsepower not a 60 in 4.1 seconds it is a rocket it’s unbelievable a drive it’s four-wheel drive inside it’s stunning and i think with the exterior being black

You want black leather don’t you you’ve got memory seats you’ve got the digital display that is a huge option look at that so the digital display when i get in and and turn on all the entertainment system you’ll see that running across it’s got the sports chrono which is key look at the pedals they’ve been finished in silver that is and they can see now you’ve

Got that porsche display it’s all touch screen look at it so your music your system your radio everything can be done it just makes the car look really really modern and really up to date inside you’ve got heated seats i said about the sports corona so you’ve got your different driving modes sports bar plus individual glass roof inside porsche emblem on the back

Of the seat here it’s got all the extended charging cables and everything with it range you get well into the 200 ranges from a full charge as well and there’s a supercharger with it as well so you’ve got the the speed the charge a button here it’s got the heated steering wheel cruise control just a fantastic cat i just love that it’s roomy as well because in

My opinion that the tie can not the cross turismo was a little bit tight inside that’s what i love about this car on top of that it is hands down the best price car in the uk today so if you want to if you want one it’s available try and order one you might get one in two years time at a push we’ve got one it’s physical it’s priced to sell it’s got the spec it

Looks absolutely superb and it’s going to go live if you want to call me just move quick with this car because the the demand for stuff like this electric cars in general but porsche tycoon cross turismo in black with that specification you just can’t get we’ve got one it’s priced to sell call me thank you for watching

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2022 Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo By Acklam Car Centre

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