2022 porsche macan startup exhau
Altair Club Cars 2022 Porsche Macan Startup, Exhaust & In-Depth Tour

2022 Porsche Macan Startup, Exhaust & In-Depth Tour

Hey guys how’s it going today we’re gonna give you a full in-depth look at this 2022 porsche macan i’m gonna start it up give you some of the performance data and show you many of the unique features on the interior and the exterior this particular example is finished off in volcano gray metallic and this is a rust neck quarter c vehicle thanks to rust necklace

Porsche for letting me review this car it’s like brand new and without further ado let’s start it up and let it run newer styled porsche key fob the car’s locked right now and it does have keyless entry so the door opens without pushing beyond walk button which is nice to see this one has power adjustable driver seat it’s letter and it has a wide stitching on it

Let’s climb inside has your newer refreshed gauges and within the key nearby pushing my foot on the brake and this switch to start fires up just like that 261 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque close the door for window controls power mirror controls and power walks let’s put them down this particular example has a free spoke leather wrap steering wheel

As well as the eight speed automatic transmission pull this lever down you get a backup camera with adjustable guidance lines as well there’s an automatic parking brake i don’t know push this button for sport pops a little bit very very nice sounding this one has a dual zone automatic climate control as well as your newer porsche navigation system has bluetooth

Apple carplay and android auto very very nice vehicle sort of all the money this one does have your driver’s visor mirror and passenger it has lights as well as a rear view mirror and a sunroof except not really it doesn’t really move i don’t know how to move it yeah move it just like that and it is actually a panoramic moon roof which is always nice to see

And just like that i’m going to switch it opens and i think you push this for the sunroof push it down and then the sunroof opens a little bit just like that and push this to close now would give you an exhaust clip thank you this car also does come equipped with a bose audio system i think this is like the baseline higher trims of income with the burmester

Sound system but it sounds good trying to get an fm radio it only seems to go to media for some reason decent entertainment system quick sound you can even adjust it if you so like very nice adjustments and i’m so sad that this is going to get replaced by the av in 2024. so now let’s just do an exterior walk around turn on the headlights the fog lights and the

Hazards and so let’s climb outside and grab the key fob tube just because this car has full led headlights and turn signals they look very great as well as the daytime running lights they actually are very bright into the garage this car also has five spoke michelin pilots for all-season tires they are 265 40 or 21. as well as black porsche calipers as well as

Led turn signals on the mirrors as well body covered door handles a little bit of plastic accenting on the windows as well as a black accented spoiler and these led rewards they just make the car look amazing man like i swear this looks so good and that exhaust just makes it even better you have a dual outlet exhaust a little bit of plastic and it’s not a fully

Fake exhaust to get a little bit of plastic all around the vehicle overall very very very nice looking vehicle you have your antenna up top you also do get some lights on the turn signal as well as the cooling fan to keep the car cool now let’s hop onto the passenger seat i’m on the driver but we’ll hop on to the passenger now this one also has power disability

Accented in chrome the gold box actually does need to be on the car needs to be on for the glove box to open this is a 2022 porsche macan so it is basically brand new it only has like three thousand it normally has three thousand 358 miles brand new these buttons feel amazing like high quality auto you’re gonna have an off-road boat in this car pretty nice this

Car is a pretty good capability overall you also do get storage for at least one cup holder if not even and two drinks in here one one small sprite and one barred sprite as well as uh spot for like a small a couple of hershey’s bars very very nice you also do get freeway memory settings for the driver and for the passenger power windows of course and the rear as

Well as well as piano black accenting and a little bit of chrome all around the interior as well as your signature porsche clock very nice it works well and it really complements the car and makes it look more luxurious as well as you get two cup holders in the center easily enough for a medium-sized sprite and a quad or small center console and actually very

Heavy too very high quality obd2 scanner thing i don’t know what this is seems to be for wi-fi as well as two usb type-c ports i don’t really see any more type a’s and porsches but overall a vehicle i really do like these door handles were super high quality oh my god this car is amazing in your normal vinyl head liner grab handles the heart is so nice you

Also get a little bit of extra storage right over here climb into the second row this car has the seat is all the way back and there’s a ton of leg room but it’s enough for a decent sized trip where the seat is all the way back two usb type-c ports as well as an added bonus heated seats in the rear working when the ac is off doesn’t have to be on or something

Some reason interesting but the ac is bowling open this center console two more cup holders about the same size as the front scar also actually does come with white seat belts front and rear as well as two storage compartments very high quality leather this car is pretty new it still has this protective stuff in it seriously this person’s freaking amazing also

Same source in the rear you can easily put a decently sized water bottle in here it does a little dark getting dark outside right now but it’s holding the seats and open the trunk so there is no button where you just left the trunk you actually have to get the key fob and open it with the button which is kind of annoying because you have to grab your keys out

Every time that’s all you have to do is hold this button and the trunk will open it doesn’t reopen much further for some reason i don’t know how you do this oh come on is that sensing wait does it have like foot detection maybe there’s a release in the front or something so what about confusing oh well it’s a hug release huh where could it possibly be like

Seriously okay this doesn’t there we go and it’s a power operated trunk push on the driver’s seat you do get this cover right over here to hide your cargo as well as for this and you do get a spare tire with a bose so subwoofer in here spare tire has like the tiniest tires i’ve ever seen they’re so thin as low as the storage compartment for a decent sized boys

Chips bag i guess this is like an amazing view i guess it’s one of my dream cars seriously listen push this you just push it it’s doesn’t work you push it down and then it goes down it also has black accent badges even for a four cylinder this has exceeded my expectations i love these five spoke wheels they’re so great come on tonight again this has two-way

For the driver memory settings interestingly enough and free for the passenger foreign turn off all the lights and shut it down so newer porsches use this type of ignition thing it’s just permanently in the car older ones you had to use the key thing by itself now all you have to do is turn it like a regular porsche key fob and you could just walk out with the

Vehicle and climb away foreign nice clock sound and so if you liked my review consider like comment and subscribing hope to see you next time bye

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2022 Porsche Macan Startup, Exhaust & In-Depth Tour By 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

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