2022 porsche macan review perfor
Altair Club Cars 2022 Porsche Macan Review: Performance for a Price

2022 Porsche Macan Review: Performance for a Price

Are mild updates enough to keep the 2022 Macan current, and to justify its steep price?

Porsche first introduced this generation of macan way back in 2014 giving it tweaks here and there to keep it current but has that been enough to keep up with rivals from bmw mercedes-benz audi and alfa romeo what’s up folks i’m dave undercoupler editor-in-chief of autolist.com a sister company to cargurus the macan is a compact crossover and it’s been the baby brother

To the larger cayenne crossover since porsche introduced this six years ago in that time it’s given it some updates in 2019 and again for this 2022 model year trying to keep things current but just how current and are those updates enough to justify this version’s 85 000 price tag let’s go find out but before we go any further be sure to like and subscribe to this

Channel so you can get updates on all of our future videos so for 2022 there are three trim levels of the macan there’s the base then there’s the macan s which we’re testing today and then the makan gts and that actually replaces the makan turbo for 2023 another one will join the lineup and it’s makan t think of it as like a bass makan with a few more features added

To it while the biggest changes for 2022 happen inside the macon porsche did make some updates to the exterior the key change is the redesigned front bumper and clip you’ve got a larger opening here for the radiator and then back here you’ve got some active grille shutters sort of hidden behind this section for this model year porsche also added new wheel design

So now there’s a number that you can choose from our model has 21 inch spider design is what they’re calling them and they’re a 2 300 option so that’s kind of pricey but i really like the way they look at the back of the macan this bumper has also been redesigned for 2022. i like it and i really like the quad exhaust it really gives a hint as to this vehicle’s

Performance capabilities otherwise it kind of looks like the model year before it one thing i like is this horizontal light design that’s part of the 2019 updates but it gives the car a modern feel that really fits into the rest of the porsche lineup but what do you guys think does this design fit into the rest of the porsche lineup let us know in the comments

Below one last thing to note about the exterior back here is the button to open the hatch is really well hidden it’s so well hidden it actually took me i’m not even going to admit how long it took me to find it but guys it’s right here hidden underneath the windshield wiper push that and you’re good to go so my favorite upgrades for 2022 and the macan is power

More power for everyone the base model has a turbocharged four that gets more power this is the macan s which actually gets the previous version’s gts output so this is 375 horsepower 385 pound-feet of torque from a 2.9 liter turbocharged v6 that’s awesome it’ll do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and then what used to be the turbo is now the gts and that has 434 horsepower

405 pound-feet of torque regardless of which macan you choose all of them have a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and standard all-wheel drive so as i mentioned some of the biggest changes for 2022 happen inside the macon and the first thing you’re going to notice is this new screen this is a 10.9 inch touchscreen handles all the infotainment duties has wireless

Apple carplay wireless android auto and it’s really nicely set up it’s intuitive the screen is responsive to your touch everything is sort of set up where you would expect it to be and i like that other nice touches you have physical buttons for the volume and then to control the menus here i love that i hate it when it’s all just touch screen another thing that

I love is that the climate control is not part of this touch screen it’s getting more and more frustrating when automakers do that no everything is down here in the center console it’s nicely laid out you have physical buttons for the fan speed and for your temperature both for the driver and for the passenger and then these buttons down here have sort of a haptic

Sound when you touch them if you listen real carefully you probably can’t hear that but you do have that feedback so you know you’ve hit the button while you’re driving without taking your eyes off the road that’s a really nice touch one thing i don’t like is that this flat plastic actually reflects a lot of glare so if it’s overcast and you’re driving during the

Day it can be really hard to see some of these buttons even though they’re well illuminated right now so as i mentioned earlier our tester is an 85 thousand dollar macan s now this car starts at 65 grand so what do you get for that extra 20 well let me point out some options that this tester has for one it has a two thousand dollar leather package so you can see

We’ve got stitched leather here on the dashboard with contrast stitching you’ve got a leather wrapped steering wheel and then these seats these are really comfortable seats and this is bordeaux red which is what porsche calls it really nice color but not everyone likes red seats inside a car like this so what do you guys think yes or no to the red let us know in

The comments below finally the interior is really nicely laid out everything is where you would expect it it’s within easy reach but the one thing it doesn’t have going for it is storage space there’s not a lot of place to put anything you’ve got this sort of awkward storage compartment here a pair of cupholders and then a pretty small storage spot down here in the

Center console inside here you do have two usbc charging ports and a wireless charging station for your smartphone but don’t worry porsche charges extra for that wireless charging it’s 580 that should be free and here’s a fun little easter egg we just discovered underneath the pad in this little storage area is a hidden accessory charger so if you have one of the

Old school chargers for your phone or any other device there it is all right so here’s a quick tip don’t buy the macan if you need a lot of interior space certainly plenty of space up front but once you get in the back it gets a lot tighter now i’m 6’1 i’ve got the driver’s seat adjusted to where i would have it anyway so i’m basically sitting behind myself my toes

Have some room but my knees are definitely hitting the back of this seat my head will hit if i sit up really tall so it’s tight it’s cramped i could spend a little bit of time back here but for maybe long road trips you’re gonna get a little claustrophobic there are some nice amenities back here because ours has the optional package we do have the panoramic moon

Roof that opens things up quite a bit back here otherwise without it it’d feel pretty claustrophobic we also have heated seats back here again part of the optional package you have usbc charging ports down here a pair of those and your own climate control so there are some things to make life a little bit better back here one final note about the space back here

Don’t plan on having anyone really sit in the center seat that’s because you have this massive center tunnel down here there’s really nowhere for their legs to go if there’s someone sitting on either side of them in terms of the cargo area back here the macan is 53 cubic feet of space now that’s good but not great an audi q5 is about 54 cubic feet a bmw x3 has

Quite a bit more it’s like 63 cubic feet so you don’t have a ton of space back here again this is more of a sporty vehicle not one built around practicality there are a few nice practical features built in though you have a 12 volt outlet back here you’ve got the seats which are split 40 20 40 and those do fold flat and finally because our macan has the optional

Air suspension there is a button back here to lower the height of the car in case you’re loading in heavier items all right drive impressions is this the porsche of suvs yes absolutely emphatically this is one of the most fun crossovers you can drive that’s on the market today 375 horsepower in the macon s that’s new for 2022 more than enough it’ll do zero to 60

In 4.4 seconds but again it’s not just the straight-line speed it’s the handling now our test car has a couple different performance goodies that make that handling even better one is torque vectoring and then the second is an active air suspension and not only is that air suspension great at keeping the vehicle nice and level when you go through turns like this

Not a lot of body roll that’s amazing but the air suspension is great at also being supple it picks up all the little chatter irons that out in a really nice way but then over big bumps it’s also able to handle those so a great combination so if you are shopping for a macan i highly recommend the air suspension it really does wonders for the car’s handling and look

If you’re going to have a cookie if you’re going to get a performance oriented suv get one with the features that are really going to open it up and make it the best version that it can be another nice thing that i love about the way the macan handles is that you don’t have to be on twisty roads like this to enjoy it if you get this on the freeway this is one of

Those vehicles where you get it on the freeway you’re driving with traffic and you look down and suddenly you’re going 100 miles an hour and you had no idea it’s quiet it’s composed it’s serene i’ve had the good fortune of driving an older macan on the autobahn in germany and we we’re hitting speeds of 130 140 miles an hour and you would never even know this car

Is rock solid and you can really tell the porsche heritage you know the same guys engineering this are the ones engineering the 911 and the cayman another little handling tidbit that i love about the macan is the steering i’m getting a lot of really good feedback from the road you have a nice sense of where the car is and what it’s doing while you’re driving hard

Or just cruising on the freeway that’s really cool a lot of vehicles these days especially crossovers are losing that kind of tactile feedback so kudos to portion that front and finally brakes right what good is all this performance all this handling all this power if you can’t actually slow the car down good news is these are porsche brakes they’re dialed in they

Have a really nice feel to them as well so no worries on that front one thing i don’t love about driving the macan is the visibility it’s perfectly fine out the front of the vehicle but the side this b-pillar is really big really wide covers a lot of the road if you’re trying to change lanes i don’t love that and then this rear view mirror is really small it

Feels like one of the smallest i’ve seen in a car in a long time so it’s not great for seeing out the back so what does the makon compete against well that’s sort of a tricky question right are you shopping based on size are you shopping based on power or price so remember this is an 85 000 macan s that we’re testing to put that in perspective bmw’s x3m with

The competition package which is an option fully loaded is about 80 000 and that gets you a 500 horsepower engine 0 to 60 time in under 4 seconds and definitely more space in this car so the macan doesn’t quite beat it out in terms of price or size but performance i would still prefer this macan other competitors include the alfa romeo stelvio the jaguar f-pace

A mercedes glc maybe the amg version of that and even porsche zone cayenne which is larger but does start lower than this 85 000 price tag so how does the macan stack up against those well it’s smaller than all of those and it’s more fun to drive than all of those so if you don’t really care as much about space or practicality and you do care about performance

Having fun while driving this is your top choice one thing to note about the macan is if you’re into it if you’ve been considering getting one you don’t have many years left to get the gas version consider maybe 2023 is the last year you can do so why is that because the next generation of macan is going to be all electric so just keep that in mind standard safety

Features include front and rear park assist adaptive cruise control lane departure warnings and porsche’s hill control our test model had a lane change assist with blind spot monitoring as part of its premium package plus you can also add to the macan lane keep assist surround view camera and self-steering park assist all right there you have it our review of

The 2022 porsche macan s pros well it’s everything a porsche should be despite the fact that it’s a crossover it handles like a porsche sounds like a porsche we love that we also really like the interior upgrades porsche has made for 2022 and finally the styling inside and out it’s a great looking vehicle cons it’s expensive this is 85 000 as it sits right here a

Loaded gts model can hit 100 000 that’s a lot of money and a lot of the features that you would expect to be standard aren’t so that’s frustrating finally it’s not big so if cargo space is important to you or rear passenger space this might not be the best choice but overall if you’re looking for a crossover that puts performance and handling first this is your

Choice so for a review of this or anything else you’re shopping for be sure to check out cargurus.com and if you have a car to sell also check out cargurus.com for its sell my car feature where you can get top dollar for your used car and a truck comes right to your door to pick it up thanks for watching and be sure to like and subscribe to this channel so you’ll

Get alerts in all of our future videos we’ll see you out there you

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