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Altair Club Cars 2022 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT Quick Review // Urus…Who?

2022 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT Quick Review // Urus…Who?

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The 2022 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT ($214,780 in Canada starting, $190,150 in the US starting) is a 4.0 L twin turbo V8 SUV with 631 horsepower and 626 lb ft of torque. It has fairly subtle styling among the Cayenne lineup and a wicked-fast claimed 0-100 km/h time of just 3.3 seconds. Thomas and James are excited to see what Porsche have done with this platform, and are looking to see if it offers more than just straight line SUV speed. We hope you enjoy the episode. Subscribe!!

Welcome to extra throttle house i’m thomas i’m james this is the extra channel yep there’s another one that’s called just throttle house yes this is where we do things like this that we didn’t have time to do on the main channel lower production value more relaxed my fault i’m getting married yeah this is your fault otherwise there’d be like i don’t know some

Drifting with this can you drift this i don’t know probably not really it’s all-wheel drive it’s very wheel drive bias though this screams grip to me when i look at it i don’t know what this is yet oh right yeah go ahead so i’m not mad about doing an eth on this because i’ve been living with this this is the cayenne turbo gt yeah so it’s more insane than a turbo

Yeah because the gt is kind of like the gt3 vibe that extra nuttiness um it’s not cheap it’s not cheap yeah it starts at 200 000 canadian right this is spec to 229. it’s hundred thousand canadian starting 229 aspects oh my god um but but for that money yeah you’re getting a discount uras because this is yeah this is for the person that says i don’t want to be

That flash i don’t want a nervous okay and i’m not getting a g63 right because my instagram isn’t full of baseless motivational quotes and me looking handsome this is this is for the person that wants honestly the ultimate sleeper right this has set records everywhere it’s the suv champion of the nurburgring right now that might take yeah this is a pretty crazy

Neurogram time doesn’t yes 738 so it makes it quicker than i think a bugatti veyron that’s such a ridiculous and a cayman gt4 so that that’s the level at which this vehicle is operating and we are controversial i don’t normally claim that but are we we’re mccann naysayers yeah i know i don’t like the mccann very much i mean it’s good it does what it looks like

It should do it everyone else seems to think it exceeds that i think that reputation is reserved for the cayenne right i think this is the vehicle that that always blows us away and this being the turbo gt is in uh koopa spec the wing is just so silly that’s one of two yeah there’s a fixed wing it’s just so and then an active wing look at those wheels though no

The wheels are awesome absolutely part of the price is this color this is oak green metallic oh something you paid extra for this this is the 13 payment thousand dollars yeah yeah okay um i’ve looks like they forgot to turn up the saturation dial we we say super suvs become their best yeah when they’re at their most stupid yeah and they’re most stupid this is at

The most good okay and i should hate it but i love it interesting but you should drive it okay and i’ve never launched it so i’ve reserved that for you because this is capable of some serious times okay let’s do it i like the carbon fiber roof by the way that’s pretty neat it does look good all right okay in the beastly sleeper that is almost as powerful as an

Era 631 horsepower and one pound foot less than the urus one if you can’t tell me that’s porsche being naughty i mean like a hundred percent it’s not as powerful as the big one in our family yeah that’s right exactly oh yeah it’s nuts on top of a cayenne turbo we’ve got things that are quite special so it’s almost 100 horsepower more but on top of that it’s got a

Water-cooled uh all-wheel drive system as opposed to the air-cooled ones of the letter cayenne fancy um i i would say that in here it’s still very nice but it’s not at the level of the earth so there’s that and you’re in comfort mode right now so remember this is everything’s alcantara it is everything ceiling it’s nice to the touch oh it’s very good yeah i like

It i like a good album and these and you know what they’re well made yeah so it’s the whole car so all right there we go sport plus sport plus downshift that was the dampers in it so i haven’t done this watch yeah because allegedly it’s quicker than anuris it can on paper it sure is feels absurdly fast yes so okay all right here we go let me go to a uh we’re

Going to press sport response to get the best out of it right okay that’s downshifts it’s really eager calm down girl here we go that good sport response oh that’s not slow oh it’s got that titanium exhaust as well yeah so it’s very loud on the outside it’s very loud in here actually yeah but just just you’ll be yeah no this is ridiculous this is this is why

The the cayenne makes more sense than the macan because the macan feels like a compromised car yes this feels like a really good handling suv yeah well this is but this is the best of its like this is the most powerful cayenne so you get the eight-speed zf which is apparently re-tuned for the extra power well the straight line performance of this is ridiculous

Yeah it also has a really good noise you haven’t even hit a corner yet you haven’t even hit a corner while you well there’s something you know we’re in ontario james there ain’t that many of them a durango hellcat can do crazy straight line speed yes i can and f svr can do crazy noise yes where this extra hundred thousand dollars comes from oh that’s right that’s

A lot more money like this has the heart of a g63 and yet it turns in like in taikan and why doesn’t it have a why does it have a pdk though i think that’s just what the cayenne’s get because like i mean this is good but yeah it’s no it’s still fast yeah it doesn’t matter still the same people the the control of the body on this like this is a very uneven bit

Here the control is ridiculous we’re in the stiffest mode so i’ve been driving this around town even in the most comfort mode it is stiff but it doesn’t get discouraged the way that something like a dbx does and there’s no hits there’s no hits it’s just stiff you can take this faster than you think you can and i i’m the one in the passenger seat saying that oh

My god i did wasn’t even anywhere near the limit that’s ridiculous james and i was still slightly scared but it’s a 5 000 pound suv it just makes the corners not exist no it does the poor thing where it deletes the corners but that might you know for better or worse that might not be to your taste because it doesn’t make the corners are no longer exciting it just

Destroys them yes normally in like a 911 or something it just deletes the corner and it’s not fun at low speeds this is fun because it’s an suv right like like the x3m and the x5m competition those cars go around the corner really fast and handle very well and you’re like well yeah that makes sense because it’s like riding on wooden spokes right yeah the ride is

Atrocious but this is the damping sophistication i don’t know how they do it you know why i don’t like things like this why because it makes me realize that most other cars could be better if this didn’t exist did they put the money into these well you know no i just mean like if you get in any other suv it just you go look it’s just not as good it’s just not

As good and then if if this didn’t exist it would make me go those ones are like well this is turn around here this has got real steer as well okay so it’s even got a soft closed door so it’s got technically all the goodies what a turning circle oh my god yeah yeah there’s like a base to that up shift but you’ve got a double spoiler going on now so now you’re

A little bit of a douchebag and a little bit yeah okay the seats are comfortable they haven’t gone with race bucket seats no seats they’re well bolstered no yeah exactly like again what this does is it makes all other cars it makes you realize that all other cars could be better but it but it provides a conflict to our previous hypothesis of in order for a super

Suv to be good it has to be silly this is no longer silly those have just gone no we’re going to make it effing grey yeah we’re just going to make it work in all at respects yeah like usually like the in the scale of suvs super suvs work here this one works here yeah right like even i’m in sport mode right now the bodily insulation is good it’s not too stiff it’s

Just no this is ridiculous toronto is the great tester of all suspensions and see we weren’t even in danger that chipmunk is still alive still alive because of porsche because of how good the handling is porsche saves lives i can’t get over the turning and it’s it’s very rear biased you can see on the screen there actually yeah it’s showing your rear front so

It puts a lot of power to the front in order to when you really put it down yeah but this is a rear biased twin turbo v8 suv that corners like a cayman it doesn’t even feel that heavy around the corner no no it’s just ridiculous i walked away i drove away and i stopped and i texted everyone i know i said i texted my mum i said mum this is ridiculous and she said

I know i’ve been telling you to get a real job for years i said no the car the car is ridiculous i yeah i’m not sure that i can even like process how well they have dialed this thing in and it’s a discount to anuris and it’s not nearly as theatrical inside it’s it’s much more subdued it’s for the person i think that wants to who lives next door to someone with

A nervous and guess oh we got the uh that slowers thing eh yeah yeah exactly well no the thing about this and why this is very cool is that if you’re like a a dentist you can’t turn up to work in an urus right it’s ridiculous no one knows this this yeah you can turn up to work in this yeah when i picked this up it was sitting next to bass cayenne’s yeah and i

Had i remembered i was told oat green so i looked for the color that was all i had to go on yeah and then you see the wheels and then you see the spoiler and it’s it’s if you know you know yeah which is porsche’s favorite thing that’s their favorite thing right now yeah no this is an absolutely brilliant car i don’t really know if i can other than the price if i

Could even critique it it’s very comfortable the back seats are comfortable just sitting back there yeah harrison is six foot six he fits yeah in the coupe cayenne yeah do you need the turbo gt probably not the normal kite is pretty good but to be in here to see what they’re capable of no this is this is a shocking car yeah the only fault i can really give it you

Know assume you can live with a stiff ride like don’t get this if you’re 80. the only fault is the i’m not even finding a ride that’s stiff at all and like this isn’t an amazing road no but toronto downtown really test it okay okay but the the car like this should not have a start stop feature and the start stop feature in this because it’s so ridiculously highly

Tuned and powerful is really obvious and terrible really so every time but when you have carplay it takes up the whole screen apart from these buttons on the left so you can still quickly go yeah vehicle sports exhaust on and start stop off right and that’s i’ve been pressing that every time because i hate the start stop but yeah um yeah well i’m done because

I got nothing else to say i mean like usually i’ll find some issue that i have with it i’ve got nothing there’s a chipmunk on the side of the road they’re having a cigarette yeah oh thank god today i almost died hug his little chipmunk family and he’s gonna say portia what a guy there is no substitute you

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