2022 porsche 911 992 cabriolet r
Altair Club Cars 2022 Porsche 911 (992) Cabriolet Review Interior Exterior

2022 Porsche 911 (992) Cabriolet Review Interior Exterior

Hi everyone welcome back to shannon’s channel so as you can see for today we have the 2022 the porsche 911 cabriolet and in this video we are going to take a look of the interior and the exterior design so you can see the color of this car is all black you can see this beautiful uh matrix led headlights and we have this uh daytime running lights we have a

Crochet logo here of course and we can see this beautiful uh 20 inch rims and we can see we have no roof and i think this looks better than the coupe in my opinion also you can see this beautiful spoiler here the led tail lights crochet 911 so the engine in this car is a three liter you can get with a standard uh 385 horsepower or the s with a 450

Or the turbus which has around 650 horsepower and it’s so so quick so right now let’s go and uh close the roof and see how it looks so you can see now the roof is closed and it looks very good as with the roof up and we can see this massive uh spoiler here in the back very very beautiful design also we can get with a quad exhaust so right now let’s

Go and take a look of the interior of this car so you can see also in the inside is all black with the leather you can see this beautiful uh sport seats which are very supportive and very comfortable we have the logo here the 911 carrera so as you can see right now we are inside of the new 911 cabrera cabriolet and uh we can see this beautiful interior i

Really love this singing wheel with this solid metal ship battles we have the analog rug counter in the middle and we have two screens in the right and in the left which we can control with this buttons here you can change the view the g-force the tire pressure the oil temperature and stuff like that and this is the speedometer it’s very clear to read and

We have this new infotainment which you can control with a touchscreen you have for example the car settings the driving modes here beautiful also you can get with a sport chrono package that is in the option and the clock will be located there in the dash also the build quality like uh you expect from the porsche is very good here we have the center console

The gear lever which is very easy to use also the climate control we have this physical buttons and if you want to put the car in the manual here we have a button also we have little 911 here here we have controls for the roof to close and open also we have the heated seats you can get with us also with the ventilated seat here we have some storage you can

See the keys the electric handbrake and here we have little storage in the armors with two usb ports and sim card and sd card and i forget to mention you can see we have also the rear seats but they are very tight and here we have the glove box and uh we have one cup holder here for the passenger so it’s very very uh beautiful car and the driving position

Is very sporty because of course you sit very low and you feel the road in this car because we have the cruise control here and this car is a killer’s goal but we have here like a key integrated and that feels very solid beautiful you can see the map view there i am really really impressed with uh this uh new generation of uh 992 is very very beautiful car

Very high tech and it drives uh very very good and it’s so quick even if you go with a base model with a 385 horsepower also that is very very quick car so guys i hope you enjoyed this video about the new 911 cabriolet comment down below what do you think and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos to come and we’ll see you in the next one

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2022 Porsche 911 (992) Cabriolet Review Interior Exterior !! By Shend Riza Cars

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