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Altair Club Cars 2022 Nissan Sentra SV: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround and Review

2022 Nissan Sentra SV: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround and Review

👋 Today we check out the 2022 Nissan Sentra SV! This is more of an entry level sedan from Nissan, but offers a lot with the SV trim! The 2022 Nissan Sentra SV has a nice exterior design, and the badge in the grill is also part of the front sensor, so it’s nicely incorporated into that area! This Sentra SV model had the trunk lip spoiler to give it a sportier look as well! The interior is very nice for the price point this 2022 Nissan Sentra is at which is in the $20K range! The seats were nice cloth, and the infotainment system had a lot to offer! The rear seats were a bit snug, but do able for adults as this would be a practical daily driver to have back seat passengers as needed! This sedan had plenty of space in the trunk as well! The driving experience in the 2022 Nissan Sentra SV is what you would expect for this type of sedan, it was comfortable and smooth to drive. The CVT transmission was also smooth and this had plenty of power to get up and move! For a vehicle with the purpose of driving from point A to point B, it definitely provides you with all you need and nothing more. This Sentra didn’t have all the bells and whistles that some competitors might offer on higher level trims, but it’s a nice commuter car if you want more of the basics. For the money though, this is a great option!!

Hey everyone so today i’m down at flo nissan of statesville and we’re going to take a look at the 2022 nissan sentra sv so huge shout out to them for providing this car for me today make sure you guys check out their website all that info is down in the description this model here is finished off in white and has an msrp just over 23 thousand dollars so to start

Off today’s review we’re going to take a look at what powers this sentra underneath the hood you’ll find the 2-liter 4-cylinder this is paired with the cvt transmission and it pumps out 149 horsepower around 6000 rpm and 146 pound-feet of torque around 4000 rpm this is front-wheel drive it weighs in just over 3000 pounds it’ll do zero to sixty and eight seconds up

To its top speed of 120 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 12.4 gallons you can expect to see around 29 miles per gallon in the city and 39 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 106.8 inches its overall length is 182.7 it has a width of 71 and a half and a height of 56.9 inches as we work our way to the exterior now for the sentra let’s start off

Front and center with the nissan badge so you can see it’s a little bit darker that’s because this is actually a forward-facing sensor as well so it’s nicely incorporated into this grille you can see with the grille being black it’s a little bit hard to see so it’s really subtle and blends in nicely you’ll see there’s also some chrome that surrounds the lower

Section and the sides of the grille and it matches nicely with the corners of these headlights you’ll see we have really sleek headlights this does have halogen headlights the turn signals are in the inner corner and then right in the middle is the high beam but you’ll see there’s really nice lines coming down to the points on both sides there we have some more

Black trim on each side too and lines that come down the hood flow nicely to the upper section of the grille on both sides you can see that nice contoured line over on the driver’s side so you can see just how much of a dip that has definitely gives it a really nice look for the front of this vehicle and then as we work our way to the side you’ll see this has a

Set of 16 inch wheels they have a two-tone design to them you can see the body colored side mirrors black surrounds the upper section of the window trim we have a nice dark finish on the lower section and there’s really subtle lines that run down the side you can see one that goes from the headlight to just underneath the side mirror then we have another one over

The rear passenger handle and it goes all the way to the tail lights there’s also one in the lower section of the door there just to give it a really clean look and then last up in the rear you can see we have a trunk mounted spoiler along with the nissan badge this does have a backup camera all the parking sensors are nicely integrated right in the middle you can

See there’s more body colored in that lower diffuser and sentra is also spelled out at the base of the trunk there really neat for that font and then you can see of course we have the tail lights on both sides giving it a really nice design but now we’ll go ahead and take a look at the trunk you can use the button on the trunk lid itself or hold on this button and

You’ll see the trunk will go about halfway then you can open it up the rest of the way and you’ll see there’s a good amount of storage with the back seats up definitely plenty of room you can see it extends over on the driver’s side and on the passenger side so you can put an item sideways if you need to and then with those back seats down you can see there’s a

Lot more space making this a very usable sedan there’s also the spare tire up underneath the floor mat as well and it’s a very lightweight trunk so you can easily close it and as we move on to the back seats now you’ll see that the door panel has a really nice design to it there’s black leather on the armrest along with stitching a brush trim piece for the release

Handle there’s even a carbon fiber-like material trim piece surrounding the window control and then there’s also a little bit of storage space and a speaker down in the lower section but at five foot ten it’s time to work my way into the back seats here you’ll see i have the front seat set at my height so i have plenty of room for my feet and my legs and my head

Is just up against the headliner here but this is a pretty comfortable seat i could easily have two other people next to me back here right in the middle if you don’t have a middle seat passenger you have the armrest along with two cup holders there’s also a usb right in the middle so that way you can charge any electronics you have and there’s a little bit of

Storage space over on that passenger side seat but you can see we have plenty of room in the footwell here and plenty of visibility too out of these back seats and then also when you fold down these seats from this angle here you can see just how much more storage there is so that way you can utilize any of that space as needed and now as we hop out before we hop

Into the front seats now this vehicle does have remote start so if you look on the key fob we can lock this and then hold this upper button here and it will automatically start up so that is a really cool feature especially in the winter time and then if you do want to shut it off for whatever reason you can just hold on that button and then if i unlock it from

The key fob now we can move on to the interior and you’ll see the door panels finish off just like the rear where we have even more leather on this insert and stitching brush to trim on the release handle we have all the window controls along with lock and unlock and the side mirror adjustments and then even more storage down in the lower section you’ll see sentra

Is spelled out on the door sill and then we have really nice cloth seats you can see all the stitching along with the stripe and the inserts running down them just gives it a great design these are manual adjusting seats so we have that bar to slide them forwards and backwards we have recline and incline and then you also have the height adjustment with this bar

Right here but let’s go ahead and hop into it now we have a low door sill so it makes it easy to enter and exit we have the grab handle of course and now moving on to the steering wheel you’ll see it’s completely covered in solid black leather with more of that stitching running along the inside but now it’s time to start this up so we have that button located

Down in the center and with my foot on the brake we can bring this to life in looking at this gauge cluster you’ll see over on the left side is the attack and the engine temperature on the right side is the miles per hour and the fuel gauge and then right in the middle there’s an lcd screen where you can go through a lot of information using these controls over on

The left side of the steering wheel you’ll also notice too there’s volume and tuning for the radio along with a back button but currently you can see miles per hour if i scroll down you can see that along with an average and then we have a blank screen that you can look at if i scroll over one there’s fuel economy you can also pull up your tpms you can scroll down

And look at your different trip informations along with the speed limit sign so recognition for that you can also pull up the audio you have your forward collision along with your blind spot and your lane keeping assist and then we also have different settings that you can go into so you can go into your driver assistance go through all this different technology

So that way you can set it up as needed which is great to see and then you can also go down into the eco mode you can look at your clock different vehicle settings so you have a lot that you can go into and customize just depending on how you’d like to drive and what you’d like to see and then as we work our way over to the right side of the steering wheel you can

See cruise control along with the forward sensor we have voice commands and bluetooth there’s really nice trim on the lower section of the steering wheel too and then over on the left side way down below you can see the fuel cap release there’s also the trunk release the eco button and a dimmer switch for the gauges you’ll see there’s one air vent we have some more

Stitching and the carbon fiber like material surrounding the gauge cluster and then right in the middle we have the eight inch touchscreen system where you can see there’s presets running along the bottom we have phone so when you have that paired you’ll see that appear there’s also audio your different connections so you can go into bluetooth or your usb any apps

That you want to use you have info and different settings so you can go in and customize even more features just depending on what you’d like to see and on the home screen as well you can customize this so you can put up there what you’d like to see along with the clock you can also go all the way over look at your radio and others various settings like that power

And volume for the radio is on the left side tuning is on that right side you also have a dimmer switch so you can adjust that you have tuning for the radio as well you can go into your phone different camera settings too so it’s really nice to go through all that information you’ll see there are three air vents just underneath that all in a circular design gives

It a great look and then we even have heated seats and heated steering wheel so you have all those controls just above this lcd screen where you can see all of your climates so if i go ahead and turn on the fan speed we do have dual zones so you have driver and passenger you can sync these we have where you’d like the air to go along with the defrosters for front

And rear so it’s really nice to see that separated from the upper screen you’ll see there’s a lot of auxiliaries down below as well we have the 12 volt along with a usb usbc and an auxiliary port and a good place to put your phone or other smaller items that you can charge and then just behind the engine start stop button we have the shifter so if i put this all the

Way into reverse you’ll see the backup camera up here with the guidelines definitely gives you great graphics we have drive and then a low range gear as well and then over on the right side you’ll see even more of that carbon fiber-like trim surrounding both of these cup holders you’ll see brushed aluminum surrounding all this along with a little bit of storage we

Even have leather and stitching on the center armrest and you can see just how deep that compartment is providing you with a lot of space over on the passenger side you can see the glove box which will give you a lot more room if you need to use it and we’ll take one last look at these seats also up top we do have a sunglass holder which is very convenient and you

Can see the dome lights are just behind that all right so getting this 2022 nissan sentra out on the road this is the first time i’ve ever been behind the wheel of one and i really like this especially for the price point too you’re talking the mid 20 000 range and of course you can go up in higher trim levels this is more of a basic being the sv but even then it

Still has all the technology features you’re looking for we have the forward sensor blind spot you have some really nice materials on the inside as you’ve already seen in today’s video with all the leather and stitching we do have cloth seats but they are very nice they have a great two-tone design to them i think this is a really good vehicle for the price point

If you’re just looking for something to get you from point a to point b but it has everything that you need we even have this large screen here everything is laid out incredibly well this is definitely a great option to go with and i’ve put a few miles on it so far it’s driving incredibly smooth i really like that it’s very maneuverable so if you’re in parking lot

Situations which this car will be in a lot that was very tight in the turning so it could easily turn around now with this cvt transmission let’s give it a little bit of gas and we are up to speed just like that not doing anything crazy so it definitely has power to get up and move for the weight of it the horsepower is pretty adequate this is not a performance

Vehicle but it can definitely get up and move you know merge into traffic situations like that but i really like how this is driving it’s been very comfortable the suspension is absorbing all these bumps very well and as far as visibility goes for this vehicle looking over my right shoulder there the pillar in the back is not all that bulky so it’s really easy

To see in that direction same with my left side here i can see out of that back glass there so visibility even with the rear view mirror there you can easily see all around and of course you have that backup camera when you need to use that so this would be a great daily driver it’s very versatile in the fact that you can fold down the back seat so that is a plus

Especially for the size of this you can throw in larger items if you need to and then you do have plenty of room for backseat passengers and then i also wanted to mention again the eco button over on this left side you can use that if you want to save even more on your mpg it’s going to limit your throttle response just a little bit more this already gets pretty

Amazing mpg 29 in the city 39 on the highway so you’re already going to get a very fuel efficient vehicle but i think that’s going to wrap it up for my walk around review and test drive getting behind the wheel of this 2022 nissan sentra again for the price i think this is a great car i really don’t see anything that i don’t like about it we have leather on the

Steering wheel it’s just a very premium feeling interior especially for the money i think it’s a great daily driver if you’re looking for something in this price range and for the size of this vehicle but if you enjoyed today’s video give it a huge thumbs up definitely check out flo nissan of statesville i’ll have all that info down in the description and consider

Smashing that subscribe button if you’d like to stay up to date with our daily uploads and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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