2022 nissan rogue better than ex
Altair Club Cars 2022 Nissan Rogue Better Than Expected Off-Road

2022 Nissan Rogue Better Than Expected Off-Road

We take the 2022 Nissan Rogue Off-Road! Nissan continues to impress with each update on every vehicle. The 2022 Rogue is no exception. With a new 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged variable compression engine driveability has vastly improved.

Hello and welcome to engine adventures off-road review of this 2022 nissan rogue all right both cameras recording high speed off-road test we are in off-road mode you can see the power split here i’ll try and show that a time or two because this isn’t going to be that fast uh small sidewalls on the tires relatively small could be smaller and uh stiffer on-road

Suspension not a lot of ground clearance not going to be flying through this super fast so we are 15 miles an hour and hear the brush from the center of the road there but it’s almost now that it’s back to 50 50 but about a 60 40 split is what it seems to be to prefer a ction and then as you get down slower break but slower start to accelerate it goes to a 50

50 i said you pick up speed starts going towards the 64. so we are 20 miles an hour right now like i said you have to slow down for the bigger bumps right here is where we would often maybe leave the ground just a tiny bit not gonna do that in this thing but yeah 19 miles an hour it’s pretty smooth till we get to these and and even up at 18 we’re doing okay when

I drove out here i came out at 15 miles an hour but just to get a feel for it yeah 18 miles an hour i think is about right 20 is what we expect for an off-roader but this thing obviously not designed as an off-roader it has all-wheel drive for all weather conditions and at 18 i would say that’s adequate and i probably could have gone a little bit faster i’m just

A little nervous with this don’t want to damage anything so overall not bad i’m now in the sun so this might be a little bit of a pain with the glare but i’m going to the settings and there’s the vehicle dynamic control and you can turn it off from right there so that’s how you turn off your traction control and vehicle stability control and i believe they’re

Both on that same one so you can see right here and right there so it doesn’t have i know other nissan’s have had two different ones here one for traction control one for the vehicle stability control this one just is all of it at once here we are in normal mode and it starts with kind of a 70 30 power distribution as we get into the steeper part it switches to a

50 50 and that’s front to rear and it actually did pretty well it made this climb without a ton of effort i was about half throttle there and it was able to make it here in eco mode it required a little bit more throttle input power distribution was more 80 20 front to rear and it transitioned to maybe a 65-35 without ever going to a full 50 50 split at least

That i could tell and again i was able to make the climb didn’t have to go full throttle and yeah did a good job next up we have sport mode and this one required the least amount of throttle input it was actually a little bit jumpy and the power distribution stayed closer to 50 50. it was a 60 40 50 50 throughout the whole thing here in snow mode i did have to

Go full throttle and kept a near 50 50 split the whole time and like i said i had to go full throttle because it’s made for minimal slip on wet slick terrain so it’s not ideal for this situation but it was still able to do final drive mode is the off-road mode and this one was actually probably the one i would choose for doing off-roading it had a 50 50 power

Split and was very controlled on the throttle not too sensitive not too numb worked out great here i just left it in off-road mode turned off the sd and traction control and it was about the same honestly it maybe did a little bit better i wasn’t going full throttle didn’t feel the engine cutting the throttle but it was able to make this with ease things have

Changed quite a bit since i was last here and it is rough i can smell the cvt just a little bit it hasn’t given me any warnings and new vehicle 3000 miles that’s bound to happen so we are in off-road mode and i still have the vehicle dynamic control as nissan calls it off okay we’re in drive i’m just gonna leave it and drive i’m not gonna adjust anything there

And trying to hold the camera up here this hill is torn up we’ve had a lot of rainstorms recently i mean not a ton of water trying to keep you guys out of the glare actually on slightly easier line because it’s so tore up holy cow come on you’re like one inch from the top come on come on holy cow nissan rogue 1.5 liter variable compression engine for the

Win we’re gonna try that one more time i’m not changing any of the settings this i am locked in the first gear and there we go well not first gear but it was already in drive and i tried to put it and drive again switched it over to manual mode anyway i’m very impressed i was not expecting to make that climb it certainly struggled had a little bit of a rough

Spot but well done nissan that very nice okay we’ll go try it one more time like i said it’s tore up and i was nervous about bottoming out scraping the front air dam or whatever you want to call it there were a few things there i was a little bit worried that this thing would scrape and i didn’t scrape at all so made it through that one maybe i was lucky the

First time we’re gonna do it one more time like i said cvt i can smell it a little bit i don’t want to push this thing too hard i don’t want to damage anything of course it’s a media vehicle it needs to look nice for the next guy who gets it or or girl and i gotta flip around with a 35 point turn here so the the way the turbo comes on is a little bit of a pain

Too so between the variable compression and the turbo it’s like uh quite a bit of delay on the power when you’re at a stop or going really slow and then as you pick up speed obviously it’s much more responsive it’s just that initial getting it moving claw its way up okay so this first hole i don’t know how well you can see with the glare yeah you probably can’t

See it but anyway just over the hood right there that hole is like two and a half feet deep it’s pretty deep so i think we have to avoid that one and with the front and then we’ll see if we can drop the rear into it i’m gonna go slightly off right here so this is gonna be a really hard the front driver side and rear passenger side are in the air essentially

I figured it oh i let off the throttle too early anyway it figured it out full throttle come on come on a little bit of steel input oh man this is terrifying come on oh we were close i’m gonna give it a small rest right now for just 30 seconds let the cvt cool okay back on it keeps cutting out okay all right we couldn’t do it the second time i’m gonna back

Down hopefully we make it back down the hill foreign lots of plastic cladding and covers and stuff like that but nothing that’s really strong metal it is flat not a lot hangs down low and here at the rear we see the wet multi-plate clutch system that’s electronically controlled and that’s how it transfers power to the rear differential as needed thank you for

Watching engine adventures off-road review of this 2022 nissan rogue platinum all-wheel drive wow i can’t believe this thing made the steep hill climb that’s let’s go walk it real quick i’ll show you so i want to show you my line first of all there’s a pretty big rock there so i want to bring my rear tires close as i can to that so i minimize my break over angle at

The top kind of worked my way through it this rock’s too big for the front foot to climb it’s at like eight inches tall there so the front end would smash into that so you can see the the tire mark there i want to get as close to it as i can so the vehicle is kind of level but yeah these holes i mean that right there is basically waist height for me so i mean

That’s close to three feet tall and same with this other hole down here that’s about two feet deep right there and as you can see i straddled it kind of kept the vehicle even in there and then on the next time up i did this uh peel out mark whatever’s for me i did put the tire kind of in that hole and you can you can see it’s right in the shower right where i’m

Pointing anyway um so i did put it in some pretty hard articulation spots and as i said up here like i said this wheel did probably come off the ground a little bit the passenger side rear as i’m going up this but man again from here to that top of that rock that’s at least waist high maybe higher trail’s been hammered it’s a little bit rougher than in previous

Tests and this thing made it another spot right here again from there to where i’m standing is about my sternum three and a half feet or so it’s quite quite the climb that this uh little nissan rogue did and i was surprised it made it most crossovers would not make that most things without a low range transfer case are not going to make that climb anyway sorry

For the distraction there let’s go ahead and close this thing out thanks again for watching uh if you liked it be sure to hit subscribe ring the bell so you get notifications when we post new videos give me a thumbs up comment down below and let me know what vehicles you want to see if you like this testing there’s other testing you want to see let me know thanks again have a great day

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2022 Nissan Rogue Better Than Expected Off-Road! By Engine Adventures

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