2022 nissan murano vs 2022 nissa
Altair Club Cars 2022 Nissan Murano vs 2022 Nissan Rogue comparison

2022 Nissan Murano vs 2022 Nissan Rogue comparison

Hey my name is nico i wanted to show you today do a quick comparison between two nissan suvs nissan murano and nissan road um so two of them you know they’re kind of similar cds they both which you would call compact suv so a lot of people ask why there are two different cars so i’ll show you what the difference is though just from looking outside uh murano is

Longer it’s a sleeker looking car almost like a sporty style coupe it looks more like the older infinity suvs and another big difference so you get a little bit more room in the trunk but it’s just a different layout and we’ll talk more while we drive so for now i just want to show you the sizes of the cars and then we’re going to both of them we’ll take both of

Them on a quick drive so um pretty stylish interior again very similar to infinity’s you can see this design is similar to current or older infinity style nice room in the back pretty spacious and we’ll pop the trunk so a good size trunk this can be removed so you can see that the seeds is actually further forward so you have a lot of it’s actually has more

Volume in the trunk compared to the other one but as you can see it’s a like a sleeker design so there’s less uh hedgehog let’s look at the rogue we can just look at it from this side for now a little more square looking solar space in the back nice and comfortable and let’s pop the trunk not a good-sized trunk will be enough for a small family with two kids no

Problem just not as long as the other so what we’re going to do now we’ll take both of them around the block and we’ll talk inside the car about other differences let’s start with the murano all right so here’s the deal now when we end once we’re inside the car this is the older design this car did not change much in the last probably seven eight years so you

Can actually see it you know the design is different this is more like an old-school shifter but the big difference what you get with this car is you get the power in the engine this is the v6 so six cylinder um over 350 horsepower which is way more than the other car this is one of the last cars when you can get a affordable suv with this much power okay and i

Just wanted to take around the vlog just to show you there’s it’s it’s very responsive it’s very smooth in acceleration it has the same cvt transmission so you can probably see it it feels really nice it feels like like a sports car on acceleration it’s a very confident handling so more like a sport oriented suv between the power the design of the car that’s

These are the benefits the downsides like i said first of all you can see it’s a little bit outdated the mileage is definitely affected by the engine so it’s nowhere as good as on the road but if you like the styling it could be worth it and this power is pretty nice if you like you know fun driving you you get this with this car and i think the suv that was

The fj i think that was the model uh that infinity used to have they’re incredibly popular really good cars and this kind of reminds me of that car and styling in the shape of the car and even in performance so that’s basically it on this one and heading back just waiting for the light to change and then we’ll try the road and what you’ll see on the rogue very

Different design different shifter you’ll have the electronic brake that has more of the safety systems different displays both this one and the driver display and another big thing in the rogue is that uh that’s the three cylinder engine which sounds you know pretty small and but you get amazing gas mileage on that car so that’s what we have what else let’s see

We stuck a little bit on the light but we should be moving soon there we go and we’ll do one more acceleration no sports mode there’s just one load in this car one driving ball responds very well a little bit of police activity i hope that’s nothing slow in terms of the price it’s pretty comfortable um you you can get some of the options that come standard with

The rogue you might not get a standard in this one so there are some benefits for for the rogue again i probably will take you know if i had to choose one right now i would pick the rope but this is pretty fun to drive coming back i’m just gonna park this one and switch to the road all right this one all right so right away you can see very different layout

Different shifter on this trim you get the surround view on most levels starting from sv this is standard you also get standard adaptive cruise control just everything looks more modern more updated everything’s more of a driver oriented feel this is kind of like a cool layout with storage underneath this thing but now the challenge will be the power of this

Car so i drove it a few times people are happy with it it’s it’s okay for an economy suv again once you understand how much you’ll be saving on the gas if you drive a lot it’s definitely worth it but just to show you what you get in terms of power so it’s actually pretty good it’s um you know you don’t get the the numbers like the murano doesn’t look as cool but

Would be plenty for me and you you watching this side by side you can probably make your own judgment but that’s basically it that’s what i wanted to show you and uh again people were asking why there are two different suvs it looks like murano is being phased out uh this maybe next year will be the last ones rogue is here to stay but right now you do have the

Murano if that’s the car you like go for it this will be my choice but you know to each his own that’s it thanks for watching

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2022 Nissan Murano vs 2022 Nissan Rogue comparison By Mico Silver

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