2022 nissan murano review
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2022 Nissan Murano Review

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Welcome back youtube family to another castiles or reviews we’re here again our great friends at nissan kelly and look what i have here guys this is like the dream of all dreams i have the 2022 nissan murano midnight edition we’re gonna check it out the interior just came off the truck was waiting for an hour for this thing to get off the truck and i’m so lucky

That kelly nissan gives me the privilege to just review it right off the truck so stay tuned we’re gonna get into it quick tour yeah okay guys pan in let’s check out this engine ah look at that look at that hydraulic hood struts no prop rod no nothing what are we looking at it’s a 3.5 v6 kicking out 260 horsepower 200 foot-pounds of torque it’s paired with uh

Cvt x-tronic cvt beautiful engine nice i love it when they’re brand new guys this is great all right let’s keep going all right in this midnight edition everything’s led out guys daytime running lights high beams low beams you got your fog lights you got tail lights led and come around guys come on come on come on come with me in this bris chilly morning look at

This look at this we got yes led reverse lights signal lights everything’s led and because it’s midnight every all the emblems are blacked out down here exhaust tips beautiful beautiful and of course our sensors all the way around this has the safety shield the 360 safety shield that nissan’s famous for you want protection this car’s got it you want to talk

About midnight look at these beautiful alloy wheels 18 inch beautiful beautiful finish this is what i love about the midnights and look this is what i like about the muranos man not only do you have mud flaps in the back in the front you got mud flaps here so you know on those rainy and snowy days especially here in pa you won’t get all that sling on this beautiful

Paint job you know great car let’s take a look at the interior and of course excuse for the appearance because this just came off the truck like i said everything’s going to be plastic but i brought this down a little bit so you could see look at this nice beautiful leather nice stitching look at these seats nice and comfy look how soft that is castile pinch test

Look look beautiful you got 10-way power seats for the driver four-way power seats for the passenger let’s get inside oh yeah this is comfortable guys this is comfortable you want to talk about luxury on a budget this is luxurious to me the muranos have always had that distinct luxurious look everything’s nice pen in here look at this let’s turn it on look at

The sweeping needles ah i love that i love that got the eight inch infotainment system here nice cupholders heated seats let’s put it in reverse let’s take a look you got your trajectory all right guys you know what i like the glove box ready here we go i just love that let’s do that one more time oh yeah very nice look at all this padded leather here with

The stitching beautiful the arm rest very big inside guys no connections only connections are right here in front that’s all you need all right usbc usb and an info jack look at that all right and of course the nice arm rest i really don’t want to take this plastic but this is comfy let’s give it the castillo test oh yeah this is nicely padded guys oh yeah this

I could i could do with this i can deal with this i love this seats sorry i’ll give you a nice peek but they’re very very comfortable nasa inspired seats zero gravity seats right here these are really comfortable guys i mean you could go on long nice road trips with this all right let’s check out the back real quick hey hey we’re back look at these look at this

This is all nice everything’s nice and cushioned let’s give it a try you know me even though it came off the truck i want to be the first to use it nice look at this led lights guys led lights come on this is beautiful got your oh my god no handle here usbc usb nissan’s got you covered got your vents nice little storage there for your phone seats i mean look

Look at the padding on these seats guys this is great nice and comfy nice and comfy oh yeah i could do long trips with in here back here very comfortable very comfortable this seats all the way back by the way and look you still have six inches i could put my feet all the way in there very nice this is a nice one this is a nice one guys and it’s only a sv trim

Hey can you imagine the platinum ah let’s check out the back it’s all it’s not automatic okay you got to use a little bit of muscle but that’s fine for an sv that’s fine so look at all this space guys i mean this is incredible you got 32 0.1 cubic feet of space you put the second row down and you have 67 cubic feet of space this is great good space let’s check out

What’s underneath wow look at that full-size spare tire guys where else are you gonna get that where else you got these little donuts and sometimes other car makers don’t even give you a spare tires they give you the flat fix thing i don’t know i just can’t deal with that but anyway this is a great great car for the money you can’t go wrong midnight edition

This is beautiful this is really really a black gem i love it all right guys thank you for this other quick review of the 2022 nissan murano midnight edition i’ve always loved black vehicles with their colors and obviously it’s a pain to maintain them and pretty soon i’ll be doing my detailing videos because i’ve owned a lot of black cars and i’ve used the

Last coat with it there’s a link in the description below you’ll save 15 on any of their products all right guys thanks again for viewing the channel please like share and subscribe helps the channel tremendously once again i’ll see you in a couple weeks with another review see you soon you

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2022 Nissan Murano Review!! By C.A.R.

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