2022 nissan frontier prox would
Altair Club Cars 2022 Nissan Frontier ProX. Would you pay 0K for this???

2022 Nissan Frontier ProX. Would you pay 0K for this???

2022 Nissan Frontier

Hello and welcome my name is saeed and this is another core review today i have a 2022 nissan frontier pro x crew cab this is supposedly the next main competitor for the tacoma the only problem with this one it’s a four by two it’s a 3.8 liter v6 310 horsepower 281 pounds of torque paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission it’s got some really cool 17-inch alloy

Wheels which you can see here these are rated for all season and um off-roading but the thing is it’s a four by two i mean it’s got everything that you would want 360 camera even though 360 camera is really lacking these really cool step bars tonneau cover the bilstein shocks rear suspension stabilizer it’s got all of that but a 4×2 it’s the only problem it

Looks really sharp especially in this color what they call on this color here got my little cheat sheet here so i can see what color this is older gray the charcoal leather interior nice soft closed tailgate it’s got that folding hard tonneau cover spraying bed liner looks really good the truck looks really good as far as the way it drives i’m really not a fan

You gotta tow package there so you got the trailer hitch and harness we’ve got some cool mud guards there and wheel locks it looks really nice blind spot monitors in both the mirrors upgraded fender sound system oh you got bad audio which is nice bed lights um leather seating wireless charging pad heated steering wheel heated seats for driver and passenger your

Rear sensors dual climate zones a really nice infotainment system it’s a really large inflotainment system with the navigation but let me show you what i mean about the backup camera so it’s really not that clear of a backup camera it’s a nine inch colored touch screen display with apple carplay and android auto um you do have the home link as well so you have

Door one two and three nice cool moon roof the ability to call people if you need some help um but the the main thing is going to be the camera resolution is really bad and the fact that it doesn’t have 4×4 obviously right this one’s only got 2300 miles it is a sold unit um they are picking up today you do have the safety features right so you have the intelligent

Driver alert closure mitigation braking adaptive cruise control so on and so forth that’s all included hill start assist trailer sway controls um so there is some storage underneath the second row as well so that’s some cool stuff there um like i said lane departure blind spot monitor rear cross traffic rear sonar rear automatic braking high beam assist lots of

Stuff traffic sign recognition but the main thing is going to be the lack of off-roading capabilities with a 4×2 to the back seats they’re back here uh really cramped but whatever not so bad i got a little spider here it’s a manual window in the back you can still slide it though that’s pretty cool overall the truck looks really good i really like the way it

Looks especially in the prolex series only downfall it doesn’t really ride that great you got full led lights in the front let’s take a look at the engine compartment doesn’t ride that great it doesn’t ride that comfortable but none of these trucks do to be fair tacoma rides like crap so does a ranger we’re going back to automatic transmissions that’s a good

Thing then they’ve always had them in these though there it is 2022 nissan frontier pro x it’s retailing for 38.998 are you buying or selling let me know in the comments below thank you and have a good day

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2022 Nissan Frontier ProX. Would you pay $40K for this??? By another car review

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