2022 nissan armada platinum walk
Altair Club Cars 2022 Nissan Armada Platinum Walkaround | Newton Nissan of Gallatin

2022 Nissan Armada Platinum Walkaround | Newton Nissan of Gallatin

Join Collin Gervais in this walkaround of the 2022 Nissan Armada Platinum! Get an up-close look at features that make this model stand out.

Hi i’m colin gervais here with newton nissan in gallatin and i’ve got with me the all-new nissan armada now this is the platinum trim level which is the top of the line trim for the armada and does it come with a lot of great features and i’m really excited to show them to you now of course up front you’ll notice nissan signature v-motion grille they do have daytime

Running led lights turn signals or leds as well as well as your headlights and your brights and your fog lights leds everywhere nissan’s new emblem you get 22 inch alloy wheels they are gun metallic super nice so you’ve got the running boards kind of built into the side of the vehicle chrome door handles chrome accents around the windows you also have gray or

Go metallic roof rails to match your wheels nice touch now coming along to the back here led tail lights turn signals reverse lights you do have a protector for your bumper definitely helps with scratches when you’re loading things in and out power liftgate it can be open and close with your key fob as well now all the armadas are third row and you can see even

With this third row folded up you still do have a decent amount of cargo space now there are power you can control them individually and there are buttons even on the side of the consoles for the passengers when they’re sitting inside which is a nice touch but let’s go ahead and take a look at the inside of this vehicle all right so climbing into the second row

Of the all-new armada see there’s plenty of space with this platinum trim level it does have your rear dvds and they are adjustable which is nice you do have ports for hdmi and usb so that way you can plug in other sources so if you want to use a portable dvd player ipad iphone things like that and you can also stream which is a nice nice feature you do have

A nice big console lots of different compartments i did want to mention as well you do have wireless headphones and a wireless remote to control these dvds you’ve got heated seats for for the captain’s chairs here in the back and all of your climate controls for the second and third row passengers a nice little ad here as well if you press that there that pops

Backwards so that way the rear passengers have access to the center console so nissan has made a lot of nice additions to the all new armada one thing you’ll notice it does have the intelligent rear view mirror so just by flipping that switch it does act activate the camera in the back so that way it eliminates if you have any obstructions or anything like that in

The rear of the vehicle you do have a nice big wide screen display as you can see it is split screen you can configure that numerous amount of ways of course you’ve got your am fmx and radio now this does have wireless apple carplay which is a nice feature coming over to the steering wheel you can see you’ve got all of the controls bluetooth audio crews i do have

Pro pilot assist as well as intelligent crews and then you can control all of your audio and your information display heated and cooled seats you do have a heated steering wheel steering wheel is heated and then when you come down below here you’ve got this little handy compartment and then you’ve got your wireless charger very easy access thank you for taking

The time to learn more about the all-new armada you can see ones like these and the rest of our inventory as well as more information on our website please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have

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2022 Nissan Armada Platinum Walkaround | Newton Nissan of Gallatin By Newton Nissan of Gallatin

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