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Hello before we start make sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell to receive updates when we upload new videos nissan’s product transformation continues with urea a 100 electric crossover for a new era nissan today introduced the all-new nissan rear an electric crossover suv that lets customers travel up to approximately 300 miles per

Charge preliminary nissan estimate for long-range two-wheel drive model while enjoying greater driving excitement confidence comfort and connectivity representing the pinnacle of nissan’s technologies and design the 100 electric nissan maria debuted during a digital event in yokohama korea promises powerful acceleration and smooth quiet operation and advanced

Driver assistance and connectivity technology wrapped in a sophisticated yet simple exterior design with a spacious lounge-like interior nissan was the first automaker to introduce a mass-market electric vehicle with the nissan leaf in 2010 which has resulted in nearly 500 000 sales to date building on nissan’s strength as an ed pioneer the urea takes the powerful

Performance and capabilities of zero emission vehicles to the heart of the electric vehicle market the car’s all-electric drivetrain combines excellent power delivery charging capabilities and range customers can choose from multiple configurations to meet their individual needs these include two-wheel drive and new e4o rce all-wheel drive versions as well as two

Different battery sizes the all-wheel control system balances the powerful performance with a smooth comfortable ride and all weather capability the system’s twin electric motors provide balance a short handling with sports car level power nissan’s new strategy to get back on track and introduce 10 models in the next 20 months is in full swing after unveiling

The all-new road the time has come for another suv to break cover only this time it doesn’t have a combustion engine the road going area follows the namesake concept the struggling japanese mark introduced at the end of october 2019 during the tokyo motor show if you like the concepts or new styling you are likely going to be a fan of the production version since

It looks pretty much the same inside and out the avant-garde appearance represents a significant departure from the company’s otherwise aging design language nissan previewed this revamped look back in 2017 with the imx and it’s nice to see the design dna of the show car is alive and well in an suv you’ll actually be able to buy to broaden the urea’s appeal nissan

Has plans to sell the zero emissions suv with both two and all-wheel drive layouts with single or dual electric motors the two-wheel drive single motor variant will offer 215 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque whereas the all-wheel drive dual motor configurator will unlock a generous 389 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque in terms of performance the

All-wheel drive variant will need about seven and a half seconds to complete the zero to 62 miles per hour run before topping out at 99 miles per hour the fastest of them all with all-wheel drive and dual motors will do the sprint in 5.1 seconds and reach 124 miles per hour based on the estimation made by nissan the area will offer up to approximately 300 miles

Or 483 kilometers of range in the united states that number will be applicable for the long-range two-wheel drive variant with the 90 kilowatt-hour battery pack that has a usable capacity of 87 kilowatt hour there’s also going to be a smaller 65 kilowatt hour battery of which you’ll be able to use 63 kilowatt hour the added hardware of the dual motor all-wheel

Drive version will have an impact on practicality as the cargo volume will decrease from the 16.5 cubic feet of the two-wheel drive area to 14.6 cubic feet available exclusively with a two-row five-passenger layout the electric suv will come with a choice between 19 and 20 inch wheels featuring dual 12.3 inch displays and standard wireless apple carplay and

Android auto the area will also integrate alexa and offer support for over-the-air updates a first for a nissan it will also feature the company’s latest developments regarding safety systems with the pro pilot assist 2.0 offering hands-off driving under certain conditions the nissan area will initially go on sale in japan from mid-2021 before arriving in the

United states later that year with an estimated starting price of forty thousand dollars this ctps oh keep me uh ctp’s foreign i know ctps foreign yes uh thank you for watching and don’t forget to like subscribe and share this video subscribe to auto tv so

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