2022 mitsubishi outlander phev r
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Reveal

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Reveal


Mitsubishi outlander phev mitsubishi motors corporation mmc premiered online the fully redesigned plug-in hybrid electric vehicle phev model of the outlander crossover suv sales will commence in japan on december 16 2021 followed by australia and new zealand in the first half of 2022 and north america in the second half of 2022. the all-new phev model of mitsubishi’s

Flagship suv brings together its expertise in electrification and all-wheel control technologies while also incorporating a newly developed platform and an array of advanced technologies based on the product concept of ifudu due are authentic and majestic and japanese the all-new outlander phev shares the powerful ride roomy interior spaces and wide-ranging

Functionalities of an suv but adds smooth yet powerful acceleration capable all-wheel control technology and the environmentally conscious efficiency unique to an electric vehicle with low co2 emissions and environmental impact in terms of life cycle assessment the all-new outlander phev model can be considered the best solution for carbon neutrality today said to

Calcato president and chief executive officer mmc with their electrification technology that delivers an exhilarating eco-friendly ride plus all-wheel control technology for safety and peace of mind in any kind of weather and road conditions we are confident this new outlander can make driving even more enjoyable and fulfilling the outlander was initially released

In 2001 as mmc’s first crossover suv since then it has been rolled out globally over three generations and has become a core model in the company’s lineup comprising approximately 20 of the sales volume after the phev model was added to the previous generation in japan in 2013 it was sequentially launched in regions including europe oceania north america and asean

And has become a leader in the phev category with around 290 000 total units sold thus far product overview the all-new mitsubishi outlander phev model has been given significant upgrades all over focusing on the following three attributes new generation phev system that delivers more powerful road performance and greater driving range safe secure and comfortable

Driving in various weather and road conditions exterior with powerful presence and advanced high-class interior new generation phev system that delivers more powerful road performance and greater driving range to further enhance its appeal as an ev mmc has completely updated the outlander’s phev components extending ev driving range and enhancing acceleration

With an increase of around 40 in the output of the front and rear motors and drive battery the new model can keep driving in ev mode and avoid starting the engine as much as possible even when pressing hard on the accelerator delivering the smooth powerful and satisfying motor-based driving of high-output twin motor 4wd switching to a large capacity drive battery

With total capacity of 20 kilowatts kwh and raising the equivalent all-electric range to 87 kilometers kilometers in wltc mode has assured sufficient driving range even when using functions such as the air conditioner while at the same time helping to reduce the frequency of charging an increase in the capacity of the gas tank has also expanded the total possible

Range when combining ev driving with hybrid driving exterior with powerful presence and advanced high-class interior based on the bold expressions of functionality with which mmc has designed its suvs over the years the company developed the all-new outlander under its new design concept bold stride which expresses a bold fixating presence with a solid stance

And dependability for drivers to take a new step forward on the front mmc has evolved the dynamic shield for a new generation to create a front-end design with a sense of presence seen from the side the large diameter 20-inch wheels along with the muscular fender flares that house them combined with d-minus pillars inspired by the vertical tail of airplanes and

A floating roof to conjure an image of powerful yet crisp road performance the rear side of the all-new outlander features tailgate design comprised of a hexagon motif evoking the styling of classic off-road heritage models and the horizontally themed tail lights that extend to both edges create a styling that accentuates wideness and stability body color can

Be selected from a total of 10 colors including the vivid crystalline high brightness diamond color series red diamond white diamond and the new black diamond inside the horizontally sculpted instrument panel makes it easy to understand the position of the car while driving and expresses robustness and a feeling of spaciousness the center console is designed to

Project a broad high-class presence finely textured soft padding that is pleasing to the touch can be found all over the interior with stitching added for a high quality feel based on the mitsubishi touch approach the monitors and gauges are designed to be reassuringly easy to see while the selectors dials and switches are designed to provide a confident grip and

Operation resulting in a quality feel that appeals to the senses

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