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Altair Club Cars 2022 Mini Cooper S Hardtop: Should You Get The 4-Door?

2022 Mini Cooper S Hardtop: Should You Get The 4-Door?

I already had the pleasure to drive and review a 2022 Mini Cooper S Hardtop 2-Door, albeit on a traffic infested road… so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and drive the 4-Door on an open road!

Demonstrating that this car can certainly do a little bit of mobbing what is up guys today i am in a 2022 mini cooper hardtop four-door that’s eight doors but the four-door version of the mini cooper the classic small mini cooper hard top and uh pretty recently i was in the two-door version unfortunately i wasn’t feeling so great that day and i ended up taking

A route that caught me in a lot of traffic so i figured why not get out into a bit more of an open canyon situation and review the four-door version and kind of discuss my thoughts on the four-door i’ve uh in my personal life been openly against the four-door hard top but this car has slightly changed my mind after having spent some time with it so let’s get it

Out onto the road and let’s discuss even more so setting off here in the mini cooper hard top four door first things first i’m currently in sport mode which is one of three driving modes that you can find in any mini cooper you have green you have mid mode which is your standard mode and you have sport mode this car or this particular car does not have any sort

Of dynamic damper control ddc or anything so the main parameters changing when you put it into sport mode are you getting that heavier steering feel and you are getting a sharper throttle response i also want to get the engine specs right out of the way so just like the other two door hard top s that i drove this features the same single turbocharged two-liter

Four-cylinder engine producing 192 horsepower and 206 pound-feet of torque it’s sourced from bmw so it’s a fairly familiar engine and it’s paired to a dual clutch a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission and uh drives the front wheels because these small hard top models only come to front-wheel drive even 306 horsepower gp3 model still only front-wheel

Drive so uh those are the main parameters now i want to talk about a couple of the differences between this and that two-door you gain about a hundred pounds of weight moving into the four-door and on top of that you gain about six inches in total length but also three inches in wheelbase now i was surprised by the wheelbase i had always thought or assumed the

Wheelbases were the same length and they’re naturally not as i just mentioned so it’s a touch bit more smooth and a touch less rough or stiff i should say i mean it’s not less stiff but that tiny bit of added length makes it a touch smoother at higher speeds on the freeway then otherwise still not quite as smooth as say a clubman or a countryman we’ll get

Into that comparison a little later in the video now the width is the same the height is roughly the same maybe half an inch taller but all in the same relative spec and and you feel that you’re basically in a hard top um the seats feel like they’re a tiny bit further back and a little harder to reach than they were in the two-door and on top of that the trunk

Is a little bit larger again because that’s slight added length so those are a couple factors now what that really brings me to is why are you getting the four-door naturally people would say oh i’m getting it because of either added practicality or easier accessibility to the rear seats and um prior to driving this car i thought nah i would either just get a

Two-door and move up to a clubman which really gives you a bit of width length so on and so forth um but i get again i’m proving a little bit wrong those extra few inches really do count because you have a bit more trunk space i think you go from about eight cubic feet to 13 cubic feet which is i mean it’s a sizable difference at that point and on top of that rear

Seat legroom while not by any means fantastic and even worse than the already only adequate clubman is a bit better and they’ve somehow just messed with things and tweaked things i feel like for some reason the front seats don’t go as far down as they do in the two-door and maybe that has something to do with how they’ve managed to shift things around a little and

Give you a little more legroom in the back but the point is this does make more sense practicality-wise than i was expecting and i could see somebody wanting the go-kart fun feel of a hard top unparalleled in the rest of the lineup and still want a little practicality now here i’m demonstrating that this car can certainly do a little bit of mobbing not anything

Ridiculous but taking turns at a decent speed and that brings me to another fact which is that the four-door which was first introduced in 2017 only comes in a base and an s so this is basically a top of the line four-door hard top you can get while the tudor hardtop not only comes in that jcw john cooper works model but did as well last year come in that exclusive

Gp model which is like bonkers mini cooper status so this isn’t going to be quite as hardcore as a two-door especially if you’re comparing it to a jcw but the other good news is the price is basically the same as a s two-door so it’s about eight nine hundred bucks more starting to get into a four-door and this car is right around thirty three thirty four thousand

Bucks as equipped so you’re in the same range as that silver two-door now i just experienced a little understeer right there and that’s largely due to these 205 all-season tires they are not the absolute best tires for spirited driving i would certainly recommend somebody to swap them out for summer tires again with the two-door you can get the jcw that naturally

Does come with summer tires here you’d have to take this top of the line s and maybe i mean maybe there’s an option to get it with summer tires from the factory but i would certainly recommend swapping these all seasons yeah they’re they’re not helping the already present understeer right there where you know you have a front-wheel drive car not any sort of crazy

Diff there’s a better diff on the gps and i believe the jcw’s as well all the yeah all the jcws have a better diff so since you don’t get that in this car you’re going to want to at least put the better tires on and i’m assuming if ddc is even available on the four-door i would also tack that on and that at least will help stiffen the suspension up in sport mode

When you want to drive more aggressively as well as offering you the ability to put it down into comfort you want to drive a little more comfortably now i kind of brushed on the size and space on the inside and while i do believe there’s a tiny bit of added legroom at the very least easier access to the rear than there is in the two-door you still don’t get very

Fantastic uh cup holders storage and uh whatnot it’s basically the same as the two-door so let’s jump into a little tall boy test and see if this does any better than the two-door hit it doesn’t here you go let’s do a quick little launch control to achieve mini’s claimed 6.5 second zero to 60. not looking too good on this rough surface and there’s 60. that

Was definitely slower than 6.5 seconds bit of a rough start there a little bumpy the earlier part of the road but i can imagine this car with a better launch can do about a midsec mid 6 seconds 0 to 60. as minnie dust claims so you have okay performance what i noticed driving this car a little bit more extensively than i was able to drive that two-door is that

It reminds me again of those low power output cars that we all usually start driving when we’re younger it labors a lot more getting past about 75.85 in that range trying to push past that not that you should but it just doesn’t get to those crazy triple digit speeds as quickly or as easily as a six cylinder car or just a higher power output extremely strong out

Four cylinder that you’ll find in the likes of say an amg or other even vw products these days let me do one more launch to make good on my promise okay this was a little faster okay okay that was 60. i said that a half a second late it’s not too bad okay picks up gets to that 80 90 mile an hour area pretty easily that’s where it begins to labor going past that

Again how often are you going past about 80 or 90 on public roads now that is certainly not a huge downside especially when you consider the main benefit of this car is that small go-kart like feel that you still get by being a hard top and in that sense it does kind of tilt the line between the clubman which i think is the better looking as well as even more

Practical mini cooper option or mini option um but this gives you more of that small go-kart feel so give and take i think at the end of the day the looks and just the way this looks from the three quarter i mean from the front dead on from the back down on it looks fine it looks great in fact it looks the same as any face lifted mini cooper s this year would but

The three quarter from the side the back just looks so goofy and like tacked on um those doors look like they barely i don’t know they just squeezed these doors in and kind of made the back a little strangely angled it kind of reminds me of fiat 500 and it’s not my favorite or most pleasing design on any mini cooper so i feel like with that considered the clubman

Is better looking more attractive you know longer lower and wider and more practical i’d be hard-pressed to not go for a clement if i really need the practicality or then to still stick with that hard top two door that gives you the better looks and fun albeit a little bit less trunk space and a little bit less real seat legroom countryman’s are massive i still

Haven’t done a review on one i’m not a huge fan of them but i do want to drive either an s or a jcw i’ve never driven a jcw club in all four so i want to see what that’s all about um but yeah i’ve been reviewing a lot of mini coopers so i hope you guys are enjoying this content try to keep this one a little bit more quick and demonstrate some of the pros and cons

I was pleasantly surprised by the slight added practicality over the base as well as how this still keeps that go-kart like feel from the base alive at a decent price and in a pretty clean package here with a little bit of chrome accents uh in contrast to that two-door with the light color with the blacked-out accents so it’s a it’s a fun car i’m cool with it if

You guys want to see a couple more details about this facelift you can go over to that two-door video where i go into a bit more in depth and i explain the infotainment that has touch screen now and the slightly revised front end no more fog lights now you have those air vents on the side that feed air into the front wheel wells so a little different looking still

Very clean and still a pleasant car if you’re interested in a little quirky small hot hatch with all that said guys i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please consider subscribing like comment down below let me know you guys want to see i’ll do my best to make it happen and as always this is rio peace out

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2022 Mini Cooper S Hardtop: Should You Get The 4-Door? By Reoniz

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