2022 mercedes maybach s class eq
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes MAYBACH S Class & EQS – PRODUCTION Factory 56

2022 Mercedes MAYBACH S Class & EQS – PRODUCTION Factory 56

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So here at factory 56 this is the final station where the employees check the mercedes benz from the exterior and the interior so inside hello guys welcome to merge band’s king right here we have the all new generation mercedes maybach s-class i’ve got the key right here with the gorgeous maybach emblem in the front and it is still sealed in plastic because this

Car is brand new and with that i literally mean it just rolled out of the factory as well did this eqs and you might think how did mercedes-benz make it possible to have both electric and combustion engines vehicles in one factory factory 56 is a new factory built in two years it is fully flexible digital so in this video i will show you the complete process

Of how these cars the eqs the micbog and the regular s-class are being built from a to z before i head into the factory i have to slightly change my clothing and wear special protection boots let’s go and behind this door the journey starts let’s check out the mybach and eqs features so here it’s factory 56 this is the final station where the employees check

The mercedes-benz from the exterior and the interior so inside and that’s why they’re also wearing the gloves and the mask to be very clean and of course the front so let’s check the mercedes store if it is in position beautiful maybach and now let’s move over to this next flagship because as i mentioned before mercedes-benz is very proud to integrate a lot

Of models into one factory this is the first eq model here in factory 56 together with the s-claws and the magbuck s-class so let’s have a look here at the front and i will put on my other glove because this eq is very special it is the addition one the eqs and you can already notice some characteristics from the us based models this is going to be exported

To united states you can see that from the reflectors on the side typical characteristics for the us models a beautiful mercedes star and now it is time to make some space for the workers and i will show you the whole process of how this car is being assembled so let’s start with step one this is where the hyperscreen gets installed this is mercedes-benz best

Screen nowadays 1 meter and 41 centimeters so let’s have a look how these two mercedes-benz experts do the job so that the screen comes and it is very important to have all cables connected very precisely this needs to be done by two employees in a very precise way so guys make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content

Special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles it has a two-tone interior collar gorgeous with a large gap which is probably for the heads-up display with augmented reality the displays already put in place now only the last few screws let’s put them in place the last screw perfect cool so these are the small agvs these are actually very smart systems that

Transport objects all around this facility there are around 400 of these and this is currently empty you can see that this hyper screen is transported on this small agv but you can also see the atvs that carry the chassis for example of this mybach and also the aqs that is coming down and this complete hall is around 220 000 square meters so you can imagine

The extreme efficiency about how everything operates in this whole so right here behind me you can see how these agvs actually operate this one has the complete chassis on it and it moves it to the next station so right now we are the third section and right here you can see all the s-classes maybe s-class and the eqs in position in these turbines and this

Is actually the ergonomical part where you can see it is very convenient for the workers and the mercedes experts because the car is rotated and why it is turned in this way i will show you on the other side because this is the part where it gets very employer friendly and also sustainable so let’s have a look on the other side and let’s enjoy the moment where

You can see that the eqs is coming down curve it in a silver color and just check out how it goes down and eventually rotates and as i mentioned it is very handy to have the car turned over as you can see he’s working on the lower parts and on that the eqs you can see they are working on the upper part with all the scrolls and materials and by the way this

Is a gorgeous eqs in a silver color and i really like the one bow till i design amazing and especially amazing to see the aqs together with the f-class and the combustion engine vehicles fully electric and motors and in this row you can also notice a lot of monitors and this replaces all the paperwork so you can imagine it tapes around ten thousand kilograms

Of paper only in this factory in the end the hyperscreen together with the cockpit gets connected to the wall body so right here we have our eqs screen which is currently assembled into the chassis of the eqs check it out so and this is very precisely integrated into this eqs edition one so let’s see how they move it forward and how the steering wheel is

Put into place so before the powertrain of the eqs connects with the chassis it will be checked upon here you can see the battery full flat over the floor in between the wheelbase and this will eventually be connected with the chassis and this connection the marriage will take place on this line right there so right now we have reached a level where the powertrain

Connects with the chelsea as you can see the two mercedes-benz experts working on the last checks so that everything works smoothly it goes very slowly into position and very careful and behind me you can actually see the clock it says here 15 seconds left and in total they are 50 seconds to check the last features amazing they are 50 seconds for the final

Checks and here you can see the aqs being transported and now i might guess the steering wheel needs to be put in place as you can see right here and this eqs doesn’t have the hyper screen it has the s-plus portrait screen but still this is the eqs so this is the final level where we put in the mercedes store and this is a very important moment let me take my

Glove and you’ll check it out so guys thanks for watching mers bench king i hope you like this video with the factory 56 where the s-class maybe s-class and the eqs is developed and i will see you guys next time bye

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2022 Mercedes MAYBACH S Class & EQS – PRODUCTION Factory 56 By MercBenzKing

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