2022 mercedes eqs 580 night driv
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes EQS 580 | NIGHT Drive AMG FULL Review Interior Exterior

2022 Mercedes EQS 580 | NIGHT Drive AMG FULL Review Interior Exterior

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There’s also a screen on the passenger side it has a very high frequency it’s a beautiful hyper screen i’m increasing the temperature on the front passenger side to 23 degrees hello guys welcome to merge benz king this is the all new mercedes eqs and in today’s video we will take it for a night drive in under mod in switzerland so let me quickly show you the

Key because when you press the unlock button and press and hold it the door will actually automatically open and once you sit inside and hold the brake with your foot the door will automatically close beautiful ambient lighting and when i press the start button over here you can see it has a beautiful hyper screen 1 meters and 41 centimeters in length on the

Right side also a screen for the passenger area and beautiful curves with great visibility at the side mirror so let’s go outside there you can see it also has the automated doors when opening and i really love this brilliant white exterior color so guys before we move on make sure you follow me on instagram and the link is down below i have amazing content

Special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles so from the exterior story we will go over into the practicality and in particularly the trunk area so this is the eqs 580 test two engines let’s press mercedes store and yes there you can see an amazing amount of trunk space it looks way deeper than the s-class the volume capacity is around 600 liters and

Underneath you have storage area for your cables and you can also make the seat fold down so let’s press the button for everything to close including the cover and that will show you the rear seat there you can see a beautiful bash interior with dual panoramic roof there is even an extra infotainment system display you can see it holds at any position that you

Desire and there it also closes with soft closing doors the wheelbase is 3 meters and 21 which is very comparable to the s-class long-wheelbase and this all has to do with a new greenhouse you can actually see that it has been extended to the rear part and the front so the a and c pillar this is called the one bow design the only air that can come through is

On the lower part this means it has a great filter it keeps around 99.65 percent of all partials outside so let’s unlock it again check out the lights in the front and we will open the door because we will take it for a night drive let’s go mercedes store on the ground beautiful beige interior over here some storage space with a wireless charging pad for your

Phone and two cup holders there’s also a wireless charging pad down here put it into reverse there you have a full 360 degrees camera please proceed to the highlighted route so right now we are leaving the parking garage let me close the doors the windows there you can see it has a double layer very acoustic gloss beautiful interior in night just amazing and

Yes it has the rear axle steering so that means 10 degrees and then this rate here is just like an a-class in the city let me lower the volume test the capacitive buttons there’s also a screen on the passenger side so if you activate it you can press the navigation screen and then there is an extra layer of navigation that you can look at there is one on the

Passenger side as you can see the center console and also right here on the navigation part the gauges yes it also has the head-up display hey mercedes how can i help activate the head-up display i’m switching on the head-up display and there it is also the navigation part so in total four different ways to check your map hey mercedes how can i help it is warm

In here i’m reducing the temperature to 21 degrees hey mercedes how may i help you i’m cold i’m increasing the temperature to 24 degrees please increase the temperature for the passenger i’m increasing the temperature on the front passenger side to 23 degrees amazing hey mercedes how can i help navigate to goodheart tunnel here is what i found where do you

Want to go two i am calculating the route so right now we have the destination set to the gothard tunnel but this tunnel is actually way too large and too long for the night drive video so we will drive back to chatty under mod which is the hotel and now we can really enjoy this full interior design with the ambient lighting you can actually change the colors

By pressing the home button and then you have 64 different colors that you can choose from for example pink more orange light blue and of course darker blue there’s also a multi-color so you have different layers that are lit up and now we are approaching a tunnel and we can press the home button to select it back up to classic and this is a beautiful view

Driving like this so once we are out of the tunnel we will activate the high beam as you can see it is already lit up and if you only use the high beam by pressing or actually pulling the leather it has a very high frequency and this is new for the headlights of mercedes-benz so as we are now following the audi in front of us you will see how the lights will

Lit up around the aldi and it won’t touch it beautiful check out the audio over there you can see it is completely black so guys thanks for watching merge benskin i hope you like this video with the eqs and the night drive and i hope to see you guys next time bye

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2022 Mercedes EQS 580 | NIGHT Drive AMG FULL Review Interior Exterior By MercBenzKing

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