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Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van Dually 170 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger

2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van Dually 170 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello i’m roger here mercedes-benz of scarborough in scarborough maine i’m doing a video today of this 2022 170 standard length 3500 dual rear wheel four-wheel drive pebble gray beautiful van this van you can notice right away has the led lighting which is very difficult to get also it has fog lights and then we have the safety sensors throughout the front bumper

It’s got the chrome grille which is really nice and we have some really nice features to go over with you on the inside of the van today as well we’ll come around here to the passenger side of the van so um we had the wheels painted black at the factory too so it didn’t come through with the silver wheels that normally they come with which is a really nice feature

And then in the cargo area so this one’s got the hardwood floor with the anti-slip coating on it very very user friendly so you don’t slip and fall when your feet are wet 14 feet 6 inches of floor space you have 70 inches from wall to wall 76 inches tall inside so a real tall gentleman or lady can stand right up in this van lots and lots of space and we’ll come

Back here to the back of the van so this van has the step for easy access in and out of the van also we have the safety sensors in the rear bumper as well and then it’s pre-wired for a trailer hit so yes you can add a trailer hitch the wiring is right here we tie it up out of the way so it’s not hanging down but you can put a trailer hitch you can also tow 7

500 pounds behind the 170 standard length 3500 dually now this fan has the 180 degree barn doors so they do latch in place at 90 degrees and then they’ll open up 180 degrees and the way the hinges are built it will lock in place so it won’t just hit you with the wind blowing we have a nice backup camera up here just above the third brake light and then as you

Can see too when the barn door is back here it’s got the rear windows and it has a rear window defroster so in the winter time you can defrost the windows uh nice and quickly so uh now we’re gonna hop on the inside of the van i’m gonna go over some nice features in there with you all right so we’re sitting here in the cab of the 2022 170 3500 dually pebble gray

Standard length sprinter van four-wheel drive right up here in the in the dash we have the wireless charging tray for your cell phone also we have apple carplay and it also will do android phones so you can get your apps on the nice big 10 and a quarter inch display screen right here the 10 and a quarter inch display screen was very very difficult to get this

Year we were able to get it in a few of our sprinter vans which is really nice and i’m going to display the backup camera for you in here so we have a really nice view right here behind the van and then also if you added a trailer hitch this yellow line right here you’re able to line your draw bar up very very easily which is a very nice option to have and then

We’ll go back here where we compare uh we compare two cell phones we have a beautiful navigation system right here too with this 10 and a quarter inch screen it’s just that it pops right out so you can see really well where you’re going you can actually blow the screen up quite a lot more you can also minimize it and then we have your radio right here so this has

The cirrus xm satellite radio which with uh when you purchase the new mercedes it’s free for six months after that you would have to sign up for a subscription and you have your fm and am this is also voice activated as well you have a media center right here so if you have music downloaded on your cell phone or another device you can pair it and play your music

We have a beautiful limb for information center right here it’s really cool is you get your fuel consumption you can keep track of your fuel economy this van is brand spanking new so there’s really hasn’t been anywhere yet but i have to go through a couple tanks of fuel it’ll give you an accurate reading for fuel economy has an app store and our vehicle settings

We have esp which is stability control keeps all four tires on the ground you have lane tracking assessed and parking assist and then your backup camera i displayed that already you have traffic sign assist as well which is really nice it’ll give you a visual of how the speed limits are in your area how fast you should be going active lane keeping assist it has

Active brake assist too so when you have your cruise control on um and you’re if you’re not really paying close attention when you’re coming up on a vehicle it’ll slow down on its own so you don’t run into the vehicle in front of you and then we have acoustic door locks you can set the door lock so the van will lock automatically when you leave the vehicle and

Then our systems you also can get wi-fi too you would have to subscribe to it but you can get a wi-fi hotspot with your bluetooth and then you can set your time and date right here which is not set in this vehicle so we’re gonna do that right now set it on automatic time zone so it’s 419 and then also on the steering wheel this one has the leather steering wheel

Very comfortable to the hands for driving and then you can control the mbux system here in your dash with your thumb there’s a little mouse pad you can answer your phone and hang it up on here as well as the volume control for your radio and then on the left hand side of the steering wheel you can set your cruise control and there’s a mouse pad here too so you

Can go through the same settings in your instrument panel as that’s on here just a very nice well-equipped van this sprinter also has the swivel seat package so you can swivel your seat right around very user friendly especially for the folks that want to outfit a sprinter van so if there’s anyone out there looking for a 4×4 3500 dually 170 please feel free to

Give me a call my name is roger my cell number is 207-838-0169 thank you so much

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van Dually 170 4×4 | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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