2022 mercedes benz sprinter carg
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F.

2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F.

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Hi tony phenol mercedes ben scarborough maine my cell is 978-764-1232 mercedes-benz 3500 heavy duty cargo 170 wheelbase high roof 4×4 with the six cylinder diesel engine this is obsidian black metallic looks very nice chrome three point to stock chrome tipped radiator grille front bumpers are painted to match the rest of the body color a nice step here to climb

Up onto the bumper to get into the engine compartment i see the poktronic sensors the high performance led tail uh headlights with the fog lights act as corner lights these continental winter tires are wrapped on these gloss black painted steel wheels looks very very nice she’s a beauty dualies in the back it’ll take about 4 500 pounds inside it and tow 7 500

Pounds behind it again the park tronic sensors in the back the rear doors open that fire it has the wood floor composite wood floor with the d-rings i see the led interior or led cargo lights i should say along with the standard cargo lights let’s get a view around this side black leatherette seats swivel the large mbux multimedia 10 and a quarter the largest

Screen you can get electric seats memory heated seats power windows doors tilt telescoping steering wheel weather a leather steering wheel i should say weather it’s a leather steering wheel um it has the nice tray for wireless charging of your smartphone you can pair the phone to the face of the display a couple c drives there’s some 12 volt power right there these

Are outside air vents to drag in fresh air more cupholders more uh compartments to hide stuff so you have your 4×4 four-wheel low switches right here your temperature controls right here all this cool stuff up here that you can talk to it you can say hey mercedes to it um some more power c drive 115 volt electrical connection more power right here hand brake

For the swivel seats it drops like that you can swivel the seat right over it there’s controls for this side of the dash controls at the most for that side of the dash um your overhead control panel you can call for roadside assistance just press a button and you talk to someone the tow truck will show up you can press a button emergency vehicles ambulance will

Show right up sunglasses map lights dome light cargo lights there’s a nice spot for like a cb radio or a house or a workshop radio for the back of the vehicle and another slot right here for the same extra infotainment let’s get a look under the hood all right so you pull the release by your driver’s kick panel the prop rod six gallons uh def antifreeze goes

Right here fresh air intake filtered oil filter cover air cleaner cover the snorkel sucks air about this high you want to stay stay below rivers and streams that farm below your positive jump right here the negative the batteries under your feet it’s uh a glass mat battery maintenance free you’ll never go near it windshield washer fluid is really all you’re

Going to go under the hood for your brake floor goes here the power steering fills right here and the oil filter covers right here tony fennell 978-764-1232 call me you

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F. By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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