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Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F.

2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F.

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Hi tony fennell mercedes-benz of scarborough maine myself is 978-764-123253 it’s a 2022 mercedes-benz 2500 cargo 170 high top 4×4 graphite gray you can see the beautiful color in the chrome tipped grille three-pointed star there’s a nice step here to work under the hood poctronic sensors a nice view of this side the black gloss painted wheels with the michelin

Agilis ltx tires and again you can see the poktronic sensors back here and along the step it has a nice step the electrical is hanging out for a trailer hitch so the wiring is there once you put the trailer hitch on you can connect the wires to the hitch you can see the camera in the back here up top at the third brake light in the grids inside the rear glass

Heated rear glass and um these doors open up this far they detent straight off and they detent this far on the hinges you got some storage nets right here and you can see how spacious this is inside i’m over 510 so a six foot guy does not have to duck a lot of room in here the wood floor with 60 rings i just turned on the cargo lights and let’s get a view of

It over here so it’s beautiful looking along this side the door open black leatherette it’s a nice touch here for the armrest this is fully adjustable it has a large touchscreen we’ll get the camera up and in there let’s get a view of that screen so you can talk to it you can touch it you can use the mouse right here here’s the button for the rear heated glass

Your air conditioning controls the temperature controls are right here uh fan speed temperature really easy air conditioning face floor windshield hazard lights maximum heat up on the windshield recirculation button there’s some cheap buttons right here to operate this unit um it’s a push start so you have your four wheel drive switches down here your other

Controls on the other side um the overhead convenience center sun visors overhead package trays with handles and way up here here’s some storage areas and up here you can pair your phone to the face of this the c drives you can drop your phone right on a pad to wireless charge your phone and um you have some more storage down here all kinds of cup holders down

Here you have some 12-volt power a c drive um we’ll get a look under the hood all right the pull release is right there on the driver’s kick panel the secondary is right here to get the hood up your prop rod is right over here def six gallons goes right in here antifreeze right in here this takes the nice fresh air through the hood to you it’s filtered the engine

Air cleaner is filtered and sucks here right about here rivers and streams you want to keep lower than that your positive jumper spot is right here for the jumper cables here and the negatives here the batteries underneath your feet it’s a maintenance free battery never needs to go near it you’re going to be putting windshield washer fluid in here that’s about

It for you but brake fluid your top off right here the oil filter covers right here the power steering fillers right here the engine oil fill is right here it’s pretty simple tony fenell 978-764-1232 you

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 170 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F. By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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