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Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 144 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F.

2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 144 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F.

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Hi tony fenell mercedes-benz here in scarborough maine my cell’s 978-764-1232 want to show you this beautiful stock unit nt092032 it’s a 2022 m2ca4x so that’s a 2500 cargo 144 wheelbase 4×4 standard roof and this happens to be selenite gray you can see the beautiful solenoid gray metallic it’s got the clear coat paint job the three-pointed star in chrome the front

Camera so that means it has 360 degree camera the nice step to climb up and work under the hood poktronic sensors fog lights that act as cornering lights um this is a tough looking truck um we had it out in the dirt a little bit showing off the 4×4 you can see the beautiful gloss black wheels with the uh vienko winter tires you can run those 24 7. she’s beautiful

And this epoxy’s back here the step mercedes-benz hitch look at the mill on that seven prong round socket the rear camera up above at the third brake light it’s badge deletion it looks clean back here with the three-pointed stop um so you wouldn’t know it’s 4×4 it’s not showing off 2500 4×4 these doors open up 270 degrees they detent all the way back there and

Right here on the hinges like so and uh hardboard side paneling right here so i’m 5 10 or better and that’s how it’s you know for the guy that wants to get underneath and go to dunkin donuts low clearance for parking garages in the city the wood floor with 6 d rings you can strap the cargo down you can see the seats are turned around both seats swivel it has

The black leatherette let’s get a close look at that and i wonder if you could see the beautiful lights inside the led light strips on top of the standard the cargo light strips handle a climb in it has a long leg feature and uh you know you can swivel the seats right around um rest captain’s chairs with the headrest black leatherette lumbar support um a nice

Touch right here for your armrest heated seats power windows power door locks let’s get the camera up there it has a seven inch touchscreen so this screen you can talk to it you can say hey mercedes you can touch it you can use the mouse right here there’s some cheap buttons for the camera right here i’m gonna turn the key on maybe cheap buttons for the camera

Uh telephone nav radio truck stuff truck stuff poktronic you can turn it on and off the electronic stability program you can turn that on and off um so there’s a mouse pad that works this part of the dashboard uh the switches down here four by four high and low you got the the two wheel four wheel high button the low button the descent hill button downhill

Speed regulation yeah temperature controls fan speed air conditioning air delivery hazard maximum heat on the windshield re-circ button like so see what we have down here we have 115 volt socket down here another c drive another power outlet another power outlet right here um up here what do we have we have some nice storage you can pair your phone to the face

Of this there’s another c drive we have some cup holders and some more storage over here we have storage right here storage up above package trays the nice overhead console sunglasses sos roadside assistance flat tire tow need some diesel you run out of fuel let’s get the hood out up so i just pulled the release by the driver’s kick panel and the secondary to

Get the hood up is right here the prop rod like so def six gallons anti-freeze fresh air that’s filtered for you comes through the hood to you the air box gets fresh air from right about here the snorkel you want to keep it above the water line so you don’t hydro lock the engine going through rivers and puddles and streams windshield washer fluid brake fluid

The cover for the oil filter cartridge the power steering fill oil fill that’s about it tony fenell 978-764-1232 call me anytime you

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 144 4×4 | Video tour with Tony F. By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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