2022 mercedes benz glc 300 4mati
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe Review

2022 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe Review

Hi i’m julia welcome to julia lives today i’m going to show you this 2022 mercedes-benz glc coupe the sticker price of this 2022 mercedes-benz glc coupe is 53 650 it did not come equipped with the hands-free hatchback opener so normally the car would include a button on the bottom of the vehicle so that you can open the trunk if your hands are full but in this

Case due to supply chain issues that was not available for the car i also ordered the heated steering wheel that also was not available so they just gave me a credit for that the car includes three years of serious satellite free of charge and it also includes the mercedes me connect app i’ll show you the app in just a minute but with that app it will tell you if

The car is unlocked it will send a notification directly to your phone you can start the car from the app you can lock or unlock the car and you can look over all sorts of information about your vehicle right from your phone this vehicle comes with a five-year 50 000 mile warranty and they also said that the car needs to have the oil changed every 10 000 miles so

About once a year for someone who does light to moderate driving of course this mercedes requires premium gasoline and i found that i used about half a tank in a week when i filled up with the price of gas at about 4.65 it cost me forty six dollars oh hey mercedes how can i help could you turn on my heated seat i’m switching on the seat heating the car

Automatically knows who requested what so only my seat was heated and my passenger would have to ask for themselves or i could have asked for them this is the mercedes me connect app and this will let you know if your car is unlocked as i said before it makes locking yourself out impossible but it is a silent locking mechanism so you only have the mirrors going

Down and a little brief flash now here’s your touch screen control panel but you also have this mouse if you don’t want the fingerprints or you have these small squares on either side of the steering wheel that also control that touch screen here you’ll see the ambient lighting feature right in the middle so you can change these lights that illuminate your vehicle

At night to any color that you want i selected purple just to give you an idea of what it looks like but you could certainly pick white if you prefer that i also gave you a example of what the blue looks like and then you’ll also see green here in just a minute if you’re concerned about visibility through the hatchback you’ll find that the cameras on this

Vehicle are phenomenal the overhead view actually picks up water bottles to the right of my car in my garage you’ll see those right here don’t forget to hit that like button before you go it does something to the youtube algorithm so that more people will get to see this beautiful car and i always appreciate it when you subscribe right now i don’t control the

Ads on these videos youtube has all the management over that but if i get enough subscribers then i’ll actually get to place the ads where i think people would appreciate them the most the trunk opens by pushing the emblem on the back it’s a very spacious trunk you’ll also receive a collapsible storage basket for use with smaller items to keep those from rolling

Around in the back you’ll find that the gas tank also opens by pushing the side there are no buttons on the interior to open either the gas tank or the rear trunk the coupe body style is an upgrade on the standard glc a standard glc starts at about 43 000 and this will add about five thousand dollars to the sticker price but i think it’s worth it i think it

Looks amazing and i absolutely love this car

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2022 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe Review By Julia Lives

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