2022 mercedes benz amg eqs 53
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2022 Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53

For 2022, Mercedes Benz came to the market with an all electric vehicle that will definitely rival the other up level EV’s on the market. This 2022 EQS is the AMG53 version and it offers over 750hp on overboost and similar torque numbers throughout the seemingly endless power-band. The cabin is just divine to be in and the full glass dash offers a one of a kind look.

Welcome back to the channel folks welcome back to the channel bo biddle is that him speeding behind that big rig i don’t think so folks that noise means we’re close to the interstate which also means we’re at our friends of mercedes-benz of music city folks they are part of our team now and we will be coming down here on the regular basis to check out some of

The legit rides that they have available and today is no different right here in front of me if you’re not familiar this is mercedes at the electronic all electronic automobile definitely i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i’ll tell you one thing for sure that may pique your interest this one has overboost of 751 horsepower and 752 foot-pounds

Of torque that’s on over boost we’re on the regular i think it’s like 650 and 700 but so this thing has some legit power folks legit power some interesting looks the interior is crazy i cannot wait to show you how big the dash is and it’s all glass but we’ll do what we normally do we’ll show you all the key and then we’ll make our way in definitely a fancy key

If you’re asking me this is the mercedes new i don’t know this is not what all the other keys look like i do like it let’s open our rear hatch there it goes that thing goes up really tall i’m here to tell you i know that you can uh choose how high it goes in your settings or whatever so that is definitely the highest i think it can go they do have a couple

Little signage things back here that they had set up at our event but this is a good observation into our way to show you guys that plenty of stuff plenty of stuff will fit in the rear of this vehicle it’s a ton of room if you’re trying to compare this to a the other electric vehicles on the market i would say this probably has more rear hatch room than

Any of them really amazing and again it is an automatic lock which is nice or automatic i guess you kind of expect that for mercedes nowadays oh gotta hit the unlock button and as you just saw the door handles came out as soon as i did that i do like that this actually moves some of these other door handles don’t actually move you see how it’s moving there

It’s nice feels good and sturdy so we kind of peek our way in door cards really fancy uh it’s kind of this suede with red then you got this another black suede around really cool shape and design of this armrest it’s kind of like floating you’ll see there’s space here really nice to make our way in first things first i have not turned the car on and there’s

Ac pumping already that that is amazing folks i will accept that so armrest cup holders are in the armrest i think i don’t know how to work this thing that’s on me that’s not on them but anyways put that up i’m gonna hop in here to show you all how much room is in here again the car isn’t even on the car is not on and i can still feel the ac y’all probably

Hear it it is blasting uh i guess it’s an auto function and it’s coming from there it’s coming from my feet i can hear it crazy up there i like it i accept it mercedes you guys do make cool electronic things so dual roof it’s not a single panel roof it’s the dual roof which is cool to me uh plenty of the items here that get you all act up a couple vents the

Heads up display you can kind of see i’ll zoom in all the way up here look at that that whole piece from here all the way over to here that whole thing is glass and you can see it goes under and around i mean the whole thing now you can see as well there are screens built in on the right in the middle and the left but the whole thing to start out is glass

Uh really cool and as you can kind of see on the dash that may look dirty though it’s not dirty folks other than those fingerprints all those little things that look like specks of white something those are actually mercedes logos look at that steering wheel dude this thing is amazing all right i’m going to make my way in to the front i just kind of wanted to

Show you guys these cool little lights sitting back here nice little led runners really fancy if you ask me uh let’s make our way into the front of the vehicle got this thing equus the amg they have multiple different versions of this this i think is the highest fastest one that i think it’s referenced as the amg 53 version of this vehicle uh now that seat

That seat is up so far i am not going to be able to get it to go there we go wow just looked at the dash this thing’s so cool we’ll make our way in there here’s our door card uh really nice again multiple different texture or colors and textures this is like a really fine suede and this would be kind of like a less of a finer grain i don’t know really fancy

I love the look of these buttons here really nice uh all right enough for the jibber jabber let’s get in here and see this vehicle uh oh all right activate mercedes we’re gonna skip that here we are we’re welcomed you’ve got all of this i don’t even know where a start button is oh there it is it’s official folks we’ve started i dropped the key i’m gonna

To turn the fans down sorry i’m learning how to use this for the first time man there’s a lot of buttons to figure out so there’s there’s this there’s the logo stuff i was kind of talking about really sorry for the mass amount of noise but i cannot figure out how to get it to quiet down there we go there we go now you can actually like hear a stereo which i

Don’t want that either oh man all right okay we’re good we’re good sorry this it’s all alerting it’s all learning process so all right we’re in this whole thing is one crazy thing this is trying to ask me to do something i don’t want to do which is turn all this stuff off you can see that does come on a couple power jacks there’s a wireless charging pad

Under here uh dude i do not know how to stop this ac from turning itself into total crackhead it’s crazy but i clearly is trying to it’s trying to do some some high level cooling uh but all right so this all is very foreign to me so i’m just going to be bumbling and stumbling first things first can y’all see that heads up this way you can’t though there

You go look how cool that looks that honestly looks just like this it’s just on the heads heads-up display which is pretty crazy if you ask me that’s really probably the nicest heads-up display i have ever seen in my life this all looks really nice the steering wheel very functional i do like the shape and look of all these little things coming off you know

Here’s how you kind of control your comfort sport plus sport again all the different modes if you’re not familiar with modern cars they all have this stuff now i mean as a general theory but it’s cool you’ve got all your different settings set out you can kind of choose what you want it to be uh really really pretty cool and then you can also kind of mess

It around here as well very functional very very functional a lot of stuff see how i just kind of switched everything around to my own liking this car is like just straight straight out of the uh the i mean look at this this is just your cam one of your camera systems and this crazy i mean give me a break mercedes this is just one of the functions we can just

Start hitting these other ones you can see it’s just like every inch of the vehicle is completely covered it’s i mean over the top amount of stuff there if you ask me so you’ve got crazy amount of functionality inside this inside this vehicle you know it’s just so beautiful my eyes are just kind of stunned uh as i kind of look it over i don’t think i’ve ever

Seen a car that has a screen that goes so far across i mean it’s pretty amazing pretty amazing alright so i’m in here just pressing buttons uh this thing overall uh i would say this thing has so much tech in it it’s going to be kind of tough for any person to quickly jump in here and figure it all out um i do like the little mercedes logo there they kind

Of threw on there i mean from the inside of the vehicle this thing is stunning obviously honestly folks to me there’s a significant difference from the inside of this vehicle to the outside of this vehicle outside the outside looks interesting the inside is amazing uh i i don’t know i feel like mercedes could have made a prettier car on the outside uh they

Could not have done a better job on the interior this thing is over the top on the interior so if you’re interested in an all-electric vehicle our friends up here mercedes-benz of music city they have got four or five of these this is the highest spec that they have available there are a couple other ones that aren’t as crazy that uh crazy dash i was showing

You doesn’t carry over through the whole line of these you have to get the nicer ones to get that but if you’re interested this and you’re electric or you’re on the road of trying to be an electric person from the inside you’ll never see the outside right so which is to say it looks amazing from the inside if you can deal with what it looks like on the outside

They’ll make it look better i’m sure it’s just not as appealing as every other mercedes that they make so this is why i bring it up but shout out to mercedes-benz of music city for having us out we will be coming down here on the regular basis if you are interested in any of these rides available i mean look the lot’s full the lot is full of vehicles so if you’re

Interested in anything hit these guys up for about man beau biddle who could be hiding in that g g wagon 4×4 squared probably not though my name is man barber we will see you guys in the next

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