2022 mercedes amg gle 53 coupe r
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe Review Interior Exterior – Shend Riza Cars

2022 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe Review Interior Exterior – Shend Riza Cars

Hi everyone welcome back to the channel channel so as you can see for today video we have the mercedes-benz gla coupe 53 img so in this video we are going to take a look of the interior and the exterior so now we can start on the front you can see this beautiful grill from the for the img model this beautiful multi-beam led headlights and you can see of course

We have more sporty bumpers here in the front this one is all black in the exterior with the wheels as you can see we have the mg logo here the turbo 4 modded plus and we can see this beautiful 22 inch rims with uh red brake calipers which are huge and you can see the koopa silent look and we have the tinted rear windows the step here and the wheels are

So beautiful so the engine in this car is a three liter petrol engine inline six it is 435 horsepower also it sounds very good mg logo again gle 53 and we can see we have the quad exhaust and more sporty diffuser led taillights as we have a little spoiler here beautiful design guys let’s see about the in the trunk see it’s very roomy we have a spare

Tire beautiful electric tailgate this is a kilos go so you just need to have the key inside of your pocket see the ambient light and this carbon fiber trim heated seat in the back and you can see the interior is fitted with an apple leather combined with uh alcantara and you can see we have this beautiful red seat belt and of course we have the forza climate

Control the amg floor mats in the back and in the front you can see it’s very roomy inside so we have the panoramic sunroof which is quite big and we have a soft close close very gently so right now let’s go and check the interior you can see we have fully electric adjustable seats with a ventilated seat and heated side storage and you can see we have

The illuminated amg logo in the door shelves aluminum paddles and you can see the seats are very comfortable and very sporty so you can see right now we are inside of the new gla 53 copay img and we can see this beautiful mg steering wheel which i think is the best in the market we have this beautiful paddles behind the steering wheel and you can see we

Have little display here this is for the driving modes for example this is for a transmission or whatever you want the suspension the exhaust or to go in the manual img dynamics this is the driving modes sport sport plus comfort and individual and we can see this beautiful tv screen the mbux now is very good and you can control with this touchpad so it’s very

Easy also you can change the things styles and display see we have a sport for example classic but my favorite is this super sport this looks so good also we have the head up display i don’t know if you can see and also you can control with the touchpad the main screen the infotainment for example let’s go and change the ambient lights lighting see the

Color this system works so well guys energy performance you can see there the horsepower the torque and the consumption beautiful beautiful car guys and it’s very spacious side as we have alcantara in the headline and we have extended leather in the dash and look when i raise up the temperature will ambient light go in red here is cooled or heated the wire

Is charging here we have a touchpad which you can control the screen and you have very good feedback and you can use the touchscreen so you have lots of ways to control the infotainment you have air suspension the suspension control exhaust the traction control and this is to put the car coil manual seal the storage in the center very good and i can show you

Now with glovebox as you can get with a perfume layer it will smell very good inside the car this car is so beautiful inside the outside especially with that inside with this beautiful two screens and this same wheel is so so good so guys i hope you enjoyed this video about the new gla 53 img coupe comment down below what do you think about this car and don’t

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2022 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe Review Interior Exterior – Shend Riza Cars By Shend Riza Cars

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