2022 mercedes amg glb 35 review
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 Review: SECRET TALENTS REVEALED AFTER DARK


2022 Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 Review, Walkaround and Road Test

All digital instrument cluster hands-free control uh that screen up there now we can just do this the good old-fashioned way with our finger on the screen i’m justin prichard this is the mercedes amg glb 35 and in this video as a performance model the mercedes amg glb35 uses dramatic sights sounds and sensations to create a memorable experience for its audience

Namely an enthusiast driver looking to take in a show from behind the wheel as an amg product enthusiast drivers paid big bucks to get into this show and they’ve got high expectations for the performance they’ll be taking in how it sounds how it looks how it engages them and how it makes them feel as a crossover the glb35 also has to be sufficiently comfortable and

Accommodating when it’s time for your family vacation the daily commute or the drive to sunday brunch with your grandmother who probably doesn’t enjoy a good launch control start as much as you do so this low riding highly boosted sport ute sure has to wear a lot of hats so i’ve chosen three technologies in this machine as my favorites and let’s start with the first

Of those and check out some gear shifts this is the speed shift transmission a dual clutch 8-speed unit with paddle shift and launch control that’s capable of perfectly executed up shifts and downshifts in both directions with perfect rev matching and no axle drag it responds fast shifts gears even faster and all with no interruption and power flow from the 302

Horsepower turbo 4. here’s a closer look at what that’s like in action so for my second favorite technology in here and the one that i think is the most important relative to this test drive it’s the ride control suspension this is an adaptive suspension technology that lets the glb 35 read and respond to the road in real time sensors in each damper determine the

Current forces acting on the shocks with millisecond precision and trigger a continuous stream of changes to the damping force at each wheel in real time this optional technology is a must-have feature for drivers frequently traveling on rough road surfaces not only does it help tidy up the handling and stability by mitigating unwanted movements of the vehicle’s

Body over its wheels it also allows this high-performing suv with its low profile tires to turn in a much more laid back drive than the norm for an athletic sport ute on crumbling northern ontario back roads the result is more consistent passenger comfort over a wider range of surfaces my third favorite technology in here is one that i’ve shown you previously in

Past recent test drives of mercedes models it is the multi-beam led lighting system and here is a closer look as you’re watching this footage of the headlights keep in mind that the cameras i’m using don’t see as well in the dark as your naked eye so in real life what you’ll be seeing from the driver’s seat will look even more vivid and impressive this lighting

System has auto high beams that are highly on the ball and i noted no flashing from oncoming motorists they react precisely to their surroundings even if i did wish the high beams would re-engage more quickly at times once oncoming traffic had passed what i like the most about this lighting system is the color reach and range of the illumination i’ve got plenty of

Clean strain reducing light into tree lines and roadside culverts and on highways flanked by forests which are virtually all of them where i live i appreciate the ability of the high beams to penetrate the roadside tree line slightly for advanced warning of wandering wildlife reflective surfaces are engaged at an impressive distance too and it all helps support

That signature nighttime drive you get with a modern mercedes powerful lights up ahead while you sit back and relax in a cabin that’s dripping with colored light glossy finishes and beautiful displays the after dark drive in this machine complete with the strong visual character dialed into this cabin once the sun goes down is one of its most valuable assets let

Me show you some of the ways that you can customize the driving experience and the performance experience of this car and some of the interesting and unique little touches and features that help you to do it all digital instrument cluster up here and that flows right over here into this central display screen give you a quick look at the graphics here i’ll just

Punch in right up close you can see how clear and sharp that is and we do have a glossy screen but it does manage the glare very nicely this is also really easy on your eyes at night the colors are nice and vivid the animations look fantastic this is a convincingly high-end looking display set up here but let me show you how you customize it so we have these two

Little track pads here on the steering wheel that respond uh to the direction of our thumb or we can push in on them to click as well so there’s one here and there’s one over here on this side the one on the right hand side of the steering wheel lets you hands-free control that screen up there and that’s corresponding up there on the screen we can go back to the

Uh the home menu here if we want we can also do that from this track pad down on the bottom always nice to have options and of course if we want now we can just do this the good old-fashioned way with our finger on the screen what i’m more interested in is this little track pad here on the left which lets us control that instrument cluster so as i’m swiping left

And right on the trackpad here i’m changing which of those three instrument cluster segments i’m going to manipulate so the right the middle and the left just by manipulating this here clock audio selection trip computer driver computer and so on can come over into the middle here change what’s displayed in that segment tachometer if we like fuel consumption and

So on so this is really just allowing me to set up exactly what i want in terms of an instrument cluster and what i like is in the right segment here having the horsepower torque and boost display right there and i like a tachometer in the middle right where it belongs in a sports car and over on the left there speedometer and there are other ways we can change

This around too so when i go back to the home screen here i can scroll over into designs and displays and call up different themes depending on what i’d like so if you prefer the classic look of an instrument cluster like this there it is you’ll notice i still have my boost horsepower and torque display there but it’s changed for the new instrument cluster theme

Back to the home button here over into designs and displays click and this is the sport instrument display theme here just takes a moment to pop up and again we can reconfigure these individual dials to show us just about anything we like i’ll take the speedometer right there on the left tachometer on the right back out into that menu designs and displays this

Is the super sport display that we started with and this is the understated theme which if you just don’t want much visual clutter in your driving environment gives you as little information as possible so we can look nice and close there and see we’ve actually got a little color led screen embedded inside of this little control surface and so when i press this

Button i’m changing the damper settings from comfort to sport when i press this button i can turn the auto stop system on and off and there’s another display like that on this side display dial here and we’ll try and get in there so you can see without the glare there we go blue for comfort flick it over here we’ve got yellow for sport red for sport plus we’ve

Also got an individual mode here that we can customize like a preset and flick back one more time this way and that’s our slippery weather mode these are all referenced up here on the central display screen as you’re flipping through them you can also touch activate them from up here if you want just the same way pushing in on this gives us the individual mode

Referenced up here which we can customize inside of this menu by day look for gleaming metal trim and glossy displays and carefully crafted led backlit accents throughout on first impressions this interior is engaging from a glance and rewards further inspection of the various textures and materials used on key touch points those sleeper sport seats look fairly

Standard kit but exhibit deep soft bolstering once drivers get seated it’s the familiar hug of a sport bucket with under the radar looks that’ll easily get past that apprehensive significant other who’d rather you buy something a little more sensible the rear seat backs fold flatly with a quick tug on a release strap and there’s a pass through between the rear

Seats for your skis or snowboard too most should be able to manipulate those rear seat backs with one hand and little work they didn’t cause me any stress with everything folded down and that tall roof you’ve got plenty of flexibility if you’re a northern ontarian like me you’ve probably got a dog after all who else is going to protect you from squirrels when

You’re in the forest i found the cargo area setup of my tester ideal for my nine-year-old golden retriever ghost who could confidently jump both in and out thanks to a low load in height and rear cargo floor that’s flush with the lower edge of the cargo opening carpeted surfaces are easily cleaned of dog hair with a household vacuums roller brush too well thank

You for watching my name is justin pritchard don’t forget to hit that like button down below if you learned something new and until next time take care and drive safe bye

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2022 Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 Review: SECRET TALENTS REVEALED AFTER DARK! By Justin Pritchard

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