2022 mercedes amg cla 35 ripping
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 | Ripping & Tearing

2022 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 | Ripping & Tearing

This Sun Yellow Mercedes-AMG CLA35 puts out 302 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. It’s rough, rowdy and a whole lot of fun.

What’s up internet world and welcome back to channel today i bring you the cla 35 amg rhythms i’m excited to get the cla 35 here because we already reviewed the gla 45 which was awesome the thing ripped like crazy so what is the one step below it like in a car we’re about to find out one thing’s for sure it’s insulated but not that well insulated that it’s

Fairly loud in here now this is amplified this is fakie sound but but it’s a good fakey sound it’s not like a annoying fakie sound i’m trying to turn the volume down for the sound but i should just shift up a gear these cars really wake me up it just flies this dct shifts so fast it’s just very tossable look at this thing man it’s so good damn what an out of

The box car and the brakes are solid on center field is so good look at this look at that just watch my hand and watch the handling the only crazy part is this car is like bumble bee yellow so like everybody can see me so i’m like like check this out it’s the easiest car in the world to launch like i kid you not easiest car in the world to launch so i just this

Dynamic button here i simply just put into sport sport plus on the brake push the brake down push the throttle raise start release brake to start so easy on the throttle here on the brakes really good brakes it’s a very light tossable car on the throttle here so in the cla there are three versions there’s the non-amg that’s a cla 250 that does zero to 60 in five

And a half seconds and then there’s this the cla 35 amg and yes this does 0 to 60 in high full seconds and then the 45 you ask low fours so i’m gonna be honest when the cla first came out i wasn’t a huge fan it was a baby cls which was super popular at the time but i just felt like the quality wasn’t there it was really like plasticky and pieced together they had

The shape going but that was about it and then they spent some time and effort to understand what they can improve on and of course here we are a new and improved version so what does that look like well for starters it doesn’t look small anymore it’s a little bit wider it’s a little bit more aggressive on the front what they’ve done well is when i stand here and

Look down on it this looks like a totally different car than when i take two steps back and look at this monster grill now this grill is similar to the gle 450 reviewed it looks like a propeller if you look at it it’s propellingness now of course the 45 has a little bit more of a different front bumper including the panamericana grill but this one here is just the

Cla35 so it doesn’t have that it doesn’t have any venting it’s all plastic closed off on both sides even though this is turbocharged there is no venting you would think that at least one side would have some venting for the cooler to cool it down and you can’t buy any performance upgrades it’s just the way it is it does have a big monster three pointed star and yes

It does have some piano black on the bottom here and that’s about it so front end kind of the same as the other one no biggie so on the front here we have a four cylinder with 4matic so they’re all foamatic right here and the key is is that their front-wheel drive bias even though it has a 50-50 transfer of power it is primarily front-wheel drive because this is

A front-wheel drive architectural type car well how else do we counter that well you have a cool struck bar that i feel like nobody pays enough attention to this is a pretty cool amg strut bar amg there amg there i feel good in my belly let’s talk about the side so as we move along the side here you will see how the lighting is fully led with multi-beam lighting

From mercedes-benz now one of my biggest beefs about the side of this thing is the fact that these wheels always feel like they’re just not big enough even though you get them in 18s and 19s they’re just not offset wide enough they feel like they’re inward a little bit they need to go outward a little bit that’s my only complaint on the side of this thing yes a

Lot of people don’t like the way this looks but it is wider now and it feels more substantial visually now the other beef i have is the fact just like the bmw it has piano black right here gloss black should not be on rocker panels they should be above where the wheel is going to hit with rocks and gravel there is shiny black there gloss black here gloss black

Trim that i’m okay with but what i’m not okay with is the chrome on top of the handles why are you gonna gloss back everywhere and then chrome right there hello this has amg drive control which means it has damping suspension that has three different modes of course soft to extra hard and this thing has race mode that’s cool check out this mercedes-benz puddle

Light that’s awesome getting in and out you see the magical three-pointed star now here is where they made the difference it’s wider and that’s the key they made it appear wider when these things first came out they were really small and skinny the back looked really weird the side kind of looks weird still but they have made it wider but the back right here is

Wide and this looks like the gle 450 reviewed even as you pan down you will see this rear diffuser has four cuts it’s like not the bmw it has three it also has these black tips on this rear exhaust so let’s see how the exhaust sounds like now even this rear spoiler is twice as wide as the bmw and it flares upward it gives it that old generation c63 look now

Check what’s underneath there there is the camera hiding and also pops open the trunk that is from v-dub if you guys remember how much room do we have in terms of depth we have 43 inches that is definitely bigger than bmw bmw has a whopping 36 or three feet and as far as width you’ve got 39 but this is the weak spot right here the entry point you’ve got about

15 inches so you can’t have something that’s too high you can have them that’s wide and deep but just not too high let’s close this up and check out the back seat back seats is a cla 35 amg it’s very low very low but there are four seats and that’s how we win or am i lying there are five seats we’ve got a seat belt yes no climate control but there are events

There is a usbc no usbs but pretty funky cool interior like even these back headdress match the front it’s like a porsche gt3 rs or something something cool like it’s a full seat you guys see this pretty awesome and they have red stitching no red seat belts just black easy belts do we have cup holders one and two yes we win so i would say back here it’s just

For adults unlike the bmw you can only fit children so yes there’s space back here and it feels tight but not overly tight it feels a little bit plasticky not luxurious but again we’re on a sports car jump in the front club amg here we come look at this interior it’s like a race course and check out all this ambient lighting nobody nobody touches mercedes when

It comes to ambient lighting now if you’re an ambient lighting guy you love it if you think it’s one big fat gimmick then you probably won’t like this interior but it honestly looks like a club a night club not a day club a nightclub check out this steering wheel there’s so much what some people would call gizmos and fluff but i like it because this price point

It’s still expensive but it gives you all the luxury performance and features that one would want from a car despite all the gizmos the buyer of this car is going to want this this is what they want to see and yes you have the mercedes-benz user interface right here that was on the gle 450 that was a hundred grand and you get this awesome trim piece that looks to

Be from the gtr so there’s all those pieces they put together in this thing for about 55 grand plus options now we’re not going to take a deep dive in these 12.3 inch screens because we’ve done that before on pretty much all our other mercedes-benz videos so quickly talk about the important pieces like wireless charging it’s got two usbs right here in the glove

Box it does again obviously have two cup holders and you have race mode and that’s probably the most important part to know so what’s there not to like about it and that would be long distance runs this wouldn’t be the most comfortable car to take if you got another car or truck or suv or electric car take it because this thing is pretty rough it’s pretty loud

In here the suspension is pretty stiff even when you’re in comfort it’s still pretty stiff it’s smooth but you know it’s just not insulated well enough it doesn’t feel that quality piece that’s missing out of it but maybe it’s not missing maybe it’s just not there because why do you need it when this thing sounds like this inside but the case is unless you’re

Popping your hood to sit at a car show and show everybody your hand-built motor there’s not really a huge reason to buy the 45 unless of course you can get a deal on them then that’s a different story but not enough for me to be like here’s the extra 10 grand for a couple grand 100 hope that helps your decision as always don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching you

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