2022 mazda mx 5 rf miata in snow
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mazda MX-5 RF Miata in Snowflake White Pearl

2022 Mazda MX-5 RF Miata in Snowflake White Pearl

I am always wowed by the Mazda MX-5, and thankful for everyone we get in. There is something really special about these roadsters, and this Grand Touring RF is no different.

Hey i’m jonathan sewell sales at mitchell mazda on the boulevard in enterprise alabama and i’m standing with another just in 22 mx-5 miata and this is the rf gt and so we’re going to go inside we’re going to go outside we’re going to go all the way around and show you just how beautiful snowflake white pearl really is because it seems like it’s been a while let’s

Jump in let’s get started up front and of course the snowflake white pearl makes for a lot of white but i think that this is perhaps one of the best looking exterior colors you can get on the rf so we have the grill and the smile up front here of course the accent lights right up here and the sleek headlights which on the grand touring of course are adaptive and

They’re projector beam so you can see how they’re kind of designed pointed forward here and it kind of just gives you that aggressive look but also lights up your path as this is one of the lightest and dimensionally smallest vehicles on the road you want good visibility and of course uh mazda safety there’s no question about it it does have your iactive sense

Up here with smart brake support and pedestrian detection and this of course is a 50 50 weight balance on all miatas and the rf what can i say it’s just beautiful and i’m enjoying the we had a little bit of rain a little bit of storm yesterday you can hear the birds in the background i’m enjoying the sunlight on this beautiful snowflake white pearl and maybe

You can see if i don’t get the shadows in there maybe you can see a little bit of that pearl with the camera here so the gt of course is the aluminum or bright finish 17-inch alloy wheels and as we come along you’ve got down the side you’ve got a color keyed mirror cap also right in here in the corner your blind spot monitoring system which does also allow with

The sensor in the back for rear cross traffic of course advanced keyless entry so you can walk up and touch the button to unlock and then when you leave you can touch it to lock and we’ll step inside in just a minute if you notice with this rf top here it is all white and that signifies in today’s world you can walk up and know that that’s a or this is an automatic

Because the blacktop is part of that old gts package that is standard on the manual grand tourings which of course upgrade a little bit of the suspension and a limited slip rear differential but on the automatic as i mentioned there’s a lot of white of course you can wrap that in vinyl or whatever you want to do to break it up and make it look more uniform like

That gts package come around the back you have the same style with these lights here in the rear and then of course uh just a great styling of those rear tail rear taillights back up camera has good visibility especially in this rf and the roadsters in general with the soft top or the rf so you can have good visibility behind you especially in this lower area

Here where maybe lower items would be in your way or perhaps pedestrians as well unlike most of our mazdas this one just has a push release here for your fuel door and just like the mazda 3 and the cx-30 when you hit this lock button on the remote then it’s locked so a little extra safety there and as you uh see on this key fob design everything’s right here on

The side you can push and hold for the uh trunk release and of course holds up with shocks which is very nice this one had a little bit of accessories you’ll see when go inside it came with the all-weather mat so these are the carpet mats then you also have the first aid kit and this one also has the cargo mat back here just to protect it and the cargo net so

And there’s your sealant protection there for any type of pressure loss or flat tires so very convenient still pretty deep and you know can can get a good overnight bag or whatever the whatever you need to enjoy a little trip in your roadster as we continue around a couple of things that most people and i agree this shark fin antenna just kind of in the way for

The design and this right here for your regular radio but um you know we’re getting close to a new generation so we’ll see what they decide to do moving forward with that this one of course is the grand touring automatic so you add for those accessories add for the snowflake white pearl which is 395 brings the grand total to 37 270 and the automatic gets a combined

30 miles per gallon and 35 on the highway so not much difference again this is a lightweight vehicle and again all the white kind of stands out but i think it’s uh perhaps one of the best looking ones of course you know that black black top hand painted black top sure is special but let’s take a look under here at the power plant okay i love the layout here

You know it just fills up this cabin this two liter skyactiv g and you can see some other items here your clear fluid containers windshield washer you’ve got your coolant right here also your brake fluid you’ve got uh battery and your fuses up there of course this kind of integrates your air intake and air filter right up here in the center and this is a longitudinal

Design or layout because it is rear-wheel drive you have your abs module right back here out of the way so in the event of a collision up front you’ll still have those analog brakes working for you still has a great handling especially with the all-new kpc kinematic posture control which is really designed to relieve some of that body roll feeling as you’re

Making a tight turn there uh you know on the the inside wheels will kind of uh break that rear wheel to keep it from that uh that that weight change or that roll uh this of course is mated this one with a six-speed automatic and uh does have the same performance as all of our other automatic mazdas but match with this 181 horsepower it on this weight and size

Of a vehicle makes it really fun so let’s jump inside and look at that interior this one is the black interior so i think this car actually does scream for a black top but you have the black interior and i love how the body colors uh continued inside here on the dark card this is being a gt you have black or terracotta available on the white have yet to seen

The terracotta on a white rf but i think that it would be just as as beautiful just depends on which styling you want so same stitch patterns on both interior seats this one of course with the uh contrast silver stitching and going down the middle there it’s very beautiful of course the gt is going to have your bose sound system so this bose system has 90 days

Or three months of satellite radio included and uh three years of their nav traffic so some extra benefits there and this is standard with the mazda navigation card but not installed because when you install it is when it starts that countdown on those services also the infotainment here does have um wireless apple carplay that’s right wireless apple carplay

And you can see that there’s some position changes here from most of our other vehicles instead of having this display right here you have your speedometer and right here in the middle i love how it gives you the tachometer whether it’s the automatic or the manual it’s right here center right in front and shows the gears as you go through them there and then your

Multi-information display uh is right there on the left also you pick up the paddle shifters so you can put this over in manual mode and shift with those paddles or of course bump it on this gear shift so very nice also have your sport mode so normal or sport will help get you the performance that you want or perhaps a little better fuel economy commander control

To have everything at your fingertips when you’re going up and down the road and of course right here where the magic happens 13 seconds to open this retractable hard top which we will not do today also a couple other things of course you can see the storage behind the passenger seat you’re locking storage here and you also have a little console here which is

Maybe some change or the key or whatever the case may be right under there of course like all mazda’s push button start which is really nice and we’re familiar as you saw earlier with this steering wheel leather wrapped all your controls right here and cruise control everything you need and uh really nice of course so a couple of buttons here this is for your

Lane departure system part of your i active sense also have this uh auto deming rear view mirror so it’s uh fantastic and ready to go also you can see we’ve got the mx-5 all-weather mats as i mentioned in the rear so everything’s set up really nice and very comfortable and ready to get out on the road and zoom zoom thanks for joining me for this quick look

At the 2022 mx5 rf miata and snowflake white pearl so this of course as we’ve talked about is the grand touring and uh so there’s only two models that you’ll find on your dealer’s lots that would be the grand touring or the sport the club has become a made-to-order or special order vehicle but i think that the gt gives us enough of what we’re looking for and

Excited that we still have the miata going and can’t wait till the next generation and see maybe electrification maybe a uh i don’t know if you can get much better looking than this but um you know love to see a n a throwback with maybe some uh i know it won’t do much for a wind drag but maybe some pop-up headlights or something like that but we’ll see how it

Comes in the fall in the few months ahead as we expect that in the next year or two perhaps but for now i’m thankful they’re still making these and thankful that they’re still shipping them to us so if you have any questions or comments you can always drop them down below or you can text me at 334-718-0504 i’m jonathan soul sales at mitchell mazda on the boulevard

In enterprise alabama and i can’t wait to see you in one of these beauties so you can zoom zoom

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2022 Mazda MX-5 RF Miata in Snowflake White Pearl By Jonathan Sewell

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