2022 mazda mx 5 miata rf sport c
Altair Club Cars 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Sport, Club And Grand Touring Review

2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Sport, Club And Grand Touring Review

Hello everyone welcome back to the channel today we are going to be taking a quick look at this 2022 mazda miara rf and we are going to be looking at some of the things that sets this new miara apart now this is a roadster or you can also call it a sport car and this one that we are looking at is the fourth generation if you look at it this looks very small because of

The way it is designed to drive this has a wheelbase of 90.9 inches a length of 154.1 inches and when you come to the front you have led headlights and led daytime running lights when you come to the rear this is where i think this looks amazing you have led taillights and back here you have double exhaust which looks really nice and this one you have a convertible

With a soft top and over here you get a hard top which looks really good the ms-5 comes in three different trim levels called the sport club and grand touring and all these that they have here these are all grand touring and if you’re wondering what powers this new mazda this is powered by a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine that is either paired with a 6-speed minor

Transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission and this engine produces 181 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque with this engine you get 26 monster a gallon in the city 35 miles to a gallon and you get 30 miles to a gallon combined one really great thing about this new mx-5 is the simple interior here this one has this 6-speed manual transmission but if

You look at the dashboard you get a 7-inch color display screen with apple carplay and android auto and in the front you get to usb port and you get a lot of physical button and some dial knob for your climate control and over here you have a really beautiful steering wheel with leather and if you look closely you get a digital display screen on the left hand side

Of your gauge cluster when you open the driver the one thing you will notice is the beautiful leather seat you get a manual leather seat in the front and this has heated front seats one really cool thing about this is that if you look at this one that has a retractable top you get a glass here that really covers it and that one has a defogger which i think really

Think looks really nice and back here you have your brake lights and if you come over to the soft top convertible you also have your glass which also have a defogger this is equipped with front ventilated disc brakes and on the rear you have rear solid disc brakes this one currently costs 36 365 dollars and when you open the door one thing you will notice is the

Seven inch color display screen and here you have this beautiful dash with this leather station on it and with this you also get apple carplay and android auto one really great thing is that if you look to the side here you have your cup holder and you also have another cup holder in between the two seats this one is equipped with heated leather seats and you

Get a nine speaker bose sound system even though this car is a very small car if you look at the interior master have done an amazing job if you look here you have matte black trim on the door and here you have really soft leather and you have like a carbon fiber design which looks really nice over here you also get more leather on the door the steering wheel you

Have some of your controls on the steering wheel one really great thing with this mx-5 is that while everyone is moving away from manual car mazda have stayed with manuel and they have equipped this with a six-speed manual transmission and another great thing is that you get physical button you look back there you get there you get two usb charging ports and you

Get your heated seat control so control your infotainment system next to the handbrake you have your home button and other buttons to control your volume and your navigation you also get your music button which i think is really cool if you look here the glass if you open the door like this it actually retracts and when you shut it it will like close all the way

I think it’s because if it’s not designed that way this piece will actually break the glass for safety and security this mazda miata is equipped with abs with electronic brake distribution and brake assist you get side impact door beams tire pressure monitoring system blind spot monitoring system rear cross traffic alert adaptive front lighting system you also get

Front and rear bar stabilizers double pinion electronic power assist steering front double wishbone suspension rear multi leak suspension aluminum power plant frame limited sleep differential front shock tower brace and induction sound enhancer one really great thing to know is that this is equipped with automatic demand side mirrors on the driver’s side which

Plays a very important role because right now we have a lot of led lights that are very bright and can even blind you when driving on the highway one thing that i cannot also forget is that this is equipped with dynamic stability control traction control system dual front airbags front sight impact airbags anti-theft engine immobilizer length departure warning

System smart city brake support high beam control and traffic traffic sign recognition which i think is really great for a car like so what do you think about this 2022 mazda miata with the 6-speed manual transmission please i want you to leave your comment in the comment section if you are new to my channel please subscribe like and share this video so that when

I post future videos like this you will be among the first to see my videos thank you and i will see you next time

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