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Altair Club Cars 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Review | All play, no work

2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Review | All play, no work

The ND2 Miata provides a one-of-a-kind experience for those who love driving.

Foreign mazda gave the mx-5 miata’s 2-liter four-cylinder engine a shot of espresso it bumped up the horsepower from 155 to 181 it bumped the torque from 148 to 151 and it shot up the red line to 7500 rpms and that all made something that was inarguably good undeniably great now we call those post 2018 miatas nd2 miatas because they’re the nd generation after

The n a and b and nc generations but while the engine wasn’t enough to qualify as a full generational redesign it felt dishonest to call it just an nd to lump it in with those pre-2019 cars between you and me i have never actually had the opportunity to drive an nd2 miata i didn’t know what it was all about but all that changes today because we are testing a

2022 mazda miata rf and i’m going to spend as much time driving as i possibly can but of course if i want to make a living driving cars like this then i need to ask you to please remember to subscribe to the carter’s youtube channel and if you have a car to sell well consider selling it online with cargurus we can source you an instant offer from thousands of

Dealerships will help coordinate getting the car picked up and we will get you paid there’s something else new on the 2022 miata it’s called kinematic posture control or kpc and it’s not new to sports cars but it is new to the miata essentially the car applies a slight break to the inner wheel during high g corners to help improve stability stuff like this is

Usually good for a media press release but not usually noticeable in actual real-world driving and to be sure you have to find the right set of corners but if you do well kpc is noticeable on the new miata mazda has a philosophy to building cars it’s called jumbai itai or something like that maybe i mispronounced it anyways it means horse and rider as one and

I’ve always thought of it as building a car that’s just intuitive to control that responds to inputs quickly and accurately but that’s only half the story driving a car like this you can respond to the car nearly as often as the car responds to you the miata is incredibly communicative and my favorite example of that is right here the gear shifter the six-speed

Manual is short and precise purposeful but it’s also alive with vibration and feedback it protests when you rest your hand on it idly telling you to get your hand out of the way or you’re going to wear out its mechanicals everything in here acts like that the way the throttle just begs you to pile on more and the brakes respond almost telepathically the clutch has

This long travel to it but a crystal clear bite point and the suspension how it’s it’s almost purposefully under sprung you really feel the car leaning through each corner steering wheel is this amazing delicately thin piece of design it’s a throwback to the cars that inspired the original miata old british roadster so we’re tough to keep on the road but were

Enormous fun when they were out there i’m driving an rf club trim which gets bbs wheels and brembo brakes you can also get these for 4 500 bucks on the soft top club trim for four season use this is the miata to get as that hard top just makes life a little easier when the skies open up but hard top or soft next to pretty much every other car on the road this

One looks a little ridiculous and from a design standpoint the miata so it seems a little confused the headlights are somewhat comical what with their little angry squint it’s like a little kid who’s trying to look all tough and mean the opposite is true from the back or the perfectly round tail lamps look out at cars behind you with some goofy look of wonder

If you hadn’t noticed this car seats two mazda doesn’t do half measures and i doubt there was ever any consideration given to making the miata a two plus two layout if you want a sports car miata gives you the full sports car experience our car has black recaro seats that are very comfortable and keep you in place nicely but they don’t have any lumbar support

Adjustments anyone who’s passed their physical prime might find their back feel a little tired after a long drive in a miata anyway the heated recaro seats are standard in the rf club but they’re unavailable in the rf grand touring that said the grand touring can be equipped with beautiful terracotta napa leather frankly it’s wild that this car is on sale in

America in 2022. it seems to contradict all of the normal reasons that a car might be available in another market but not here it’s too small it’s too impractical it doesn’t have a very powerful engine mazda sold 10 000 of these in 2021 which was actually a good year for the car none of the normal business cases seem to matter and on that too small point i’m not

Joking about that this is not the vehicle for 99 of shoppers you get very little trunk space just 4.59 cubic feet and hardly any interior storage either these two cup holders are standard and they’re removable but in this position they’re also really awkward to access and frankly they’re they’re good at holding your drinks but they’re not actually great if you

Want to access those drinks so i’d recommend actually popping this out and if you don’t have someone in your front passenger seat there’s a little slot where you can stick this up there it’ll dig into their leg room a lot but if there’s nobody there you’re just stick it in there makes a lot easier to access from the driver’s seat but i do have someone there so

I’ll just hand this to him and in terms of a glove box well i don’t have a glove box in this car at least not up there instead mazda fits this little locking cubby behind this absurdly tiny center console bin on the bright side parking is a breeze this car has such a tidy turning radius that it feels like you can squeeze it just about anywhere a lack of space

Is expected in a car this small you knew that but listen the miata is not going to fare well against a pickup truck or an suv or even a minivan in a crash and that is something worth considering it’s clear that mazda knows this as well because it has fitted the miata with a few bits of advanced driver assistance tech to help you avoid that game of chicken in the

First place pre-collision braking system and lane departure warning comes standard as those rear cross traffic alert what i really appreciate in the miata is the standard blind spot monitoring system even with the top down the rf has these big buttresses that sit dangerously close to my blind spots merging right actually isn’t that terrible but merging left or i

Really can’t see anything is a little hairy luckily the blind spot monitoring system will let me know if i have the all clear now the only tricky part left is well actually one of these situations where i have a left turn at this obtuse angle and i’m left kind of looking over my passenger just to see if i can go neither the nhtsa nor the iihs have crash tested

The nd miata but the euro end cap gave it 4 out of 5 stars i don’t know man this car is so small just just don’t crash a miata the miata’s other tech offerings are delightfully slim and they are outdated at that we’re still looking at the seven inch display that i believe the company has moved on from in every other model it was still in the 2021 mazda6 but

That was well known to be a dead man walking or dead car driving i guess i wouldn’t have expected to see a new ui in a car that was immediately headed to the chopping block now this is not a touch screen unless the car is stationary and that’s arguably a safety feature because touch screens demand that you take your eyes off the road in order to use them that

Said the rotary controller can be frustrating enough to create its own safety issues especially if you’re running android auto on that note apple carplay is now available via a wireless connection which our video producer loves i still need a wire because i have a poor little android phone our rf trim also has a nine speaker bose stereo although you’d hardly

Realize that it’s an upgraded stereo i like that there are these speakers in the headrest but i don’t get the same high fidelity sound in this car that mazda and bose were able to engineer into the mazda 3 sedan and hatchback i’ve largely been using either bluetooth connectivity for music or just listening to satellite radio during my week with the miata my

Test car isn’t equipped with navigation and i haven’t really bothered to use android autos google maps because of the aforementioned frustrations with the rotary controller and that means that i have gotten lost a few times but that’s kind of the beauty of miata i mean you’re not upset when you get lost because it just means you can spend more time behind the

Wheel finally let’s get to money specifically how much of it are you going to have to part with in order to get a miata in your garage well it is getting a little pricey particularly in our f trims if you can live with a soft top then do that because it starts at a much more attractive twenty seven thousand six hundred fifty dollars plus a one thousand sixty

Five dollar destination fee the rf is defined by its hard top which puts it in more direct competition with a toyota 86 or a subaru brz the miata rf is less powerful it’s less refined it offers less space it’s less practical but it costs seven thousand dollars more and that’s just the price of a retractable roof apparently my test car runs forty thousand dollars

Just about 40 grand for a car i could very nearly fit into a shoe box but i would venture to say that the miata doesn’t actually compete directly with either of those cars for one the subaru and the toyota i mean they both pretend at the very least to provide some degree of practicality with the miata mazda gives you the spirit airlines approach i mean you want

A sports car we’ll give you a sports car in the barest sense of the word and that my friends is the only time you’ll hear a spirit airlines comparison as a good thing because the miata is a truly unique gem in the american car market there’s nothing quite like it it is a pleasure it is all play no work pleasure you feel like you’re going at the speed of sound

Even when you’re going 45 miles an hour it’s just fun all the time and you can’t buy this car for cruising along back roads and going to lowe’s you can’t buy this car for track days and going to the grocery store and you can’t buy this car for mental health and taking the kids to soccer practice with the miata you just get the back roads and the track days and

The mental health and i wouldn’t have it any other way because any other way it wouldn’t be a miata

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