2022 mazda mx 5 gt 23620
Altair Club Cars 2022 MAZDA MX-5 GT – 23620

2022 MAZDA MX-5 GT – 23620

Good day ladies and gentlemen brandon from island owl mazda here in campbell river and today we are taking a walk around a 2022 mazda mx-5 gt or better known as the mazda miata a fantastic phenomenal fuel sipping soft top convertible with rear-wheel drive and a two liter skyactiv g4 cylinder which means you get so much good bang for your buck let’s check this bad

Boy out let’s start off from the exterior looking at this beautiful crystal metallic soul red that is mazda’s signature red color it sweeps the streets with its deep dark pockets of deep red and when the sun hits it it really accentuates and shows off that flare you’ve got led front headlighting stunning sleek slim but still very powerful and if you ask me that thing

Looks like a cat growling at you rar she’s ready to go but check it out piano black finish on the lower front grille portion you’ve got the nice cladding on the front well there as well beautiful alloy rims if you ask me tons of airflow in here so the disc brakes there disc brakes on the front and the back tooth just so you know those things are keeping cool for longer

Minimizing the maintenance cost minimizing all that sort of wear and tear plus these are bridgestone all-terrain tires they’re 17 inches so you guys are going to have very affordable tire changing and uh confidence on the road piano black finish on the mirror trim and window trim here as well we’ve got the soft top retracted into the back there so super easy access

Inside you’ll see a color matched panel on the door leather armrests with all hand stitching that’s pretty slick carbon fiber accenting around your power mirrors and power windows power locks all that great stuff there and then the terracotta leather oh she looks good bose premium sound systems so you guys have a sound system built right into the headrest and in

The doors there giving you crisp clean quality so you’re never going without even though you got the wind howling through your hair you’re still going to be able to hear all your beats let’s check this out all right boom we’ve got all weather mats in here very nice and easy to clean we’ve got bluetooth mounted controls from the steering wheel automatic headlights

Cruise control and automatic rain wipers there if you notice those little shifter paddles here too that gives you a little more play in your drive it is an automatic six-speed shifter with the manual mode as well and then down here you’ll see you have your sport mode clicks on here you have a touch screen entertainment so you can fiddle around with that but if you

Don’t like the finger pads on there we kept this seal on there and you guys have this little chrome bezel for your entertainment needs lane keep assist and traction control are available as well you have a power dimming rear view mirror here with one two three garage door openers which are great down here is your heated seats and hvac so temperature gauge fan speed

Direction of airflow there and behind me in the center you’ll see there’s a glove box for you guys to get your storage pop this bad boy like so look at that and oops boom pow quick and easy you guys now have your soft top but and then back here check this out silly brandon it doesn’t pop when the car is running pop the hatch here you guys have a nice modest

Amount of trunk space as well with fabric liners all your tools there it’s stunning there’s even a backup camera and dual exhaust so when you guys are in the market for your next sporty little ride come on down to island l mazda and get your hands on a 2022 mazda mx-5 gt we can’t wait to have you guys we’re at 2280 island highway or give us a call at 914-1695 we’ll talk to you soon

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2022 MAZDA MX-5 GT – 23620 By Island Owl Mazda #owlfam

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